Fug or Fab the Cover: Jennifer Lawrence

First of all, I love her — and the inside spread looks fantastic. It totally hits my soft spot for preppy ’80s Ralph Lauren/Calvin Klein America luxury fall sportswear. COATS. COATS AND PUPPIES. Yes, I DO want to wear a fabulous coat and sport voluminous hair and walk through changing fall leaves, Vogue! On this one, you are right!

But did they get the cover right?

I’m never really a fan of the Slightly Open Mouth Thing — on anyone. It feels a little mouth-breather-y, even when the person in question is smart and fabulous. It just always reminds me of Jessica Simpson. That being said, her eyes are great here — not a dead eye to be seen — and I like her makeup and hair. I also am, I must admit, DYING to see what Vogue thinks is the wedding of the year. You guys know how I feel about society weddings: FASCINATED. I’m also amused by how doubtful Vogue is about the concept that you could get a better body in under ten minutes. I’m also doubtful, but if it works — and doesn’t require my being strapped into a $1,500 machine — then consider me sold.

What do you think about the cover? I fear that if I didn’t like her so much, I wouldn’t like it so much.

[Speaking of getting it right: Jessica, and many of you, correctly guessed this in our cover predictions post. You win ETERNAL HAPPINESS. I hope. -H]

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  1. qwertygirl

    I have that twitchy desire to brush that peice of hair away from her cheek. I know it makes it look more natural and like she just kind of flipped around to face me and there just happened to be a camera there, but I still have the Hair in Lipstick Heebie Jeebies and want to push it back off her face.

  2. Stefanie

    I love her but this isnt doing it for me. She seems squished, like they struggled to find a photo that fit into the actual cover space. I wish they had used the picture of her holding the dog (also YAY! DOGS!) where she has her mouth closed and serious face happening. (Although, they could crop it at the weird seamed diaper thingy she has on.)

    • Dani

      I think this the main problem – the cover just looks crowded. Her face isn’t standing out as it should. Inside photos are much better.

  3. Sara

    Her face looks great, but I always get the feeling she has no idea how to pose for these types of things. Not a fan of the pinky ring either.

  4. HelenBackAgain

    It just looks like EveryCover to me. I don’t hate it, but there’s nothing about it that makes me want to keep looking, either, or look inside the magazine.

    If you get a subject as interesting and expressive as Jennifer Lawrence can be, I think you can do better than that.

    A lot better.

    • Claire1

      I was just going to say…. “I miss when Vogue looked like VOGUE”…..now it looks like CosEllUre

  5. Carol

    I love this cover, I think she looks all kinds of fab but I can’t see anything else on this page except BIEBER. LOL

    Seriously though – the open mouth thing, that irritates me but not nearly as much as the duck lips thing!!

  6. Bella

    Something about the body/head proportions seems off, like this was PS’ed. But her face is gorgeous!

  7. Gryphonesse

    I love her to bits, but she looks like Shannen Doherty here. Feh,

  8. tangocharlie

    I posted this on my facebook yesterday because I LOVE her hair. It looks better in the mag, but it’s such a great cut and color. It makes me want to get bangs (which I should never never do)

  9. Jamie

    Well, she looks beautiful and like HERSELF, so that’s a plus. I love that she chopped her hair (it’s SO anti-WB starlet, which is perfect for her) but I don’t love the way they’ve styled it here, or for the other pics in the spread.

    At the end of the day, I guess it’s not a *bad* cover, it’s just not a *good* cover, either, and it definitely doesn’t strike me as a Vogue cover – I can’t even see the clothes and can barely make out her signet ring! The photo tells me nothing about what to expect from the issue.

  10. Emi!y

    Tyra would definitely want to know where her neck was and let her know she’s an actress, not a model.

  11. marcy

    I think it’s really pretty. But my first thought on seeing it was OF COURSE Anna had to go for a face shot.

  12. Liviania

    I love all of these, except for the one where she supposedly ran out in her winter coat, sweater, scarf, and satin knickers. (And, apparently, left her thigh at home. We know what Lawrence looks like Vogue; if you’re going to show her leg, let it look like it could feasibly be her leg.)

  13. Heather

    To me it feels like an Allure cover. Which isn’t a bad thing; it’s just not always a VOGUE thing.

    • HKS

      Omg, it looks exactly like an Allure cover – so much so that until you said that, I thought it WAS one. I clearly wasn’t paying attention to your captions. Oops. But why does it look like an Allure cover though? The colors? Fonts?

      OH! I just looked up Allure covers – it’s because it’s mostly just face and hair, and not about her clothes – and that’s what all of their covers look like. Crazy.

    • Claire1

      I should have read ahead.

  14. Meera Innes

    All I want to know is why on earth no one has mentioned the Camel Toe Leather Hotpants here http://www.celebitchy.com/315596/jennifer_lawrences_full_vogue_spread_revealed_i_always_knew_id_be_famous/jlaw1-11/

    • maryse

      i love all of the photos of her. the fall clothes issues are always my favorite issues.. but those shorts are stupid.

