Fug or Fab: Rosamund Pike


It’s always hard to make a call on the outfit when the face is having such a good time.

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  1. Esme

    I like it; it’s so different, but it looks great on her (love the shoes AND bob, which I think would flatter a lot of people).

  2. Abbe

    Seeing all four photos won me over. Crouching shoes are especially awesome.

  3.  ErinG

    a few things: 1) at least its not a black bra, 2) my initial apathy was dispelled as soon as SHOES OMG WANT KICKY FUN and so therefore, 3) carry on, Ms. Pike.

    •  ErinG

      I will add, however, that I think I’d like it even more if all the eyelet material was lined with the hot pink instead of it just being a bra.

      • Petrova Fossil

        Pink down to the waist was my thought as well. Or a bra that wouldn’t show at all add a few pink accessories to tie in the awesome shoes.

      • One of the Leahs

        ErinG, YES! That would be such an improvement.

  4. Bianca

    Ohh, she’s so beautiful and charming. I love her, and I like her outfit.

  5. Kate

    I think it ends up being ok because the pink seems obviously intended to tie in the shoes, or vice versa.

    • Other Emily

      Yes. For once, matchy-matchy shoes make the whole thing work. Because the bra and the shoes go together, it saves the sheer part from being ridiculous. and those are some delicious shoes. And she’s beautiful. Fab.

      •  Miss Jane


        And I can’t believe I just signed off on matching your bra to your shoes. Someone stop me before I start wearing shower curtains instead of skirts.

  6. Michelle

    I love me some Rosamund Pike! She looks amazing!
    The bob! The shoes! The makeup!
    The pink bra could be weird, but somehow, she is pulling it off.

    • Katty McNiley Ripley

      Yes, and she seems a genuinely nice person….

      Only complain (and the same about 80% of the ladies in Hollywood) IT NEEDS A BRACELET!! “Embrace the very expensive, crazy beautiful and completely free of charge” world of lborrowed accessories!

  7. Annie E

    It is probably a size too small and I wish the pink looked just a little bit less like a bra (if it is indeed not a bra and is part of the dress), but I still really like it….

  8. valueofaloonie

    Love it! But I’m easily swayed by things like those fantastic shoes.

  9.  TaraMisu

    THE SHOES!!!!

    I was iffy on this at first, but after the 4th pic I was sold… and her hair cut is great! My hair is too wavy and odd to carry it off… totally jealous.

    • valueofaloonie

      The shoes are amazing, right?! What I wouldn’t give to have them in my closet.

  10. leeapeea

    I think I wish it didn’t have a collar? But in this case, the pink bra plus the shoes makes it work. And yes, because pink and not black. Also because the rest of the dress is somewhat conservative and the cutouts are a pretty pattern it doesn’t feel like GRATUITOUS BRA IN YO FACE!

    •  Billie

      This. It’s an intricate design and the pink doesn’t scream ‘Look at my bra! I’m half naked’! It somehow translates to a great pop of color. And the shoes, I MUST HAVE THOSE SHOES!

  11. Agent Sculder

    Those shoes ARE great. I’m so glad I bought a pair that looks actually quite similar, although mine are black with a gold heel. I wasn’t sure if I really NEEDED them, so I justified the purchase because I can wear them with a bunch of outfits. Knowing the FugNation also approves of that style just makes my day!

  12. maryse

    she is very adorable. and the hair. i could have that hair if i were willing to the blow the hell out of it every day. i also would not look nearly as adorable.

    • Aphy

      My hair is cut like this. Unfortunately, my head does not look like hers at all. My face is far too heart shaped for this style, but I love this look so much.

  13. Sandra

    If the designer wanted to add a pop of color he/she could have made it not look so much like a bra. If it is a bra, put it away, sister. When Emperor Zhark comes to destroy the galaxy, I hope he slays all the visible-underwear people first.

    • SaraK

      Thank you, Sandra! I agree, even though the pink shoes tying in helps…it’s still underwear. Which means *under* things. Not partially under, not under-but-peeking-out. Just plain UNDER, please.

  14. Vi

    Love it all, and I have the same hairstyle and I love it. Easiest style ever. I thank God for my ‘straight as a pin’ hair…:)

    • HelenBackAgain

      My hair’s about an inch longer, but same style, simple blunt bob, and it’s fluffy, fine hair with a slight wave. The cut works with that texture, too.

      But it’s all about the face shape, I think. There are lots of shapes this kind of bob flatters, and just as many that it doesn’t! And neck length matters, too.

