Fug or Fab: Sarah Jessica Parker


Hmmm, I can’t imagine why but suddenly the title track from Xanadu just popped into my head:

Perhaps because, in an ideal world, I would totally wear a grape lamé bodice to an evening at a really happening roller disco. In fact, in an ideal world, there would be a really happening roller disco. And I would be able to roller skate (I spent most of the fall/winter birthday parties of fourth through sixth grade careening from one guard rail to another, and screaming, to the flummoxed consternation of my more coordinated friends, who generally zipped past me backward, eating a hot dog, and looking concerned). But, of course, at a Really Happening Roller Disco, one would pair one’s grape lamé bodice with hot pants. I think we can all agree that we need to celebrate SJP for resisting the urge.

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Comments (54):

  1. Geemee

    Happy hair! And I really like the dress — I just wish it didn’t bunch at her waist like that.

  2. Christian

    I’m a sucker for purple and shiny, so this is a yes for me.

  3. Chelsea

    I actually really like the skirt, but the bodice makes me feel stabby.

  4. Sara

    I’d like to see it on a 25 year old or Kirsten Dunst, and see how I feel about it.

  5. Christa

    Noooo. This is what Glimmer from She-Ra wears to cocktail parties.

    Or what happens to your cute white dress when your toddler breaks his sparkle pen over it.

  6. lisas

    The combination of the hair and the dress makes for an outfit that is too young for her. I prefer age-appropriate SJP because she looks absolutely gorgeous that way. It’s a testament to how well she wears clothes that I still think she looks nice in that terrible, terrible dress. The purple streamers on the skirt make it look like a days-late Halloween costume. Yuck.

    • LG

      Yes on the TOO YOUNG. Gah. It’s not like 46 years old is the crypt keeper, for pete’s sake. She can still look foxy, just Mature Foxy (which is way better than Mutton-Dressed-As-Lamb Semi-Foxy).

  7. Sajorina

    I like this outfit, but her hair is ruining my life! In my mind, her movie’s title is “I Don’t Know How She Doesn’t Cut Her Hair Already Or Wear It Up Sometimes”!

    • Maggie

      So much yes on the hair. It’s distractingly scraggly for no reason.

  8. Anne B

    I don’t mind the dress, actually. It might need some explaining once she gets out on the ice, though. I haven’t heard the music for her long program, so I’m not sure whether she’s going with The Xanadu Hills Are Alive or Swan ’79!!.

    Hair: that’s gonna get in her face FOR SURE. I predict a messy fall on the first triple axel …

  9. Bella

    If the material of the whole dress was chiffon, I would like it, but lame’ is lame on anyone other than drag queens and ice skaters.

    P.S. Good length on her cause I swear, she get’s more bow-legged every year.

  10. Nancy

    The sinewy arms (a la Madonna) are creeping me out; the dress is very mutton dressed as lamb.

    • Dazie

      This. She’s older than I am for goshsakes and I’M TOO OLD for this. Now- when she gets OLDER- like Golden Girls older, this would again be appropriate. But now? Not so much.

  11. AmyK

    Not gonna lie. I love this and I would wear the hell out of it, even though I have nowhere to wear it to. But then again, who says you can’t go grocery shopping with something like this on? ;)

  12. Kim

    Hah! I love this. I’d think you’d like it just for its shinyness (sp?). Love the hair too.

  13. Lina

    Oh, gross. It’s total Eurovision contest with Texas beauty pageant hair.

  14. ceecee

    It look like her top half is bleeding purple all over her bottom half. Your clothes should not remind people of hemorrhaging.

  15. Spacelamb

    I like the dress, but it’s too young for her. It’s time for one of her people to have The Talk with her.

  16. Marie

    skirt = cute, everything above skirt = puke.

  17. Mahastee

    I like it, age-appropriateness is one thing, but I have always hated that mutton saying. Whatever, she’s pulling it off.

    SO happy she found some new shoes!

  18. witjunkie

    I think if paint balls came with glittery paint inside, I could be talked into it.

  19. vandalfan

    I have never seen such an odd combination of matronly pleated skirt and teenager flag-team bodice, with such pitiful dry, stringy ends. And on my monitor at least, the purples don’t quite match.

