Fug or Fab: Rooney Mara


We’re not even that far into The Rebirth of the Crop Top, and already I don’t know how to handle them.

See, I’m always going to see the strip of skin and roll my eyes and go, “Ugh, crop tops, WHY GOD.” But that makes for boring reading, so I suppose — much like with the reviled jumpsuit — I have to TRY and rank them by their comparative merits. By that logic, this is fine. I like the navy top, and nothing else about it is terrible, and I can’t see her navel. The shoes are good. I love a black toenail, provided it’s from polish and not the funk of a thousand fungi. The abs aren’t really ruining anything. So as crop-top outfits go… it’s at least fab-adjacent. It bought a home on the outskirts of Fabland and is currently fighting with the post office over whether its zip code is zoned into the region or not.


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  1. Kristen from MA

    No matter who, no matter the condition of her abs, no grown woman should wear crop tops, at least out of the gym. Like rompers, they are meant for children.

  2. HelenBackAgain

    Each piece alone is fine with me, but not with each other. The top is quite sporty and belongs with a pair of shorts, or maybe a flirty mini, something casual.

    The skirt is businesswear and calls for a proper blouse, and to be worn at a meeting.

    The shoes are evening, meant to wear with something like a cocktail/dinner dress.

    This is not an outfit. It’s just a mish-mash of conflicting styles.

    Also, if you’re going to wear bracelet sleeves, WEAR A DAMN BRACELET.

  3. Lisa

    I think they pretty much suck, except on the super young. I think Miley and Selena Gomez can work that look.

  4. Rachael

    I vote for It’s BOOOOOOOring.
    It’s not awful, considering that it’s a crop top, but there are no truly standout features of this outfit. But, I mean, this trend cannot last past October right? At least not in, like, New York, and other places with similar seasonal changes.

  5. Claire1

    No to the top. NO

    The skirt does not fit right. It’s too tight in the hips….it’s just a bit too long ( look what it’s doing to her calves…you know she doesn’t have thick legs)…..
    The shoes give me the feeling she was going for something quintessentially French….and if that’s the idea…then just go for it and wear a striped top…. at least it would be fun.

    • Claire1

      All of that said….
      good Lord is she pretty!

    • Sandra

      What Claire1 said, with the bonus commentary that says the whole thing adds up to less than the sum of its part and generally looks silly.

    • Maura

      Agreed. I was okay with this, but then I was distracted by the odd fit of the skirt, and then I couldn’t take my eyes off it, trying to figure out exactly why it didn’t fit. Or if it was just supposed to have a giant hip wrinkle. I don’t get fashion sometimes, it’s possible.

  6. Rowynn

    Looks kinda silly to me to have bare midriff and long sleeves, but whatever. If you MUST wear a crop top, I suppose this one is as inoffensive as any.
    I suspect my problem with Rooney isn’t her clothes, its just her. I never heard of her before GWTDT, but since starring in it, she always seemed like she was channeling Lisbeth. I’ve seen various pix of Noomi Rapace, and you never could find a more happy, smiling, rosy-cheeked actress. Her transformation into bone-thin, intense Lisbeth was just astonishing, and she played Lisbeth three times. Compared to her, I just found Rooney to be pretentious. (Can you tell I liked the foreign version of GWTDT about a thousand times better than the American version?)

  7. Ares Marz

    Not a fan of the crop top, but at first look I thought “that can’t be Rooney Mara; she’s wearing a color.”

  8. Kate

    her hair looks much less severe than normal – that’s nice! But I am firmly anti-crop-top.

  9. Livvie

    I always seem to be the voice of opposition, but I love crop tops- only with high waisted skirts though. So, I love this, as I love her. She’s so strange and refreshing. Viva the Roons.

    • Annie E

      I too love crop tops with high-waisted skirts, but usally only when they are fun, patterned, going-to-a-picnic-or-street-festival sorts of crop tops and skirts. This does not make my cut.

  10. filmcricket

    There is something ridiculously wrong-headed about a long-sleeved, appears-to-be-wool, crop top. But I’m actually more concerned about whatever’s going on with the skirt. It looks very much like it’s got a pieced folded down around her hips. If that’s not the case, there’s an extra piece of material in that area, and it’s wrinkly, and there are reverse darts, and it looks like it’s pulling, and gah. I am tired now.

  11. Daenerys

    Navy blue with black- NEVER!

    •  Sarah

      Yes, I don’t care what the style of the outfit is, I can’t get past the navy blue with black.

  12. Sajorina

    I like it! And I love how soft and pretty her face looks! I’d wear this!

  13. Donna

    Crop tops… no. Unless you’re a toddler. They’re adorable on toddlers.

    Aside from the crop top and too-long skirt, Rooney herself looks very nice. She always seems to me to look like someone who just woke up and is not entirely sure how she got there. But here she looks far less stabby than usual.