Fug or Fab: Shailene Woodley in Preen


Even she looks underwhelmed by this:

I love the color — she looks like the background of a poster for documentary about surfing — and I appreciate how casual and relaxed this is, given that she’s in Miami to promote Why Don’t You Just Ugly Cry In Public? (I don’t know if I can see The Fault in Our Stars in front of other humans; it hits incredibly close to home and I sobbed my way through the last 60 pages like a complete wreck. That being said, if you have not read it, READ IT.) On the other hand, if you were to show this photo to a friend who’d just woke up from an ten year coma, who you were trying to catch up on pop culture, and said, “she’s REALLY talented, and eats clay and tans her vagina,” I DO think your friend would be all, “…yeah, I see that. Now, rewind. Clooney’s ENGAGED?

What say ye?

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Comments (49):

  1. Rachael

    Clooney’s engaged?!?!!&$?

  2. Kate

    She looks like Kelly Osbourne in this picture, that’s what I say.

  3. Art Eclectic

    Lovely fabric, underwhelming cut.

  4. Liviania

    I really like the dress, actually, but I think the blonde highlights aren’t working for her.

    • aemom

      Also her hair looks like she rubbed it with a towel and left the house

    •  ErinG

      Yep, the hair color/style here is what’s not working for me…

      I do wish there was a strip of the grey fabric at her waist (or a grey belt) but I pretty much like the dress a lot!

      •  Alyssa

        I saw a photo of her on the beach for some photo call and her hair was totally slicked back. It actually worked really well on her and I wish she’d done that here.

  5.  Mina

    Why did someone make a painting you can buy at CP World Market into a dress?

  6. Mary

    Love the dress except for the length (needs to be shorter), hate the styling. Nothing about the shoes, hair, or lack of jewelry is working for me.

  7. Lerie

    I hate all of this. Especially the hair.

  8. nobody much

    it looks like one of those sewing projects you make in a day from 3 scarves.

  9.  Dani

    I wish the whole thing were the blue side. I might even be okay with the asymmetrical hem if it were all that blue pattern. The shoes are all wrong, though, and I hate her hair.

  10. robabeau

    i REALLY don’t like this. Her hair looks like some badly-conceived “edgy” cut from America’s Next Top Model in 2003. Ugh.

  11. DebMc

    The top of the dress, sleeveless or halter would be beautiful, with a better done skirt. The hair is unflattering.

  12. Rick Owens Addict

    I’d rip the sleeves off, make it a racer back and throw on a pair of edgy heels/wedges.

  13. Anna Kelly

    Jess, I will fly to LA so we can go see Ugly Cry together. That book about RUINED me, yet I love it with a ferocity that even I don’t understand sometimes. Stockholm Syndrome at the hands of a novel?

  14. Leah

    She looks like an old lesbian. NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

  15. Other Emily

    Color is good, but this dress is just too cracked out. She’s very cute, clay-eating wackiness aside, but I just cannot get on board with this at all.

  16. Heron

    Nice tablecloth.

  17. Jodi

    Speaking of Intern George, I think it’s high time the Fug Girls had a new intern. I propose a bracketed contest similar to Fug Madness, and may the best man win. I think it probably should be a man, although I’m not convinced of that because I’d take Melissa McCarthy as my intern any day.

    • Ianadaya

      I think that’s a great idea!! George is going to be way to busy now to be an intern.

      My vote is either for Alexander Skarsgard, he can get things down from high shelves, or Chad Michael Murray because I think he kinda needs the work.

  18. Pouncer

    She needs a different lipstick color.

  19. Callie

    I’m so glad to hear someone else say that they slogged through the last 60 pages of that book. My face hurt the next day. Tragic and way too close to home.

    • Rae

      After I read and fell in love with the book, a friend was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and now is not going to make it. I was so excited for the movie – I don’t think I can go now.

  20. GSM

    Not sure if it’s the dress I dislike or her recent remarks about feminism. The shoes are nice though.

    • Claire

      Ugh, yes. I always thought she was waaaay overrated (didn’t think much of her in The Descendants and The Spectacular Now) and now after those things she said I think I’m gonna hate whatever she wears, even when it’s not as ugly as this.

  21. Ianadaya

    I love the top. I think if you shorten it and add different shoes it would be totally cute. The color looks great on her.

  22.  Linda

    I dislike all of it, from hair to shoes. (The color is very pretty, though.)

  23.  BrownEyedBetty

    I’m beginning to think that, although she has a truly enviable figure, it’s a tricky one to dress. Even this seemingly youthful ensemble is veering into matron-town. I can’t put my finger on just why, where and how. It’s just a feeling. And that hair!?!!?! Not matronly, just bad. sigh!

  24.  HelenBackAgain


    •  Lillibet

      YES! That’s my first thought – it’s the hair! Lashings of gel, whooshed up with hands together then flopped forward. Very suburban. Just shows how important a good hair cut and style is to the architecture of a look.

  25.  Guerra

    I’m officially over her. The feminism comments didn’t help.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I’m sure she was just repeating something taught to her by an older male relative, there. Someone must have explained to her by now what it actually means.

    •  Des

      Yes. How is it possible that people still don’t know what that word means?

  26.  MissElaineous

    Cant agree with her choice of footwear with this, but otherwise, she looks age-appropriate and adorable.

  27. Bambi Anne Dear

    Suddenly, she’s 35.

  28.  A.J.

    I don’t like those shoes with that dress. And I’m not sure about the hair color with the cut, if that makes any sense. But the dress is cute, Tris! (I am burning through the Divergent books right now and I’ve never seen Shailene in anything else, hence she will be forever Tris to me)

  29. Amy 

    that dress would have looked good on Blanchett.