Fug or Fab: Samantha Barks in Burberry Prorsum

There is something so delicately lovely about this:

And then you start looking closer at the skirt, and you realize that YET AGAIN we’re being taken for a ride by a Granny Pants Bandit, and it’s like, SIGH, can’t something else mug us for our Diet Coke money just ONCE?

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  1.  KLeewrite

    So much promise and then…that. Seriously, I am dying to know who decided that a sheer skirt over granny panties or a leotard is the height of fashion. Who is Patient Zero in this epidemic??

    • Kate

      Maybe an ACTUAL granny.

    • ohsohappy 

      That is just why I came to post. Does anyone know who the first person was to wear see thru over panties? I can see it in my mind, but I don’t know who it was. For some reason, I recall something orange. Was that Fergie? Had it been going on before her?

      •  KLeewrite

        Fergie’s the first person I remember seeing. She wore an orange lace gown over black underwear (for lack of a better word) to the Grammys, I think. I am curious as to who actually came up with the idea. Does anyone know that?

    • Del C

      A commenter here once mentioned that these stupid see-through skirts were being inflicted on us by whoever’s pushing the thigh gap agenda, and now I blame the thigh-gap agenda whenever I see an outfit like this.

  2.  Stefanie

    Why? Just why isn’t that skirt lined.

    • Jessica

      If only there were something you could put on, when the skirt is just a bit too sheer. . . something light . . .

      You know, like a SLIP!

      Good grief people, do we have to reinvent EVERY wheel?

      • Nina

        When I was little, I thought a slip was something my mother invented just to make me wear dresses. I used to wear it around the house because it made no sense to wear it outside.

        Now…I know better. And girlfriend definitely could use a slip.

  3. Livvie93

    I’m not a fan of the color, and this from someone who LOVES pastels. It’s just so insipid and reminds me of a “violet” chalk one teacher had in elementary that we used to fight over– it looked violet but wrote in what could only be called white.

    • Roz

      I agree. It it were full on lavender I might like it more. And I think I remember that exactl shade of chalk! Plus, whatever the fug this color is, it does nothing for her.

  4.  ErinG

    Girlfriend’s earrings are awesome, she has a bracelet on, she’s wearing a pretty, flattering color in a neat-textured fabric and then… panties. Why??

    I will say this is probably my favorite iteration of the ‘sheer skirt granny panties trend’ but I’m still just generally baffled as to how or why that is a trend at all… this would be an absolute knockout look if it weren’t sheer!

  5. Louise

    I WANT to like this, but I’m having a hard time not seeing it as one of those old-school plastic table cloth dealies, that were made to look like lace, but didn’t, really.

    • Julia

      That’s what makes the lack of lining even worse. The lace looks so much more interesting over the lining at the top. Delicate and textured, instead of the lace table runner feel of the bottom.

  6. Ruth

    Here’s my theory: there’s a world wide fabric shortage and designers are using lace to make up for it. Women are clamoring for lined skirts, but the designers and ateliers just shake their heads sadly and say, “C’est dommage mon choufleur, but we don’t have enough opaque fabric to make zem. You must wear ze granny-panties with grace and dignity.”

    • BB_Brune

      “C’est dommage mon chou-fleur”
      Teeeeeeeeee-heee-hee-hee I love you for that!!!! And I’m stealing it! Roflol’ing

  7. Jennifer O.

    So close. Is there also a sheer midriff or is that a trick of the light?

    • Big Noise

      Oh, there’s sheer at the midriff, my friend. Everything was going so well — great hair, makeup and accessories, wonderful smile, a very nice color — then we reach the sheer horror.

      •  Ashley

        OH NO. It was bad before, but that little sheer strip at the midriff just destroyed my soul.

  8. Louise

    Ruth for the win!

  9.  HelenBackAgain

    Nice bracelet.

  10. Cat

    This would have been beautiful if it had been lined all the way down (and hemmed up, it’s too long). As is, blech. The granny panties make her look boxy.

  11. mattiesmom

    I will be glad when this trend is over.

  12. lynn

    It always looks to me like an old-fashioned one piece bathing suit under a sheer skirt, and to me, this is just plain ugly. What I cannot fathom is how these lovely women who have access to so many pretty dresses, apparently do not think this is ugly. What do they see that I do not?
    However, speaking specifically of this dress, I also think the color is insipid, and the skirt is a tablecloth, so it really had no chance, bathing suit or not.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Agreed, I don’t like it even if it were fully lined, either. The one thing it does have going for it is that rare and severely endangered species, The Well-Fitted Strapless Bodice.

  13. lacejay

    I actually don’t mind this but it needs to be hemmed just a tad. The length is bugging me, go figure!

  14. Laura

    I would *really* like this if it were lined. And I have a soft spot for her – those Andrew Lloyd Webber talent quests were my guilty pleasure back in the day!

  15. perletwo

    Needs hemming here. But it does have a certain charm, it would make a nice wedding dress for a casual, say like a on the beach, wedding.

    •  Ruth

      Where after the ceremony the bride can rip off her skirt and then dive sideways into the water, a la Esther Williams.

  16. mmmwright

    It’s a bathing suit with a table cloth over it.

  17. Sally

    Yup- cheap leotard and a plastic “lace’ tablecloth from the Dollar Store. Brilliant save if you are in charge of the costumes for the PTA play. Red carpet? Not so much.

  18. Megan

    If that had been lined in a medium grey color or even a soft blue grey, it would have been so pretty!

    I am so sick of this granny panty trend. Seriously, ladies, it is so not flattering. I know none of these celebs really has huge hips and thighs, so why are they wearing something that makes it look like they do? Maybe they should try to wear tops with sleeves cut to give them underarm fat swingage and high tight collars to give them that lovely double chin look too! Meanwhile, I’m working my buns off to reduce those looks, lol.

  19. Megan

    Um, I just noticed this – to make ugly even more insulting, those granny panties are stand-alone. They aren’t even attached! You can see a good inch of mid-drift showing between the bodice and the granny panties. AAAAARGH!!!

  20.  Aspasia

    Maybe its because my brain is still in the post-Fug Madness fog, but I can forgive the granny panty flash here. I’ve seen such….horrors in the past month that this is still refreshing and acceptable.

  21. Robin

    This looks great to me–this mild degree of sheerness doesn’t bother me at all. I like the color on her, and it fits her great.

  22. Dazie

    I keep seeing that as “Burberry Possum” And I think- yeah. That’s about right. It SHOULD be playing dead.

  23. Heather S

    The lace reminds me of contact paper you put on windows that looks like lace. This added to the granny pants, the weird drape of everything and the dirty looking color, ugh it’s dire.