Fug or Fab: Sophia Bush


This would be so much better for me if it would just commit to being the fantastic hotel wallpaper it obviously wants to be:

I can see getting really drunk at a fun bar in a new town and running my hands across this wallpaper as I shuffle into my room to eat regrettable stuff out of my mini-bar and then passing out in bed wearing my undies and the hotel robe. I cannot see wearing it as a half-sheer dress just like every other half-sheer dress in town.

Great bag, though.

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  1. Ruth

    Again, fabulous idea with crappy execution. The half sheer skirt is AWFUL. It does her figure no favors and just looks silly.

    Listen up, Hollywood stylists: no one can pull off the half-sheer skirt, because it looks dumb. Really, really dumb. Like the designer ran out of lining fabric dumb.

  2. Lisa

    Awful. Even it didn’t have the the shear part, it would be bad. That cut is doing her no favors.

  3. HelenBackAgain

    The lined part really WOULD be gorgeous wallpaper. It wouldn’t work with any of the wall art I have, but I’m kind of coveting it anyway.

    • Other Emily

      I’m just thinking about where in my home or office I could use that wallpaper, because it would be amazing. If this dress were fully lined, I wouldn’t love it, but I would be fine with it. I do like her hair and makeup — that dark lip is pretty.

  4. Lizzy

    If she were to extend the lining so that it is the same length as the sheer part….it would make a lovely grandmother of the bride dress. Frumpy!

  5. pc

    she looks like the prettiest corkboard ever!

  6. Margot Liggett Nack

    Jeezus. What is *with* all the half-lined sheer dresses? WTF? Is there some sort of flesh-toned lining shortage? Designers, knock it off already! Sooo cheap-looking.

  7. Jen S. 2.0

    That dress is made entirely of HELLS NO, which is the option that got my vote. But I was only annoyed by Brooke’s saintitude at the end of OTH.

  8. Marte

    My kingdom for a colour! Etc

  9. JMH

    Okay, I followed the “Get the Look” link, because I was amazed that Saks sold things this ugly, and…I guess they don’t.
    Because the link is to a totally different, and much less heinous, grey lace dress.

  10. G

    This picture can be used to illustrate ‘stumpify’ in the dictionary.

  11. Jeanette

    Boob darts (or are they off kilter nips?).Granny panties. Dishwater ‘color’ and (aging) slap posing as makeup. that’s a world of NO….

  12. Sajorina

    I think it’s ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS and I love it all! COVET! FAB! But I kind of wish the dress was lined all the way to the bottom in gold lamé for more glamour and drama! And I liked Brooke!

  13. Brenna

    I HATE that dress, which is a shame, because I love her. And because OTH isn’t on every week anymore, I forget that she really has one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen – I think she’s so freaking pretty. She deserves a much better dress.

  14. BrownEyedBetty

    Sophia Bush is so beautiful. Her skin and eyes always get me. To bad about the Death by Beige she’s got going on.