Fug or Fab: Rosamund Pike


I was about to say that I’ve never seen Rosamund Pike in anything and then I realized that was a total lie: I absolutely saw her in the Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice and, as I recall, she was lovely as Jane Bennet — although I did spend a lot of that movie being distracted by the fact that JENA MALONE was in it, as a Bennet (Lydia? One of the younger, troublesome ones), with an accent and everything. I just want to know how that happened.

I also kind of want to know how this happened, and if I ought to like it:

My instinct is….no. Like, this is kind of crazytown, right?  There’s like sheer, and leather and sparkles and I think I saw that pattern last on a paper book jacket in 7th grade. And yet I must hand it to her for sort of cute-ifying this dress up with the chilled out tights and plain shoes. So maybe it almost comes around to being groovy? I honestly don’t know.

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  1. vandalfan

    The waist is a bit high, and the leather tank top doesn’t quite fit (see armpit-boobs). If the tank was plain matte black fabric and fit properly, I’d go for it like I go for Mr. Darcy.

  2. Heather

    I can’t get over the fact that her face looks like a hybrid of Heidi Montag and Shenae Grimes. I have NEVER thought that about Rosamund Pike before (and I hope I never do again).

  3. Emily

    Wait, have you not seen An Education? Because that totally seems like something you would have seen.

  4. Jackie

    I like it mostly because the bottom starry part reminds me of a Star Wars t-shirt I had when I was 6.

  5. Electric Landlady

    Anything with a graphic taken by the Hubble telescope has my vote! But wow, is that ever an unflattering photo of her face.

  6. Mary Dawn

    like, totally nebular

  7. Fuh Ugh

    For whatever reason, I can only think of The Big Bang Theory … I picture Sheldon taking one look at her starry crotch and hollering “BAZINGA!”

  8. elisabeth

    i don’t care for this dress.
    probably because i really like her,
    and imagine her to be more classic than this look.

    please see her in
    fracture & an education
    and enjoy.

  9. Hmm

    She was great in An Education.

    In this dress, not so great. It has the look of a Galactic penetration or from the reverse; an interesting hypothesis on the origin of the universe. Would go over well at sci-fi gatherings, tho.

  10. Candace

    Rosamund Pike is wonderful in An Education. Which makes my feelings toward this dress more positive than they might have been otherwise.

  11. Cristina

    I can’t help it–I really like this. She’s, like, from a sassy version of outer space and I like it.

  12. Mongerel

    Ha ha, I get it! Her boobs are the back of Darth Vader’s helmet! Can we see a shot of the back? Does it have heavy breathing sound effects too?

  13. Willow

    without the cartoony sparkling stars this might have been alright. And yes, that leather tanktop is dreadfully ill-fitting,

    I believe this resides in a district just out of Crazy Town called Suitably-Ugly Village.

  14. christine christine

    I never want to wear something that puts my crotch so close to outer space. But, I think she is pulling it off. Her hair looks great too!

  15. Rayna

    A skosh more room up north, so we’re not smasho, and two skoshes more on the length so we’re not crotchtacular, and it’s all good. But basically, I like it, probably because that science fiction vibe reminds ME of 7th grade, too.

    And yes, she was fantastic in An Education. LOVE.

  16. Holly

    I’m with others – liked her in “An Education” and thus am not impartial enough to judge. Not thinking of Heidi Montag….la la la la…..[eyes skitter elsewhere]. She looks elegant and classy in most photos I’ve seen of her.

    And I kinda like the dress. Though I would’ve flipped it so as not to draw attention to one’s starry, sparkling crotch area. And with great effort I am withholding a crude joke I could make.

  17. Kate

    Pleather-induced boobpits? No, thank you.

  18. Mike

    lest we not forget her as the sword wielding villain in “Die Another Day”

  19. Mel

    Girlfriend needs an iron, stat.

  20. M.Amanda

    I rather like this, though I had to vote for the Jena Malone comment because that was exactly my reaction when I first saw the movie.

