Fug or Fab: Solange


She is ALMOST pulling this off, right? I kind of wish the skirt only had one slit rather than two — one is sexy, two sometimes makes me worry that the wearer is going all Incredible Hulk on us. Although I really LIKE the Hulk — he’s sensitive. He’s very smart. And who among has not thought, at one point or another, “FUG NATION SMASH?” He’s just not super stylish.

What do you think?

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  1. Dana

    The photo isn’t there.

  2. Wade

    Is there a pic we’re supposed to be looking at?

  3. JC

    I LOVE HER HAIR. I know you said that but I had to echo it. She looks GREAT. I can’t even look at the dress because of how fantastic her head/face looks.

    • ortenzia

      i love her new album. it’s so 80′s madonna meets i’m the quirky sister and i’m going to rock it. you go solange.

  4. Scouse Helen

    Although one might very reasonably ask, “what is the point of Solange?”, the answer is obvious. If we’re not remarking on the wackitude of her clothing we’re showering her with praise when she manages to look fairly normal, like in this picture.

  5. KellyG

    So Diana Ross, and it’s awesome.

    • jean

      I was thinking Donna Summer. I love that hair. Love it. I wish more celebrities would rock that type of hair. Flat ironed hair is fine and if you want to straighten hair, totally that’s a person’s choice, but most women can’t DO that. Spiral perm technique is not advanced enough. It’s awesome. It’s glorious. Her clothes don’t even matter.

  6. pidget

    I like the ideas here – Big Diva hair and peachysleek, but there are some off bits. Triangle hair isn’t flattering to her face/head shape – I think she needs more height, or a side-part. The two slits should be one. But I like how she always chooses interesting accessories, and changes things up to suit her mood.

  7. Frances

    Totally agree, Jessica. One slit would be better. I think she could go full length for complete va va voom. She looks gorgeous!

  8. Chasmosaur

    I’m not always with you guys 100%, but I am on this.

    One leg slit, not two.

    Still love her hair, but would love to just see it middle parted (much like Serena Williams’ fierce and gorgeous hair – http://gofugyourself.com/well-played-serena-williams-2-08-2012 )

    Want that bracelet. I love a good cuff and that is a tremendous cuff.

  9. Veronica

    One slit instead of two and we’re cool. The rest of her looks amazing.

  10. JENNY

    She looks smoking. And thank you for mentioning the Hulk, who I also love.

  11. PeggyO

    Serving up Diana Ross fierceness, but the skirt either needs to fit better or have only one slit. She does look like she’s busting out of it.

  12. Sweeney

    I didn’t even actually send the 2nd slit until I started reading your post. My mind must have just sort of blocked it out because it knew she’d look better without it!

  13. Helen

    I agree one slit would be better, and I’d also like to see this worn about half a size larger. IMO her magnificent mane is in need of a little shaping – I agree with pidget, it is indeed beginning to look triangular. This is never good. And, yes, to get it off the face a little as well.

    But these are small quibbles in the scheme of things. Overall, I think she looks terrific, and I share the love for the accessories! To me this isn’t so much Diana Ross as Donna Summer, who was, IMO, THE gorgeous disco queen of the ’70s!

  14. bex

    barring the accessories (which are incredible and i need them) i don’t think this is good. but she has so much natural style and swag that she pulls it off just by being so confident and beautiful. also i love this hair.

  15. Vandalfan

    Hair, love. Accessories, love. Darker lipstick, maybe? But the dress, I’m not all excited about. The pulling at the bodice, and cupping and twisting at the slits gives it the too-small impression. More skirt fabric with one slit and I’d be on board.

    • pantsonfire

      Yep. Pretty much this. The bodice rippling is a personal pet peeve for me, in particular. Also, the fabric choice combined with this particular cut (and too small size) of dress reads cheap, though I think I would really like the fabric if the dress was the proper size and cut more fluidly. .

      The hair is fine, but I think maybe I prefer it without bangs, to open up the face.

  16. Cecily

    One slit, and on the side, otherwise I think she’s actually pulling it off. And let me know when you’re done with the accessories because I’d like to borrow them.

  17. Gretchen

    I don’t understand why her hands are such a different colour than the rest of her. In the close up picture it looks like she has thick foundation makeup all over them – has she got tattoos she’s covering up or something?
    They almost look grey compared to her other skin, and her toes aren’t that colour so surely it’s not natural?

  18. dawn

    Where’s the vote? It says fug or fab at the top- but no where to cast my ballot.

    • Jessica

      Some times we just let you discuss in the comments without actually polling.

  19. Goober

    Dudes and Dudettes- the accessories are courtesy of Lady Grey jewelry – dopest BK designers around. http://ladygreyjewelry.com/

    • Goober

      Oh they even have a section called “Solange’s Look” – sooooo yeah everything you want is right there, haha.

  20. Katherine

    Gretchen- I think its a combination of funny lighting and the fact that dark skinned people often have hands several shades lighter than the rest of their complexion.

    Also, hairrrrrrrr. Love love love the hair. Except the bangs. I’m of the firm belief that if your hair is curlier than a large wave, bangs are not for you. But the the poofy awesomeness is otherwise fabulous.

  21. Jo

    Hair and face-fab but the dress is bleurgh. Cheap looking fabric, nasty colour and horrid slits. Looks like a Primark (very cheap UK store) special.

  22. TonyG

    The dress doesn’t need any splits. It’s curve hugging and fab; the splits are unnecessary window dressing.

  23. Lisa

    Agree: only one slit please. Two slits in front automatically make me think: loincloth.

  24. Sandra

    I must disagree (with respect, of course) on the fabulosity of this dress. In my view it has none. It is Tinkerbell’s nightie.

    Love the hair and the accessories.

  25. Tiffany

    Love her! I think the hair looks great, but I agree about keeping it off of her beautiful face a little more. I think the color suits her well, but I completely agree about the two slits in the dress. It is making the center panel roll up! Being flesh colored, that could get a little creepy as the night wears on.

  26. Carolina Girl

    I wholeheartedly agree that there should have been only one slit. But other than that, she is FABU!
    If there was a special Fug Madness category for “Most Improved” Solange would definitely be the front runner. Two years ago would any of us have imagined in our wildest dreams that Solange would emerge as the chic one in the Knowles family? I guess this is what happens when you finally stop letting your mother dress you.

  27. Vulcan

    Agree the dress improves with one slit and about triangle-shaped hair not as flattering on her beautiful face. Also love the Knowles girls for not having tattoos (or at least ones that are meant to be visible to others). Keep it classy, ladies!

  28. Rayna

    I agree that Solange’s natural beauty is finally visible now that the cray cray seems to have worn off. Most Improved indeed.

    I’m not entirely sold on the color OR fabric of this dress. She could do better with something a little more……..structured???

    But, Dude – one slit MAY be sexy, but two just goes all carwash on you.

  29. Sarahnargle

    The Hulk does have magic-stretchy-science shorts, though.

  30. Tracey

    Too tight in many places … and yes, I kind of see the “She-Hulk” angle of the dress. Love her hair and accessories, though.

  31. guerra


  32. Franziska

    I love LOVE her hair. And the dress isn’t too bad either minus the slits though. The slits are horrid.

  33. gryt

    She looks great & cool. And yes to the accessories. Want, so much.

  34. Kit

    the dress would be great-er with only one slit – for some reason two slits makes this bad.

    Not loving the bangs either… Overall, a “meh”.

  35. Lily1214

    I really like her hair – very Donna Summer – which I’ve always liked. Is the dress one of those designed by her mother? It seems like it’s too small.

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