  15. martinipie

    I love everything except the visible back zipper, which is my clothing pet peeve. I still voted love it, though, because it’s all SO GREAT otherwise.

    • KatB

      This!… I really don’t like visible zippers…but LOVE the shoes, that is an appropriate use of nude in a shoe.

  16. D.O.T - is a lot

    She looks absolutely fab:*


  17. ariel

    she looks SO happy, i have to love it.

  18. Vandalfan

    The see-through part reminds me of radiator covers, like you find in old houses. No visible bra, please. Give me a pink stripe, a pink edging, but cover your unclothing. Please.

  19. LB

    I don’t love it but I do love the shoes. I’m not big on those kinds of collars but that’s just on me.
    Jessica, I have to say I’m with you on the hair thing. Mine is long and I want to cut it off but if I do I’ll probably spend the next 6 months growing it out. It’s never the way I want it!

  20.  Carolina Girl

    I love the shoes. The bra, not so much. But since she looks so happy and comfortable and not like she’s trying too hard, I’m good with this.

  21. Claire1

    shoes… shoes … SHOES!!

    As for the rest. I’m sorry… ADORBS!
    I shouldn’t like the visible bra…but I do. The whole outfit is just adorable.

  22. Emily

    Jessica you are not the only hair flip-flopper. I am constantly talking myself out of chopping, doing it, loving it when someone else styles it and then getting frustrated on my own. My wavy hair is great for no upkeep when long but easily turns into hot mess when short. Then I have to style it. And while that can end up looking really cute, essentially I am lazy. ;)

    • Michelle

      I am such a hair flip-flopper that I have two professional headshots that go on my business cards, website, etc. One for long hair and one for short hair! I love it long but its so thick that I get tired of the weight and its always in my face and clogging up my sink. So I get sick of it and cut it off and love the curly do but at the same time it requires some work while with the long hair I can just ponytail or whatever on my days off. Its a constant battle!

      • Emily

        I think we have the same hair. The ponytail is so easy but eventually the headaches from the weight are killer.

    • Melanie Woodall

      Constant hair battle here as well! Love it short and love it long, but the in-between drives me crazy. I go long, then cut it all off, then grow it out and rethink the growing it out phase for months. Don’t tempt me with a cute bob (I don’t have that poker straight hair anymore).

      • Emily

        When it gets really bad I have to ban myself from watching things that include women with adorable shorter hair or bangs (I know I will hate them and not even look that great and yet I am tempted just to change things. I am ridiculous.

  23. deee

    I hope this makes sense but I love that she smiles with her whole face. Not many adults do, especially celebrities.

    • Claire1

      Perfect sense….
      Joseph Gordon Levitt smiles with his whole face too. Which makes me love him…which drives me nuts because I’m way too old for him..

  24. mary lou bethune

    She knows the secret: look like you are enjoying your immense good luck, genetically and professionally. And of course, she is gorgeous.

  25.  TheZulk

    A case of SELLING IT. If she had some sour puss on her face and was slouching around this would look stupid but with her attitude she’s working it.

  26. HelenBackAgain

    I absolutely love the dress, and the shoes, but this is NOT an appropriate undergarment with it. No, no, no, no, no!

    Also, she doesn’t just need a bracelet, she needs earrings. I am so tired of looking at empty pierced earholes lately. Enough with the “no jewelry” thing! Stop it! You just look like you’re not paying attention, ladies.

    • Claire1

      Even if it was just a pair of tiny diamonds…
      I kind of get the not wanting to weigh down an already heavily detailed outfit…which is why every woman needs a pair of tiny little studs ( whether real or faux).

      • HelenBackAgain

        Small diamond studs would be great with this. Or a single pearl in each ear. With that much collar, you definitely want to keep it simple, but not filling your ear-holes just looks like you don’t think when you get dressed.

        • Sajorina

          That’s why I never leave the house without earrings! I only take them off to change them or clean them! They add sparkle to the face, no matter how simple they are! But some women don’t have their ears pierced or just don’t like wearing them and I’ll never know why! :(

          • HelenBackAgain

            I think it’s fine to go without earrings if you don’t have pierced ears, but more women do have pierced lobes than not, now. And I think it really looks bad to leave them empty. Poor attention to detail.

            My mother didn’t have pierced ears, but she wore earrings anytime she needed to be “really dressed” – you know, like not necessarily to the supermarket, but for work, always. I do have pierced ears, so for me, they go in even just to go to the supermarket.

          • Michelle B.

