Fug or Fab: Sami Gayle


I don’t watch Blue Bloods, so I keep forgetting that Sami Gayle is actually a working actress with a real job, and not just some random girl who shows up to events and Fashion Week all the time:

For a seventeen year old, she sure goes out a lot on school/work nights, though. Oh my God, and with that sentence I am officially the old hag that we all knew I was already 95% of the way toward becoming. Congrats to me! I am off to order a crate of Ensure and Polident, while you guys hash out her look in the comments.

PS: I TOTALLY had a dress in this print when I was in junior high. BEFORE THE INVENTION OF THE WHEEL.

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  1. Helen

    It’s cute, but the belt buckle looks a little cheap, and while I think the shoes are adorable (if a bit summery), she needs to get fitted for shoes in her width. They’re the right length, but much too narrow, which is very harmful to the feet.

    The purse is too big for her proportions and also really clashes with the dress colors.

    I give it about a C. None of it’s filling me with loathing, but I think when a stylist gets a girl this pretty to work with, they can do a lot better – and putting her in those shoes was just irresponsible.

  2. qwertygirl

    I can deal with everything but the purse, which is the wrong scale and color. She looks a bit like the product of an over-enthusiastic child with a hard boiled egg and a Paas Pastels Egg Dying kit, but I’ve seen worse.

  3. Amalia

    Funniest post ever – or should I say, most resonant with this fellow old hag (30something). I always coveted a dress like this in junior high, perhaps made by Loralei fashions, perfect for 8th grade graduation dance.

  4. Stefanie

    I like the dress, minus the cracked out collar but I hate the belt, bag and shoes. And her hair.

  5. Kat

    If the dress were like a solid red or blue, something bright but not obnoxious, it would be so cute with the beaded collar, much more so that this bajiggity tie dye! I could do without the belt.

  6. Corrine Engelgau

    I LOVE the studded collar with the floral print dress. I also am a huge fan of anything that looks like it could be an Easter Petit Fours because of Little Women and fond memories of snarfing Harry & David Petit Fours out of the refrigerator one Easter, learning the divinity of marzipan. So, the dress is kind of ruling even though I would respect an aversion due to its over twee-ness. That’s just a style I like, but I’m also 25. I hate the shoes so much. I wish she would have played with the bedecked collar by doing some sparkly knee high socks and adorable rhinestoned mary jane’s. And that purse is hagsville. Maybe a gold clutch with a really large buckle to mirror the belt, something simple so as not to compete with gaudy rhinestone shoes. Something like that. If you’re going to twee, TWEE.

  7. Trix

    Is it just me, or do those shoes look like evil mice with pink eyes?!?!?

  8. AM

    I think it’s and she are cute, but it is very spring/Easter dress. I would have rather she wore this in April, May, summer than now.

    • Tiffany

      Where is she? If she is in LA, it is kind of like spring here already.

  9. Bottle Ginger

    Cute dress… for someone aged 10-14.

    What is wrong with 17-year-olds today? Back in the day (the bronze age), girls of that age desperately wanted to look like sophisticated adults, and would die before they would wear a little girls’ dress. But that’s what we’re seeing on a lot of mid-teen starlets today, why are they trying to look underage?

  10. Erin B

    I don’t understand some of the way harsh comments so far — she’s 17, come on, people! I think she looks fine — she tried to mix prints, and I’m afraid that’s how most of us probably look when we mix prints (i.e., okay, but not great).

    Anyway, The husband and I (both 30-something attorneys w/apparent geriatric tendencies) watch “Blue Bloods,” mainly for the absolutely ridiculous conflicts of interest that ensue. It is high comedy on a Friday night (and yes, we need real lives).

    • maryse

      i’m with you. she looks cute. she’s only 17. and she looks 17. and that’s fine. that’s great! leave her alone already.

  11. house mouse

    All of these things are cute, just not together.

  12. Elle

    Take away the collar and the purse and she’s okay-not great maybe but certainly ok.

  13. TonyG

    I’m easy today. I love it all. I truly got a happy face looking at all those stand-out Easter-egg colors on the dress, purse and shoes. Yes, I love making Easter eggs.

  14. Vandalfan

    All I’d change would be the shoes. But would a puppy purse be just as bad a choice as the matron’s large orange snakeskin envelope?

  15. Maretha2

    I wore this print in junior high, too, about years ago. So all I see is a flashback to a horrible time of life we’d all like to mercifully forget.

  16. KM

    I like it because she is 17. Yeah, it’s not the most grown-up or stylish thing, but it’s fun, it’s actually modest, and she’s smiling! We forget how young 17 is supposed to be and just expect plunging necklines and dramatic eyeliner. Lighten up. This girl isn’t taking herself too seriously, I like it.

  17. Elizabeth Gorman

    Lose the beaded collar and the self-belt. Black belt and black shoes, maybe a black purse too. That way the color will have something to pop against. It’s a really cute dress and she looks cute in it, so that’s my only main complaint.

  18. CJG

    Overall, she is adorable. She looks great in that haircut, which few people can. Her dress makes me think of petit fours. Which I love. I can live with the shoes. Collar is twee, but she IS a teenager, so looking twee is appropriate. Only thing she should ditch is the purse. Nice purse — just not with this outfit.

  19. Callie

    If I were 17 and wearing this dress and styling I’d be super happy. That’s all. As it is, I will say I’m 29 and would still kind of love to have this dress, sans collar. No regrets.

  20. Sajorina

    I like the clutch & the shoes, but not the dress! She looks cute, though!

  21. Aj

    I’m dating myself … but it’s a little garden-party Barbie. Still, Barbie looked cute and so does she except for the purse. Barbie would not have made that purse choice. But she would have loved the shoes.

  22. Faye

    It’s pretty cute, except for the collar. I don’t mind a slightly childish dress for someone of her age — better than the ones who dress like 45-year-old skanks.

    As a 33-year-old, I feel terrible admitting this about a child, but for some reason Sami Gayle has always annoyed the heck out of me in everything I’ve seen her in. She has some kind of mannerism that always come off as very studied and fake to me. . .I get Hathaway vibes off her.