    I must say that while Matthew Macfadyen was a respectable Mr. Darcy, Colin Firth was much better in the 1990s miniseries. However, Rosamund Pike in the Knightley movie made a much, much better Jane than the one in the Firth miniseries.

  21. Jessica

    I have NOT seen An Education. I don’t know what happened, I know I know.

  22. Marly

    There’s like…a GALAXY on that dress. If I want to see that, I’ll turn on the Discovery channel. I don’t want to see it on a red carpet. Also, did her hair stylist think he was doing her hair for an early 90s music video?

  23. Shnaggi

    Go up a size and its still ugly town

  24. TaraMisu

    Love her, like the dress…. I’m not in LOVE with the dress mind you, but she is pulling it off. She is so gorgeous she can wear pretty much anything. Geez, girl crush much? LOL!

  25. testington

    She looks like she should be singing backup for Jem and the Holograms, it just needs shoulder pads.

    She is usually so pretty like in pride and prejudice and An Education but here she just reminds me of those walk of shame picture of January Jones from her crazy week this summer.

  26. Dinah

    It’s like that weird green gaseous cloud they recently discovered in space birthing stars had it’s own fashion line. It shouldn’t work but I like it anyway. I also really like Rosamund Pike, and just saw her in Made in Dagenham, which had a super limited US release (tho you can check it out in SoCal if you want to drive all the way to Brea). The movie is super awesome–gorgeous 60s clothing AND the story behind equal pay for women–and RP is great in it.

  27. Maria L.

    She looks like a walking planetarium and Faith Hill at the same time. Weird indeed.

  28. Katie Starfish

    Don’t like the dress at all, and it’s unfortunate because she is literally the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. So gorgeous I can’t even be jealous of her.

  29. Kelsey A

    I don’t hate the outfit though I’m not wild about the pleather tank top, but her hair and makeup are a little 70′s porno, no?

  30. TSquared

    I had this Trapper Keeper.

  31. Bambi Anne Dear

    The dress is space. The hair is trash. Space up the hair a bit and it works.

  32. Claire

    Love this dress, though it’s not my favorite of the Christopher Kane nebula print dresses.

  33. malkatz

    Actually, that is a photo FROM the Hubble telescope. I’m not shitting you. There is an entire collection, most of which is much, much prettier, but definitely not made for the red carpet: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/2011RST-CKANE

  34. Kat

    I was thinking the other day that Rosamund Pike is a bit trapped in the “English rose” aesthetic. So it’s exciting to see her wearing something so unexpected, and, conversely, I think she is graceful enough to save it from tackiness. Sidebar: I actually really like this whole nerdy-playful hubble print trend.

  35. Lily

    I love the Christopher Kane collection,
    but i don’t know if the crinkle is meant to be apart of the dress, or if it’s just the material?
    It is really distracting me, I just want to iron it for her.

  36. Katharine

    I like this. It is fun. (I hope there are stars on the back too.) And I like it SO much better than the scary and overplayed Kane Animal Mouth collection from year before last. It’s like a grown-up version of a theme T-shirt.

  37. Jill

    It looks like something Anna Paquin would wear. It’s cute, but maybe just a scooch tight in the chest.

  38. Mary

    I just want to say that I’ve seen Pride and Prejudice (the KK version) about 12 times, and I NEVER would have recognized her as Jane.
    That is all.

  39. JenniferA

    My mouse pad looks just like this dress, except there are crumbs on it.

  40. Charismaticmegafauna

    I was at that event and the dress is very weird in person. It actually looks much better in the photo. Maybe it was the lighting in the theater, maybe it was her posture, but the dress wasn’t doing her any favors.

  41. CB

    Isn’t anyone going to tell that poor girl that someone spilled bleach on her dress??

  42. yoli

    she reminds me of a softer version of ali larter.
    outfit? without the tights and the bag and the crazy ring, it would be awesome. maybe less messy hair too?