    • ohsohappy

      No kidding! Why would ANYONE want to buy those after looking this pic.

    • Magatha

      Holy crap, that’s pretty much deliberately engineered “camel toe as fashion statement”. No one could wear those without camel toe. That’s shy she’s holding the dog. She refused to wear the camel toe shorts unless someone consoled her with a sweet puppy.

      • Claire1

        ” Jennifer…honey stop crying…you look fine…. please… Good GOD someone give her a PUPPY!”
        Magatha! that vision made my day!

  15. Dyanna

    The way her arm is holding up her face and that one chunk of hair by her mouth make it look like she’s talking on the phone or a headset.

  16. Nicole Brenes

    looks so 80´s

  17.  anne

    I’m only chiming in here to confess that I recently bought Vanity Fair because I thought Jennifer Lawrence was on the cover, and I was TRAGICALLY DISAPPOINTED when I got on my airplane and it turned out to be Taylor Swift.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Well, at least Vanity Fair is good reading.

      But why Taylor Swift is on their cover… that’s just odd.

  18. kindakute

    Very Allure, would have been good if only she didn’t have that gross dry looking hair need her gaping hole. Disgusting. This would be an ok selfie on twitter not a Vogue cover for the love of god people.

  19.  Laura

    Not enough dogs in this photoshoot!

  20. Goldammer

    I think her proportions are a little off. The left cheekbone is so shiny. Which makes her look like she is pressed onto a window glass.

  21. Cynthia W

    CLOSE YOUR MOUTH! That’s the first thing that I thought when I saw the cover – it’s just so dumb. On anyone. I still love HER though and her face looks fabulous.

    • FashionFumbler

      Eh, sometimes a slightly open mouth can look fine. The cover photo looks much better than most open-mouth poses I’ve seen, although the hair near her mouth is a major distraction. That said, I may be less harsh on “mouth breathing” because most of the time, that’s the only way I can breathe, due to a chronic sinus condition.

  22. Jen from cincy

    I always put fabulous coats on and hang around in my skivvies with a bunch of puppies. You?

  23. Cat

    I think she looks great– aside from the slightly open mouth pose– but I agree that the cover seems off. It’s definitely crowded. But I freaking love the inside shoot.

  24. Sajorina

    I like it! I love Jennifer and she looks beautiful and like herself in this cover! And her eyes are captivating, so it definitely gets my attention! I just expect Vogue to be more High Fashion, but they did a good job here! I say FAB!

  25. yeahandalso

    call me crazy but I want to see CLOTHES on the September issue

  26. Mjx

    Nope, her eye are not dead, they’re alive and speaking volumes, and what they’re saying to me includes ‘This feels really dumb’, and ‘If the photographer says “Give me sexy” again, I’m going to laugh until my makeup runs’.

    • Mjx

      ETA The cover image comes across like a carefully angled shot intended to make a not-so-great-face look its best, which is ironic, since it’s instead making someone with a great face look a little wonky.

  27. regina

    Super fab, but I kinda wish they’d let her have her mouth closed?

  28. stephasaurus

    looks like this magazine has been lying around in a hair salon since we were all deciding on something besides ‘the rachael green.’ and she’s so naturally beautifully perfect, i don’t know why they really have to do that much make up or styling at all. i could see a bardot cat eye and super teased hair if they wanna fuss her up, but this just ages her. and OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS ATTACKING HER CROTCH?!?! someone needs to make it stop. its like they skinned a corpse and pieced it back together with hot glue and stapled it to her pelvic region.

  29. Bevin Maloney

    It’s not great but not horrible either. I think the covers biggest flaw is how unrelated to the inside story it is. I really expect more from “Vogue”. That being said, I’m excited to get this issue as I love her open, frank, honesty. She gives good interview!

  30. Sara

    Open mouth syndrome: after someone said to me it reminded them of porn actresses I can’t not think about that. It’s everywhere!
    Best/worst example: Halle Berry as Bond girl emerging from the sea.

  31. jody

    With the open maw and grasping at her cheek, I think it looks like she has a tooth ache!

  32. Mongerel

    I don’t love her makeup here. I think she looks…dirty.

  33. daphne

    hmm, the cover shot fails, for me. but I blame it entirely on the magazine/photographer.

    Jennifer has an almost-too-symmetrically beautiful face- (groan, not a problem this mortal has to face!), if that even counts as a flaw (it doesn’t).

    so a full-on, un-angled shot of her face, without any weird mouth position or distracting hair-on-any-feature would have had MUCH more impact. and WOW! beauty wattage..

    mho, of course

  34. Eirwen

    Yay! I predicted correctly!

  35. Hannimoi

    Hehe, she´s holding an invisible phone

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  37. Megan

    Just saw this at the grocery store. I saw her name, then the face, then thought…what? Just doesn’t quite capture her though she certainly doesn’t look BAD.