Fug or Fab the Cover: Dianna Agron

I suppose I can’t quibble too much with how unlike herself Dianna looks, since the cover basically says this issue is an homage to the sixties.

It is still sort of strange to pick a cover subject and then render them unrecognizable to anyone taking a passing glance at the newsstand, but at least ’60s-Dianna looks like Twiggy, which would probably work to make most people do a double-take and then be like, “Oh, it’s the girl from Glee,” and then somehow during that person’s 20-minute internal monologue about whether any of the changes they make to Glee each season ever actually improve it, that person may find that he or she has — in a fugue state — purchased the issue (or shoplifted it, I suppose, but we don’t condone thievery unless it’s of our hearts, ahem, Pacey). The outfit too seems like an appropriately 2011 spin on the ’60s — which is to say, the ’60s by way of the ’80s and the Ice Capades. And finally, I have to give props to Nylon for “Makeup to wake up in,” because even though none of us are supposed to go to bed with full face on, I think we can all admit we’ve done that more than thrice, and possibly always. So at least they’re catering to what a girl really needs, which is almost always “six glasses of water and a coma,” rather than “ten minutes in front of the bathroom mirror taking a blurry swipe at her makeup with some Ponds.”

So in sum: I didn’t think I liked this at first, but now I’m wondering if it’s actually thematically effective. As a random cover? Crazy. As the cover of their I Love The ’60s issue? Maybe actually kind of okay.

And the only thing that could logically follow that kind of a milquetoast endorsement is a poll.

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Comments (44):

  1. melanie

    I don’t understand the pose they have her in. Did she get interrupted when she was about to lean over and pick something up? Did she dislocate her right shoulder? So confused.

    • Jamie

      Seriously. I’d like them to repair the tendons in her right shoulder and try this again.

      • Rachael

        Yes, exactly. I don’t love anything about this, but it’s thematically appropriate and mostly fine — except that it looks like her right shoulder is dislocated and her arm is hanging there dead. It’s very disconcerting.

  2. Janet

    Photoshop fail! Her right arm looks like it’s from another body and her right leg is a good 30% bigger than it ought to be.

    • RosieB

      I totally agree, Janet. The terrible photoshopping is what killed it for me.

    • RightAsRainCreations

      Yeah, the terrible photo-shopping on the leg is what did it. Chances are slim that she put her right thigh in a pancake press before coming to the photo shoot.

  3. corriner

    I would like her arm to NOT look broken.

    • ChristopherD

      Hmmmm, I’d like her body not to look like they forced it to fit on the cover – seriously, everyone stand up and imitate her pose. No human being/body naturally stands like that. In fact we don’t even unnaturally stand like that. It’s physically HARD to. And possibly because of the pose the dress proportions seem all wrong. FUG, FUG, FUG!

  4. Lynne

    Um, yeah. Did Diana have a stroke? Why is her arm paralyzed? That look on her face cries, “Damn, photographer. What’s your problem? I’m really uncomfortable. Even more than I was when that pervy guy made me drape, half-naked all over Cory Monteith that one time. Why do I do these stupid photoshoots, anyway?”

  5. Bella

    Can’t get past that right arm. Looks like a prosthetic she just slapped on. And keeping with the 60′s, that dress should have some sort of sleeves of the same material as the dress. The lace is weird with polka dot tights.

  6. labyrinthine

    Stand up straight, ffs.

  7. lindsay

    agree! that pose is tyra’s broken down doll, except i literally think she broke something. and good call on the inexplicable tree trunk leg, which i think we can all agree diana certainly does not have.

  8. Kristen from MA

    Weird pose aside, I would LOVE the outfit if the tights were solid, or even without the tights. I like the dress, I just think the polka dots are wrong here.

  9. zut

    The dress is adorable. And usually I find Dianna’s face very arresting. But I don’t think the 60s is her decade; it’s not just that the makeup obscures her identity — it also does nothing to enhance her features. A poor match of theme and cover girl, in my opinion.

  10. Sandra

    She looks like all the rest of the current crop of starlets. Would individuality hurt that much?

