Fug or Fab: Saoirse Ronan


There are aspects of this that I enjoy.

It’s a cute idea, and pairing those shoes with such a girly dress is an interesting touch. But I have questions: Would the dress be better without the sleeves? Would the shoes be MORE intriguing in a different color? And… can I see her boobs? Were the ladies in attendance all required to treat this damn thing like it’s called Peeping Dawn?

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  1. AnnaB.

    Yeah, I can totally see her nude bra under that dress. I have been searching for a good pair of oxfords for like 6 months, but this outfit demonstrates just how hard they are to truly pull off. Oh well. Still want them.

  2. Stefanie

    Yank the sleeves. Line the top. Toss the shoes. Strap on some strappy sandals in a bright color.

  3. Helen

    I think the skirt’s interesting. Start over with that as Point A.

  4. Samantha

    You spelled “Saoirse” incorrectly. Also, fug.

  5. pantsonfire

    Oh, interesting. I actually like the bodice and sleeves BEST, and dislike the skirt (though I like the shape of it…I like the shape of the whole thing, actually).

    I hate the shoes. God, I hate the shoes.

    I like that she’s rocking a natural-looking hair color. I am so sick of uber blond, I can’t even tell you.

  6. Andrew S.

    I can’t even see anything past the shoes. Those are horrible with this dress or even just alone. BURN THEM

  7. maryse

    so i love the shoes. maybe not the color so much, but those shoes are such a fun surprise. and at least her feet don’t hate her. i would like the dress better if the over skirt were the length of the lining. this is a time when shorter would be better. (or at least have the lining the same length as the over skirt).

  8. Eliza Bennett

    I think if you take the sleeves off, and make the shoes metallic and a little pointier, this works. Alternatively, leave the sleeves on and change to red suede strappy platforms. But you have to have some colorful vava voom somewhere–the sleeves are too mumsy to be worn WITH those sad shoes.

  9. Ladyblahblah

    This looks very early-1970′s casual wedding dress to me. And I’m pretty sure the shoes are from SAS.

  10. TonyG

    I hated the shoes more than I liked the dress (which I did). The shoes were unworkable; so, this became a fug for me.

  11. Annie E

    The shoes make her feet look enormous and something is off with the makeup. I think it’s the eyebrows.

    • pantsonfire

      Yeah, I thought the same. I know that big, beautiful brows are something everyone covets these days, but on some faces, more delicate brows are actually better. I think this is what’s going on here.

      Also, she has the same pink, off-tone, shiny skin thing happening that happens with the Fannings pretty frequently. I would have thought that makeup artists and the like have a way of dealing with that.

      • Other Emily

        Third on the makeup. I actually think the hair is too dark for her, too, and since her brows match, they are also too dark. They look really heavy on her and they are overwhelming her face. Also I hate the outfit. HATE all of it, especially the shoes.

        • Helen

          I think y’all are right about Soairse’s brows. They’re beautiful in and of themselves, but to work best with her other features, I’d remove a little from the undersides of them, and just refine the edge shaping some.

          And yeah, maybe lighten the color of hair and brows a tad, as well. Just a little bit. It wouldn’t take much to make a huge difference.

        • pidget

          I call “Boo” on the makeup artist. I have S.’s colouring, and this is an easy mistake to have happen to you. When you’re pale and pink, things can go awry FAST, especially with the eyebrows. She’s a beautiful woman with an interesting, unique look, but the heavy-handed approach is not the best. Makeup should enhance, not overwrite.

          The dress has good ideas, but should concentrate on one or two. I also think she would look better in a colour, say French blue, aquamarine, or cherry red.

  12. Rowynn

    Until I scrolled all the way down, I liked the dress just fine. Once I saw the shoes with it, though… they somehow added a note of wrongness to the whole outfit, and now the dress doesn’t look good any more either.
    Oddly enough, I totally would wear the shoes, but with jeans or something else casual. They are just wrong, wrong, wrong with this dress.

  13. Lynne

    Annie E, that’s what I noticed. Looks like she’s wearing very dull clown shoes. I can’t tell if it’s the shoe design or angle of the shot or what. Not flattering, anyway.

    I think I don’t like her hair quite. She looks much lovelier with the flowy, ethereal thing she’s usually got going on.

  14. pourgirl

    I agree about the eyebrows, but – don’t they give her sort of an Alan Cumming look?

  15. Popcouver

    I like the concept of the shoes with the dress but it’s not working.

    Hack off the sleeves, line the top, and choose a lighter, less clunky oxford. In black or a bright color like pink? yeah!

  16. MissMelrose

    I thought this was Rooney Mara, at first – the whole ensemble and minimalist hair /makeup reminds me of the Dragon Tattoo press tour.

  17. Lily1214

    The shoes ruin everything. Maybe a better color would help?

  18. Cindy

    Love the shoes, not with this dress. Those shoes are meant for pants.

  19. Guerra

    I think this could look amazing on someone else.. Hate the shoes!

  20. Nancy

    Maybe it’s the angle, but…do the shoes make her feet look GIGANTIC?

  21. Sajorina

    1) I didn’t recognize her at all!
    2) This is cute in a First Communion kind of way!
    3) She totally stole that outfit from Spencer Hastings’ Little Liar Closet!
    4) As I stated before, those shoes are meant for SWINTON!
    5) If she was wearing black & white oxfords instead, it would be workable!

  22. Lisa

    I hate the shoes. With anything, anywhere, ever. What it is it with the ugly shoes lately? Actually, I’m sure you could wear those with pants, I would just choose not to.

    I kind of like the dress. Not love it, but like it. Cute sandals would have saved the day.

  23. Rob

    She looks like a female Daniel Radcliffe, and I can’t unsee it…

  24. TereLiz

    I like the idea of oxfords with this dress, but I would have found a slimmer, sleeker pair in maybe a suede instead of such hard, shiny leather with such thick soles. It’s the soles that are killing this for me, actually.