Fug or Fab: Taylor Schilling


From a distance, I thought this was Diane Kruger. That’s a compliment:

I kind of feel for Taylor Schilling. Almost everyone who’s reviewed The Lucky One has noted that she looks WAY old for Zefron — as, in fact, have we — when she’s only 27. Or, I guess it’s possible she’s “27″ in the way that I am “27″ which means, ONLY IF I’M LYING.  I think it’s possible she’s shaved a couple of years in order to feel more marketable as an actress (which sucks; the only place it’s harder to age as a woman than Hollywood is if you’re online dating), but my theory is that she just has some kind of ineffable quality that makes her SEEM older than she is. That’s not a bad thing — but it does get awkward when you’ve been paired with an actor who is trying to play more mature than he seems. You’re both trying to meet in the middle, and that generally doesn’t work.  But I kind of dig her. And I actually kind of dig this, too.

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  1. Mel Duff

    Can we start saying “WHITHER ZEFRON?” Also, I share your feelings regarding her alleged age. I have the same feelings about the lead actress on “Once Upon A Time”.

  2. Jane

    I actually like this dress, as cracked out as it is, but I CANNOT sign off on the air or the tired makeup. It makes her look older, which… yeah, she does look older.

  3. Eliza Bennett

    Ugh. I can’t get behind this weird multicolored rickrack doodah( and bonus exposed zipper, MY EYES.) Is it the same designer as Elizabeth Banks’ dress and Fergie’s orange monstrosity? I honestly want to like it but it’s not matching my efforts. Also it or the photo angle makes her look 4 feet tall.

  4. Kat

    I feel like a horrible person saying this, but she definitely looks like early-mid thirties rather than late twenties in this picture. Maybe it’s the lighting too. But I do love the dress, though I feel as if I shouldn’t. But the color palette is so lovely!

  5. Suzie

    I’m glad that I’m not alone in thinking she looked way old to play Zac’s love interest! I think she is just one of those people who looks older than they are when younger, but when she’s 50, she’ll look 35, so it’s a good thing. :) I like the dress– sort helps in the looking younger deperatment.

    • Kara

      Yeah, I remember her from that brief NBC show Mercy and she was probably about 23 when she did that (assuming she doesn’t lie about her age), and she looked ten years older. (I think her character was supposed to be late 20s.) When I saw ads for The Lucky One,, I thought it was supposed to be a May/December story. She has that Armie Hammer thing happening where she looks mature. But she (and Armie Hammer) may also be one of those people who looks an age and then plateaus, so as you say, she’ll look 35 for the next 20 years. That is also not a flattering photo.

      Re: the dress: no, I hate it. I hated the Elizabeth Banks dress by the same designer too, although I hate this one less because at least the top and bottom aren’t fighting each other.

  6. Annie

    The dress is fab – probably the only case of nude-underlay that actually works. HOWEVER. I think part of the reason she looks so much older than her [ALLEGED] age is that she is incredibly thin in a way that shows in her face and her hands and knees. There’s “slender” (think Emma Stone and Carey Mulligan) and there’s “skinny” (Nicole Richie and Angelina Jolie). I think as a grown woman you can either be very youthful or very thin, but it’s very hard to be both.

    In other news, I covet those pumps.

    • Emily

      I agree 100% with this poster.

      • Katharine

        Me too. I do think she’s 27, or close enough; her skin is flawless and juicy. But she’s got mature bones, and they’re all being bony. (Which doesn’t necessarily mean she’s starving herself, either — she might just be one of those naturally angular women — who ALSO mostly look older than their age, but almost invariably age well.)

        This dress is awful, though, on anyone of any age. The cap sleeve/emphasised shoulder seam situation in particular is hiddy.

    • Kara

      @Annie There’s a saying that sums up what you wrote: once a woman gets to be a certain age, she has to choose between her face and her ass. (I did not invent this saying.)

  7. Beth

    I think it’s her eye area. If you check out her brows, they’re naturally shaped to lift like a botoxed blonde in her 40s. See Kidman. Nicole.

  8. theotherjennifer

    That weird expression on her face does her no favors in the age race. That dress is gross.

  9. Carrie

    I saw The Lucky One and I kind of liked that she looked older. I was all, nudge, nudge, “GOOD FOR HER!” the whole time. Heh.

  10. ashley

    I think the dress looks like a quilling art project.

  11. Anj

    In all seriousness, she looks 10 years older than her age. I’m 26 and there is absolutely no way she’s 27 even with all that makeup. A ton of people in the celeb world lie about their age so I wouldn’t be surprised if she did especially since older women tend to get shafted for roles because of their age.