  11. Cheryl

    I don’t mind the dress or the makeup nearly as much as the fact that it looks like they wrenched her right arm from it’s socket to dangle limply in front of her body.

  12. Mandy

    Is there a Photoshop fail in there too? Why does her right leg look weird and not like the left and end exactly in line with her broke ass right arm?

  13. ortenzia

    k stopped watching glee when they made kurt jesus but diana agron has the best haircut in hollywood right now… this cover should have been her haircut and the awesome pink dress.

  14. Cait

    My stern disapproval has nothing to do with her face or her dress (both cute!), but with the fact that somehow her body looks like it is 50% shorter than it should be. The combination of pose, perspective, and photoshop is a truly unfortunate one, here. Her poor, dead arm!

  15. Erin

    I think she looks really pretty, and I LOVE the polka dot tights. I want them. But she is in sort of a weird position.

  16. Sarah

    Was this taken after she was dropped from the top of the pyramid and dislocated her shoulder?

  17. val.

    It’s terribly awkward for all the reasons mentioned above.

  18. ceecee

    This outfit is supposed to evoke the 60′s? I remember the 60′s and this doesn’t say 60′s to me.

    • hippetyhop

      That was going to be my comment too – I was alive in the 60s and this isn’t them. Lace? Polka dots? No.

    • Leah

      @ceecee: Don’t you know that if you remember the sixties, you weren’t really there?

  19. Lina

    YAWN. How many mags are doing Twiggy-ish covers this year? As if that’s all the current 60s fashion revival evokes! It’s BORING. Also, I have no idea how Nylon stays in print. Their “edgy” covers look awful and their mainstream covers are just boring. Who buys this stuff?

  20. Kit

    in addition to making her look ugly, it also looks like they’ve snapped off her right arm and put it on incorrectly, that she a hunch (and possibly a hunchback!) and sweet jebus – those clothes are heinous! (Or maybe it’s the 80′s tights… not sure)

  21. Jerika Coleman

    When I received my copy in the mail, I honestly did not know who this was supposed to be. Not only does it not look like her, the person it does look like looks bad.

  22. vandalfan

    I’m glad they are tights and not leggin’s, and the LP record necklace is cute with the polka dots, but the white lace and the white of the tights clash! Also, the lace is too frilly and elaborate. Maybe if the sleeves were plain sheer tulle I’d feel better. I assume she is reaching down to pick up a heavy bucket.

  23. martha

    umm…. it might have been fine if her pose was more natural looking, but what is up with that?

  24. Sajorina

    I love the hair & makeup, the mini-dress and the jewelry, BUT I don’t like the tights and I hate her pose! Really, they couldn’t find a better picture in which her face looked equally beautiful?

  25. Soapstef

    I don’t understand how this shot got chosen for the cover!!!! I just watched Fashion Police and the other setups for this shoot were 100 times better than this look. Ridiculous!

    • Liane

      I saw that Fashion Police episode too and found it kind of hilarious that Joan was making fun of the dead arm pose right to the lady (editor maybe? I don’t recall her title) from Nylon that was on to promote the issue.

  26. Donna

    You have to work really hard to make beautiful Dianna Agron look ugly, and apparently they worked overtime here.

  27. TonyG

    I like it. She looks fabulous, different from her character on Glee. Yet, I still instantly recognized her.

    I think we get too harrumphed about Photoshopping to the point where we forget about the fact that people do move and photography sometimes captures them in midst movement in what appear to be odd poses.

    Bodies do move, after all. And in strange ways sometimes. For example, when we stand on one leg and let the other relax, the thigh of the relaxed one will often appear bigger, which is what is happening in this photo.

  28. Aparatchick

    She looks VERY Edie Sedgwick.

  29. crystal

    It’s thematically appropriate, I guess. But still ugly.

  30. lilimarlen

    She looks better than her usual, generic self. So I approve.

  31. jdb

    CVA, right side affect.

  32. Tracey

    All I see is a scary photoshop fail and I can’t believe other people don’t. I could care less if it’s thematically appropriate.

  33. NYCGirl

    I kind of hate the outfit (too juvenile, in my opinion). Perhaps she agrees and that’s why she looks so glum.