Fug or Fab: Rosario Dawson


I will always think of the time a huge clutch of paparazzi almost ran me over and killed me trying to get to Rosario Dawson at Fashion Week like a million years ago. As Heather pointed out at the time, IT’S JUST ROSARIO DAWSON. Forever grateful to the one giant photographer who surely played football in high school, because he blocked me like the best offensive lineman a girl could have and probably LITERALLY saved me from getting really hurt. I mean, no offense to Rosario:

Even SHE would say, I think, “but it’s JUST ME.”

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Comments (18):

  1. Miranda

    Limp hair, awesome bod nowhere to be found, hideous shoes. A whole lotta no here.

  2. EG

    Belt, new shoes, different hair – fixed.

  3. Goldfish

    I like the shoes. And, I really like the clutch. I would like both of them better if they didn’t match, though. On the other hand, the smocks they gave us to paint in, in Kindergarten were almost a dead ringer for her frock. Fit, pattern, everything. I can smell the fingerpaint now.

  4. rowynn

    I can’t sew a lick, so if I had this fabric and wanted to make a dress out of it, I’d have to use a stapler, and I think I’d come up with something very much like this. Although I like to think that, even as inept as I am, I’d have done something to get rid of that drapey pouch under her arm.

  5. Marg

    Could be casual/fun if the top fit a little better. OK, a lot better. Although casual/fun doesn’t really match the satin shoes and purse.

  6. LoriK

    The top of that dress is not good. It’s so totally shape-destroying that it probably ought to be illegal to put it on a body like Rosario’s. The bridesmaid-y shoes that match her purse, the limp hair and the lack of jewelry are all just making it worse. Fix all of that and this would be fine. Or, you know, go the easier route and just chuck this whole mess and start over.

  7. Steph

    The top needs to be taken in about 1000%. It’s giving her one very saggy uniboob. Change the shoes to something more summery, and I think it would be a cute seasonal dress.

  8. Sarah

    Make it a sheath (or just get rid of that awful blouson top), give her hair some body, burn the shoes.

    • Big Noise

      Sarah, you nailed it. If this were a sleeveless dress, a little better fitted, maybe an inch shorter and she wore — oh, I don’t know, spectator pumps? — it would be better. I don’t hate the purse — it’s the shoes that are making me really stabby.

  9. Vandalfan

    It’s not exactly adorable, but it’s nice, it’s pretty, it’s just fine.

    It’s the dress you can roll up in your backpack when traveling extra-light through Mexico or Italy or Spain, and you want a nicer outfit to go to a restaurant in the evening.

  10. Helen

    I think just fit it a little better and it’d be great.

    And, while true she is not the Most Famous Woman in the World, so her photos probably aren’t terribly valuable, relatively speaking, Rosario does, after all, LOOK LIKE THIS. Yeah it isn’t her best dress ever, but that face!

    That is to say, maybe they were rushing all over each other (and, nearly, you – glad you were okay, Jessica) to get pictures of her… just to have pictures of her. Honestly, I might.

  11. Mongerel

    “No no no – I said punchy, not paunchy!”

  12. Elle

    More of a ahlter neck fittecd top, skirt just a tadf shorter. Leave shoes and clutch for splash of color. Maybe a youthful updo for the hair.

  13. Elle

    Sorry, that’s HALTER neck, fitted top.Skirt just a tad shorter. Leave shoes and clutch for splash of color. Maybe a youthful updo for the hair.

  14. Erin

    I have a similar body type to Rosario’s–very straight through the middle–and I think this style, with the blouson top and straight skirt, works really well.

  15. Craig Turner

    Either keep the pattern and tailor the dress to a more flattering shape, or keep the shape and go with a solid color. Shoes and clutch are fine, but the hair needs at least some minimal styling. When people look at your hair and their first impulse is to wonder when you last washed it, you probably need to do something to it. More product, less product, run a comb through it, throw some pins in it, SOMETHING.