    • Danielle Nicole

      Word. I’m 27 and there is just no way she and I are the same age. I have a fairly young looking face (superb genes on my mother’s side, you should see my grandmother) and even I would look haggard next to baby faced Zefron, despite his scruff and muscles so I’m thinking that juxtaposition isn’t doing her any favors either. Do we know if it was intended as a May/December romance in the book?

  12. vandalfan

    Peter Pilotto, eh? Now we know who to blame for the tablecloth as dress trend. I really don’t see any difference between this and Emma Robert’s mesh swim suit cover at Coachella. Really, what is the point of see through clothes? Not diaphanous, not sheer, but with big flippin’ holes everywhere. If it was not obscene without a lining, I’d like the rainbow colors and casual cut. I’ll also point out her matching, partially see-through shoes, with squished toes on display.

    (I wish my husband had that zipper there, though, for the emergency quadruple bypass he had a few weeks back. It’s a medical miracle, but they do ‘em five days a week now, as common now as tying shoelaces.)

  13. Stefanie

    I saw the Lucky One Sunday night and my friend and I actually had a conversation about how old she was suppose to be. Up until she said she had her son in high school we both assumed she was in her 30s. (Not that it matters, after all we were only there for Zac’s abs.) I do think @Annie is right though about her bones.

    I like this version of this dress better than..whoever else wore it. I dont remember.

  14. Anu

    For the record I’m also “27″. And maybe its for that reason that I like the dress. If i saw it hanging on a hanger in a store I would look at it, try it on and then put it back for lack of not having the bucks from romancing a Zafron in a movie.

  15. pantsonfire

    I find it really hard to believe she’s 27. I would put my money on 32-34–it is partly the angularity of her face, but also the fine lines and the certain world-weariness that accompanies aging (and I say this as someone who is more world-weary than 27). But, when I looked at her IMDB page, the first “trivia” item that was featured was that she graduated from some high school in 2002. I don’t know why that amounts to a bit of trivia, but there you go. I think IMDB is pretty reliable when it comes to people’s ages, though I know they get sued for doing so a little while back. So who knows.

    Love the dress, but the cap sleeves would definitely have to go. I think they visually broaden the shoulders and chunk up the arms; plus, they almost always feel constrictive.

  16. Shiitake

    The first thing I see is her forehead.

    Pehaps if the dress were one color it wouldn’t look like a test pattern.

  17. yeahandalso

    I thought that was Hope Davis and my thought was, “I would like that dress on somebody younger”

  18. Sajorina

    I actually LOVE the dress! COVET!!! I think she looks beautiful & I like that the dress is fun and colorful… It works on her! FAB! And, I am so going to watch that movie with my boyfriend!

  19. megs283

    All this age stuff is giving me a complex. I’m 29. Do I LOOK 34? How about 30? Or 27? If I’m in a certain light, do I look 35 and four days? Does it matter? I totally get commenting on her age for the purpose of “Is she a believable love interest for that kid who might have been in High School Musical, but I’m too old to remember?” but when it just comes down to “She’s OLD, yo!” it seems a bit…ick.

    Anyway. Love the dress, but I wish the liner extended to the bottom of it.

    • pantsonfire

      The point wasn’t that she looks OLD, per se. I really hope early to mid-thirties is not considered “old,” or else I’m going to get depressed. At least for me, it was just interesting to consider (1) whether she was being truthful about her age (nothing wrong with being 30, or 32, or 33, or whatever age you actually are) and (2) if so, then what was it that was making her look more mature (her clothing choices? her bone structure? her hair do? her expression?). Whatever her age, there is no way I would describe her as “old.” She is a young, attractive woman, in the grand scheme of things.

  20. Laura

    Arrrgggh! I hate the sneaky adverts!

  21. Carolina Girl

    This is going to sound weird, but I like everything except the sleeves. They make the dress look too small for her, which it is clearly not.

    Also, I agree with Katherine — people with angular features generally look a bit older than they are. Maybe it’s the apparent lack of baby fat. Either that or she and Olivia Wilde are both lying about their age. ‘Cuz I have never believed Olivia was as young as she claims to be.

  22. K

    I just had this EXACT conversation with a friend. Well, not exact. Not about the dress. We hadn’t seen it yet. But about Taylor looking older than 27. Basically I think she pretty much always looks great. But just older than 27. and not old. just older. Anyway. I like this dress. Might not on everyone but do on her.

  23. Natalia

    She graduated Fordham the same year I did so she must be around 27. I think the odd expression on her face and because she’s pretty thin makes her look a little older. That being said her dress reminds me a colorful trivet my grandma used to use.

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