  20. Miranda

    Fab! but it needs flashier shoes

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  22. Bambi Anne Dear

    Has SJP hit the gym? Those shoulders are looking pretty square. And those poor legs. Talk about running a truck through them.

  23. kiki

    this is just awful. the bottom half of the dress is pretty, but the lame top looks SO cheap and the black banding at neck and waist make her torso look bizarrely short. ew. I hate it, and yet I cannot look away.

  24. NYCGirl

    I like the skirt, but the perpendicular lines on the top need to go.

  25. Pumpkin3.14

    That hemline needs a lower neckline.

    Her body is slammin’, in the Madonna kind of way. She should work it while she has it.

  26. amys

    Everything she wears seems to be so weighed down by her hair. Too much of a good thing!

  27. Jules

    What’s up with SJP shopping at forev 21 these days?

  28. Zed

    She might get away with the skirt, but the bodice … no. And the purples look wrong together.
    I can well understand why she loves her hair as it is, I used to have long blonde hair too, but I reached the age where it didn’t look right trailing over my shoulders. She has. And, I’m afraid, the shoes are too high, she looks as though she’s standing on tiptoe.

  29. marie

    has someone else seen her purse? it looks outright scary with the spikes!

  30. Mariah

    I don’t mind the dress, but it would totally fit in Xanadu…which is, incidentally, the greatest movie of all time. Where else can you find roller skating, romance, muses, cartoons, music, AND Gene Kelly? Only in Xanadu.

  31. Sara

    God, her hair is GOOD.

  32. Elizabeth

    This is Prabal Gurung, no? I remember seeing it in the November Vogue – if Andre Leon Talley is onboard, then so am I!

  33. Carol

    Her hair is looking dated … boring … she wears it well up, but needs a new look … skirt of dress is okay … top of dress looks like a superheroine Halloween costume.

  34. Sandra

    The skirt is very pretty, if a tad spring-like for November. As for the top, I’m sure I’ve seen Shawn Johnson and/or Nastia Liukin wearing that in competition.

  35. meme

    she is gross. that is all.

  36. Fuh Ugh

    I’m feeling sleepy, sleepy …..

    I believe I’ve been mesmerized by her purple hypno-boobs.

  37. Crystal

    Bodice needs to be less… heavy handed. It contrasts far too much with the skirt. Also, she looks like she’s leaning forward like she’s about to pounce on me and eat my face. Cute clutch though.

  38. CJ

    I love that SJP is not afraid to try different things. I actually like the dress and it looks great on her figure. Not crazy about the hair though. Too big? Too young? Trying to hard? Maybe a combination? Either way, it’s very distracting. Had her hair been more normal I would have given this a fab.

  39. Mare

    Too often she wears her bodices (is that a word?) so tight that she reminds me of my Barbie doll. Remember that black leather number she wore a few weeks back? I liked the concepts of both dresses but I am so in fear of permanent damage to her rib cage that I have become distraught.

  40. Melanie

    It’s a pretty dress…for someone in their 20s.

  41. Belinda Lankford

    I love this dress on her! She looks so great!

    Man people might not like the hair but I loveeeeeeee it!!

  42. Kary

    Dress is fine, but the cocker spaniel hair is driving me nuts. She looks like Lady (of & The Tramp fame). And those shoes look really uncomfortable.

  43. maryse

    i hate the dress and the shoes. i think her face and hair look great.

  44. Beth

    She looks like she got slushied on Glee.

  45. Sunny

    I don’t care what she wears, SJP is NOT pretty! Surely I’m not the only one who feels like she is a prime example of the Emporer’s New Clothes Syndrome.

  46. Maria

    Has she gotten sudden inexplicable breast implants? The last few outfits I’ve seen her in have appeared to be restraining a Quite Large Bosom. And her trademark is the ballerina stick straight bod. I don’t get it.

    I’m afraid I have to agree with those of the Do something about your hair for God’s sake/Age appropriate clothing would make you look so much younger, breezier, and prettier school. Also, I don’t know whether she’s been wearing too much makeup or too little at these events, but whatever it is, is wrong.

    I want so much to like how she looks, but she’s just not making good choices.

  47. Jennie-Suz

    This is exactly how I like to see SJP – big (but tamed) hair and wearing something fun and retro-feeling.

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