Fug or Fab: Rita Ora


Is it wrong that I love this?

I mean, I don’t love it in the “I must have this!” sense. I love it in the “this is ridiculous and over-the-top and it pleases me” way. It is hilarious. She looks like she’s a soap opera villainess attending the funeral of her most hated rival, at which she plans to invite the deceased’s husband on a trip to Leg City. It is a stupid delight.

What do you think?

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Comments (42):

  1. Kathleen Trail

    At the very least, it’s a welcome relief from having Rumer Willis at the top of my GFY feed in that atrocity of an outfit she was wearing. But on its own merits… yes, still stupidly delightful.

  2. Kathy

    I couldn’t agree with the Fuggirls more. This is so awful it’s back ’round to awesome.

  3. Elizabeth

    After having killed off her own husband for his fried chicken fortune, which she now memorializes in her widows’ weeds…

  4. Ceece

    Your description nailed it. I originally thought you had dug up an old Halloween picture because at first glance it looks like a witch’s hat. The only thing that could make this better is if it really was a witch’s hat. I want her to dress like this always.

    • Jenny

      She looks like she is in the chorus of the Broadway musical “Salem Witch Trials!!”

      • Karen G

        There’s no business like Witch business, like no business I know!

        Any spell you can do, I can do better, I can do any spell better than you!

        Some enchanted evening, you may curse a stranger…

        Goodnight, my Warlock,


  5. Ruth

    I just wish she treated her headsuit a little better. Her hair is so fried.

  6. Anj

    It’s kind of a crazy look but it works because it’s so cohesive. There are no weird patterns or colors to compete with each other and though it is costumey (I mostly blame the hat), it’s a nice look especially compared to her previous wack outfits.

  7. glee

    I can’t recognize the wearer. She looks good, but so much of her is covered… What’s her name, again?

    • Ruth

      Rita Ora, singer and Rob Kardashian ex. Past Fug Madness contender.

      • Jessica

        Also, everyone’s name is listed under “Fug File” in the post. For future ref.

        • Heather

          I am sensing some potential sarcasm in that comment, since her name was also in the headline of the post. Although the beauty of Rita Ora’s fug is that, unlike Rihanna, she doesn’t rely on being super naked all the time so it’s not a huge surprise to see her covered up. SHE JUST CRAY.

  8. Cara

    She looks like an extra in Karl Lagerfeld’s Thanksgiving pageant. I can’t decide if that’s awesome or not.

  9. Stefanie

    I love this. BUT I wish it didnt have a tail.

    • Claire1

      That was my EXACT thought….”no tail”….
      however….. a cape…. Oh if only it had a little witchy-pooh cape!!!

  10. LT1

    If it wasn’t a mullet dress I might like it unreservedly (well, that Colonel Sanders tie is quite large so maybe not). Makes such a difference when her roots are covered up.

    • Jasmine

      Me too. I love it wholeheartedly until the tail. It’s hilariously fabulous and I would wear it with HUGE sunnies and drink copious amounts of martinis in it, while being deliciously catty to everyone.

      Basically it’s a bitch outfit, and I love it.

  11. Miranda

    A product of Colonel Sanders and Carmen Sandiego’s torrid affair.

  12. MizWeirdo

    Exactly what Jessica said in the post +1!

  13. Mongerel

    With you all the way, Jessica. It helps that the makeup and the manicure are impeccable. I think she looks fantastic.

  14. Mary Hestand

    Fun hat! But does she have a tail or is that a weird magical shadow?

  15. Gigi

    Hopefully that’s the widowed husband, unless this outfit implies deeper and darker shenanigans than I picked up from leggy and mournful Miss Ora.

  16. Juniper

    She looks like a witch’s intern.

  17. Frances

    I think she looks great! In the same way as I thought Rihanna looked great in the over-sized blue man-style suit (not sure how to find/link to that pic). It’s dramatic, it’s costumey, it’s different – but it’s polished too. If only she’d do something about her poor hair, I give her an A+.

  18. MG

    I’m surprised she’s not wearing fishnets with this. It must be hot out or something.

  19. croeyre

    Elphaba lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. jay

    Rita’s sense of style is so campy, to me she’s a delight. I know she winds some of the readers here up simply by not being famous in America, but I have to say she looks like she’s having so much fun wearing it all and she’s never safe or dull even if her taste is mostly dubious. Fair play to her, this look made me smile.

  21. Helen

    Any minute now, she’s going to be seen tying her romantic rival to the train tracks with a dastardly grin on her face…

    I love it.

    And please, Rita, hats more. Not just to cover the two-tone, also, she looks great in them!

  22. TereLiz

    Is it Saint Laurent? I want to like it, but the white pilgrim collar is not sitting well with me and I can’t support a mullet hem this drastic.

    LOVE the hat on her!

  23. Vandalfan

    She has completely won me over, and frankly I think she shouldn’t have gone as far in Fug madness ’13 as she did, because she is actually pulling some of that off!

  24. Sandra

    Way back when I was a young ‘un, we called this look “Madonna Wanna-be”. This is cracked-out, but of several orders of magnitude less than she usually is, so yeah, it can count as a win.

    • Helen

      Huh. This doesn’t seem early Madonna-ish to me at all. If she starts wearing tights in her hair and exposed thigh garters, then yes.

  25. Heather S.

    I actually AM a witch from Salem. I’d love it if more of us dressed like this.

    I really like the outfit. It reminds me of Chinatown era Faye Dunaway.

  26. perletwo

    What my brain gets from this is “Rita Ora cosplays on the cheap to campaign for a part in the next Oz movie, just as Sean Young did for Catwoman back in the day.”

  27. Sajorina

    This is FUN! I love GFY Jessica’s description of why we love this!

  28. Fernanda Trupiano

    I, for one, am simply glad someone found Carmen Sandiego.