Fug or Fab: Sarah Jessica Parker


I feel like she’s wearing something once sported on a long-lost episode of Dynasty where Alexis had to dress to blend into the wallpaper of an Atlantic City casino so as to sneak into a high-stakes Mahjong game and blackmail one of her former lovers into bailing her current lover out of jail, where he’s been incarcerated for throwing everyone’s shared enemy down a well:

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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  1. Kate

    This looks a lot like Halle Berry’s dynasty dress. Same designer?

    • Bronwyn

      Yes! I came to the comments to say that, but you beat me to it. So instead I’ll just say that the sleeve length is what is really bothering me.

      • Kate

        I think the angle/light is making it look like there are a few buttons down the front, which combined with the sleeves makes this look like a really sparkly nightshirt.

  2. Sandra

    I’m swimming against the tide here, but I have that very same pattern in my wrapping-paper box. And the length is just perfectly wrong.

  3.  Courtney

    I like this in theory, but I’m not so sure I like it on her. No offense to SJP, but I just don’t think she’s working it here.

  4. Karab

    Sometimes your pictures are the worst out there. I saw pictures of this that are fantastic looking.

    • Chasmosaur

      You’re right. i just did a search on it, and in motion, it looks really, really good. I think the pose and lights on the fabric aren’t doing it any favors.

  5. ErinE

    I think it’s a little wintery, but it’s gorg, age-appropriate, and fits her beautifully. I would like to wear that for NYE with black tights.

  6. ErinB

    I think this dress is awesome and I want one like it. However, I’ll only be wearing mine in the winter. Looks a little heavy for June!

  7. Kris

    The neckline is weird – very big and not a very flattering shape for her face. I think it would have worked with either a square neckline or boatneck…
    The length is weird, too.
    I think this would have worked better, also, if it were sleeveless….

    See, I just have a few adjustments to make!!

    • jean

      That was my point! Shorter sleeves definitely. And I don’t like her black watch (although applaud the practicality of it). Maybe funkier shoes too? But I love the shininess!

      Although it’s not the most flattering oddly enough. She looks heavier in it than she usually would and I know she’s tiny. And it’s not too tight, so it must be the cut/pattern/fit?

  8. Rowynn

    Does she even own a pair of shoes that aren’t pointy-toed pumps? Also, I am so tired of her wearing her hair down, as if she’s still 17 years old. For once, though, I like her dress. I’d like it better if it was knee-length – that would make her legs look longer – but overall it’s a pretty dress.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Long hair is not age-specific. That idea went out at least thirty years ago, and it was about time, too.

    • Sarah Oehmler

      I like her hair down because otherwise her face is a bit too severe.

      • Amberoni13

        Word – hair around her face is a saving grace for SJP. Otherwise, the horsey jaw comments start a-flying. Also, as a 32 year old owner of waist length hair that is well cared for and put up nearly every single day, back down on the hair comment.

      • calli

        That’s exactly why I liked the shorter cut she sported in the later seasons of her show. Looser, softer. Regardless of length, straight-ironed hair can be just as severe as pulled-back hair.

        • Guerra

          As someone with a long thinner face, long hair can age you and over emphasize that! Shoulder length with a wave would look amazing on her!

    • Karab

      Hey, I am older than her and my age has nothing to do with the length of my hair. If it still grows, I have every right to grow it no matter what my age. Ageism is unkind in any form.

  9. maryse

    i think she looks great here. and i like her hair. it’s crazy sparkly but it really flatters her body and face. nicely done SJP

  10. Brenna

    I don’t actually hate the dress, but I do hate what it’s doing to her body. I don’t know if it’s the angle she’s standing at, or the way the dress is clinging, but it’s doing something weird to her stomach. Like, a phantom panty-line mixed with a little belly, which is ridiculous, because I know she has no belly, and I doubt she’d have a panty-line.

    • Michelle

      Yes! it makes her look like she has a belly, which is not a bad thing, most of us have one, but I somehow doubt that SJP has one . . .

  11. Jennifer

    It’s not the best dress on the planet, but it takes cojones to rock a vertically striped, sequined dress. There’s not a lot of forgiveness for a woman’s figure with a dress like that, and SJP’s working it.

  12. Linda

    Isn’t it a little warm in NYC this time of year for a dress like that? It’s more a holiday party dress.

    Agree about her hair, it is time to cut it. It’s way too long and does nothing for her.

  13. nicole

    I need this dress in my life. And in my closet.

  14. Elle

    Maybe this looks better in other shots, it’s age appropriate but SJP should absolutely stay away from those noncolors which do nothing for her complexion and harsh up the angles of her face.

  15. Charlotte Nielsen

    Her legs is so odd angled she looks like she needs a meal to keep standing up:).. Dress is so boring on her.. Could be okay on others.. All fairness she can not win all the time and often look great..

  16.  nelliebean

    I think she just looks old and haggard. She looks great from the neck down (although this dress resembles Halle’ Berry’s oscar gown.) neck up = ran over by a truck.