            I’m late to the party, as usual. But I just have to add I’m on board with all MUST wear earrings ladies here. I always take mine out to shower or clean, but I feel naked without them otherwise. In fact, I keep three pairs in my desk for emergencies: gold, silver, and pearls.

        • claire1

          I almost wrote “pearls” too. But with this outfit I want just a hint of sparkle…
          I like pearls when one is wearing a lot of black…there’s something very in your face about black and pearls.

  27. Gigi

    No Visible Bras: NVB, now and forever.

    • Tiffany

      I gotta disagree. I think that layering can be an effective style tool, and a colorful bra can add some fun. I think it does need to be in good conditioned and not flesh-toned, though.

  28. Molly

    First of all, why isn’t Rosamund Pike in more things? Also, I’ve always sort of wished she played Betty Draper.

    This will probably go down as one of my favorite outfits of the year. Come December it’s one of the few that will still stick out to me.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Also, I’ve always sort of wished she played Betty Draper.

      You know, I’ve long said that, despite her severe limitations as an actress, I thought they got the right person for that part in January Jones… her woodenness being rather fitting for Betty’s severe repression.

      But now I think a huge opportunity was missed there. Pike would have knocked it out of the park.

    • Girl in Sydney

      Ditto Ditto!

      Why is Pike – who outshone both Keira in P n P and Carey in An Education – not as famous is a mystery to me.

      She looks like an actress who will still be working at 80 and be totally awesome.

      • jean

        Oh, I think her talent will float her to the top. She’s persistent, works a decent amount and is clearly gorgeous. And obviously if she’s thrown in with Simon Pegg, she has excellent taste. One or two starring vehicles and we’ll be sick of her :^) (I kid!)

        She would have been a hell of a Betty if she could do the American accent.

  29. Sarah

    Looks like she coordinated her shoes with her bra! That is AWESOME.

  30. Kalli

    I’m not usually bothered by a visible bra, when it kind of adds to the outfit architecturally, or gives something boring a hint of sexy, but I’m not convinced this pink bra material is part of the dress design or necessary – I think she picked a simple white dress and some fun shoes but then worried the shoes were a bit random, so she grabbed her pink bra instead of nude. I like everything else about the look, and she can pull off just about any outfit with her pretty face, those arms and a smile. Liked her ever since she played sweet, innocent Jane Bennet in P&P.

  31. Sajorina

    LOVE IT! This should be a “Well Played” because it’s head to toe FABULOUS! The dress is beautiful, classy, yet funky and beautifully fitted! WANT! And I’m going to dream about those shoes tonight… COVET!!!

  32. Guerra

    I love love love this. I really really want it!!! Who designs it? Looks a bit like Victoria beckham?

  33. fionnabhair

    I met Miss Pike once London, when I was taking my mother out for dinner…she leaned over to ask what dish my mother was having, as it looked rather delicious (whereupon my mother, who is the world’s biggest Austen fan, keeled over with OMGJaneBennet excitement). It’s hard to believe, but she is actually much, much prettier in real life – like so pretty that I went many, many miles past envy and into straightforward admiration that I was looking at someone who looked like that.

  34. Kristy

    Well, let’s add Rosamund Pike to the list of people I want t be when I grow up!

  35. Chris P

    Almost perfect…except for the collar. That’s what pushes it into nurse territory, and it’d be a fab so hard for me without it. (Even with it, it’s still fab.)

    I do like the hot pink bra, though. If you’re going to show your goodies, you might as well COMMIT. Also, as noted, SHE MATCHED HER BRA TO HER SHOES. This may be the second most awesome shoe this week, and that’s only because she wore this the same week Helen Mirren decided to walk out wearing Lucite stripper heels (you know, as you do).

  36. Encomia

    Fun Fact about La Pike, from a friend of mine who once worked with her mother:

    She used to collect airsick bags as a hobby (maybe still does?). That, and those fabulous shoes, makes me like her a lot. She’s cool in my book. Plus her Jane Bennet is luminescent.

  37. jean

    I don’t know how hold she is, but there’s a bit of old soul about her that doesn’t quite fit the fun, flirty nature of a pink bra. If she had had a pink clutch and those shoes …But she makes it all seem classy. I think it’s the perfect tailoring and the fact you cannot see her underwear lines at all (especially from that back shot! It’s like a white dress miracle!).

  38. Patti

    I like her…she’s cute, she looks great. That said, I’m also VERY jealous of her. She’s currently filming with David Tennant. *sigh* She gets to kiss that mouth of his.

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