    • lola

      She looks badly jet lagged -which has me thinking these look a little like fancy pajamas with that henley neckline.
      I don’t know why some people think this particular hem is *always* a Glamour Don’t. In a pencil cut skirt, It actually makes your torso and legs look longer and leaner than one cut above the knee– and if you don’t have big calves where your skirt quits, this length can be your friend.

    • Carol

      Haggard was exactly the word that immediately came to mind.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      You will age too, you know.

      It isn’t a personal fault.

    • Rachael

      Old and haggard? Way harsh, Tai. I mean, really. You say “old” like it’s supposed to be an insult. Also, it is possible to discuss her fashion choices without being nasty about it.

      • Guerra

        I think she needs a facial & a nap. Maybe the twins are wearing her out because there’s ageing and then there’s looking tired!

  17. Mary

    That is one shiny dress!
    The carpet is actually reflecting off it, making it look like she’s wearing a red face on her front.

  18. Mahogany A.

    I’m sorry but in my opinion Sarah Jessica Parker has never stop dressing up as Carrie. Its like an elaborate Halloween costume that now veers into a ongoing style personality disorder. Also does anyone know what she looks like with her hair up? Because I don’t and I’m starting to think that that she hiding a girls don’t cry tattoo under there.

    • Eve

      I would love to see her with a wavy/curly bob, and/or a color change. Exorcise the ghost of Carrie!

  19. Heather S.

    I admit, I’m swayed by my dislike of anything involving fashion and SJP. I agree with those who say she looks tired and draggy and the dress is anything but. It looks awesome, but I wish it were on Christina Hendricks. Or you know, me.

  20. Jodi

    Its such a perfectly wacky dress to wear to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I think Willy Wonka would approve and escort her inside to try some gum that makes her burp rainbows. As for haggard, perhaps she had a sleepless night, perhaps she has other things she would rather do than jolly up for some kid’s story that she knows inside out (as she’s probably read it and seen it dozens of times.) So points to you SJP for just showing up at this thing and wearing the fun dress and I’m sure in the next photo she’s smiling her heart out.

  21. Cucina49

    I feel like I need to grade this one on a curve: I don’t totally love the dress, but I love that SJP is wearing it because it feels like it is out of her normal style rut.

  22. Kasey

    Definitely Dynasty. Would’ve been horrible except they dropped the shoulder pads and updated the neckline.

  23. H.C.

    I wouldn’t mind the shininess so much if it wasn’t so snug-fitting, which draws the eyes to her (barely there) tummy.

  24. Katemc

    I would love it as a skirt with a very nice deep vnecked sheerish black sweater top.

  25. Vandalfan

    Luck, lucky Matthew.

  26. lynn

    I hate being so in the minority but I do not like this. I do not like the length of the dress, I do not like the length of the sleeves nor the neckline, I do not get the yellow and silver purse, and finally a black leather watch (could be a bracelet, hard to tell) with a sparkly dress? However so many folks have posted in favor of this dress that I guess I am just missing something about it…

  27.  HelenBackAgain

    I had to look at this a few times and think about it, and I’m deciding I like it because it shows off how curvy her tiny figure really is. We don’t often see that! SJP wears a lot of interesting things, some great, some awful, but tends to the editorial and does not show off her sexiness much. This does that.

    • Jeanette

      Absolutely HelenBackAgain! It’s nice to see her in an elegant and sophisticated shape too. Maybe it’s time for a hair cut and new colour, and some different makeup perhaps? But then again maybe she was tired or jet lagged or whatever….We all have those days…

  28. Jessica

    The dress is fine but OMG woman BRUSH. YOUR. HAIR. I think I also hate the hair coloring and it needs a trim. My hair looks better, and trust me, I’m no SJP!

  29. Amy

    What about the fact that this is so wintery? I feel like celebrities are so keen on getting the newest/latest/greatest thing that they don’t consider what season they’re dressing for anymore. Leather pants anyone?!

  30. Janice

    I have hardly liked anything she has worn in the last 10 years, and disliked her as an actress much longer. But this, this I like.

    It’s glitzy without being over the top, and flattering to her fantastic figure. The skirt has to be a little long, to balance the plunging top.

    I don’t know what bag is doing there, but that’s a minor complaint.

  31. Guerra

    The dress is amazing and her body looks super good!

    I really don’t get references to this dress is to wintery. It must be an American thing because I’ve never hear that but on this site! What if you have warm days in winter? Or vice versa? Here we wear the same thing but if it’s cold you take a jacket. Instant winter!

  32. Sajorina


  33.  Mia

    I couldn’t vote b/c I love the fabric and the bottom half, hate the cut of the top half. Yuck.

  34. MellyJBeans

    What’s w/ the awkward/ingénue/baby giraffe/teen supermodel experiencing a legs-for-miles growth spurt stance? SJP is a veteran red carpet walker/performer & should proudly present as such. Act your age, woman! That, and cut that mane… not to suggest a horse reference or such negativity!

  35. Donna

    Love the dress; hate the pigeon-toed stance.