Fug or Fab: Rihanna


Dear Rihanna,

Thank you for leaving the house so often. No matter what happens in our relationship, I’m relieved that I can always count on you for material for my blog. It’s much appreciated.

And as a token of that appreciation, I will say here, in this public forum, that you are wearing a blazer as a dress and I like it. Yes. I do. I like this on you. It should not work — and it’s really not an actual dress — but it does. Are we even?

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I’m less unsure about the following:

Does it ease the burn if I mention that I am truly sincere in wanting that pattern as a wallpaper?

[Photo: WENN]

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  1. Lina

    That would make a good wallpaper, yes. The pink shorts on the photog in the background are making me laugh, though. Totally unexpected!

    I do love that tuxedo jacket, and wearing it as a dress works surprisingly well! It definitely takes it up a notch from the black trousers or skirt I’d expect to see, you know, on someone who wasn’t Rhi.

  2. Donna

    I particularly enjoy that in the first photo, part of the hotel adornment looks like a little pillbox hat on her. Charming!

    • Katie Lynn

      I thought it looked more like she was balancing a small gold changepurse on her head. And then I realized it was something from the background. I like my story better.

  3. Manders

    At first I totally thought she was wearing a teeny-tiny metallic hat on her head. Now I realize that it’s just the railing behind her, and frankly I’m a little disappointed :)

  4. kristin

    It looks like she is wearing Lindsay Lohan’s old hair.

  5. Jill

    Great for wallpaper, yes.

    Blonde hair, no.

    Pink shorts, hilariously awesome.

    Jacket, too short and too open on top. I’m a prude.

  6. Softwear

    Who cares what she’s wearing? Nothing matters more than getting her to change that hair.

  7. Christian

    I do really like that blazer. I just wish she had paired it with, you know, pants. Or a nice skirt. And worn something underneath it. God, Rihanna really is the worst (full disclosure: I do enjoy We Found Love).

  8. Abby

    I want to know how she walks in those shoes! Look at that bottom picture — it’s like she’s walking on a toothpick!

  9. Mints

    Those shoes are killer!
    pink shorts on a man=fantastic!

  10. PinkieBling

    I generally do not appreciate that barely-a-shoe look, but for some reason I really like these, AND I’m not hating on her blazer. Has Rihanna learned how to employ Jedi mind tricks?

  11. val.

    I love the first look now that I know it’s not really a hat she’s wearing!

    The second…. no.

    And the hair…. REAL no.

  12. Denise

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  13. ditto

    Is it me or is her skin lighter? I don’t want to offend anyone or come off as a racist, but her skin tone looks lighter recently…maybe it’s that godawful blonde hair? anyone else?

    • Jasmine

      It’s probably the fact that it’s been winter for a few months and her tan has faded.

    • Athena59

      I agree, it was quite noticeable to me. Hope she hasn’t felt pressured to appear lighter in skin colour :-/

  14. miss dove

    That blazer is almost working as a dress, but wouldn’t it have been so much better with some skinny black pants? She could have worn them again with the wallpaper top and resolved that outfit too. The wallpaper pants need to be burned and never spoken of again.

  15. TaraMisu

    “Dress”, yes. “Hair”, no. :D

  16. fiatluxury

    re: the Wallpaper Ensemble – she looks like she’s camoflaged to stake out a Victorian drawing room. Though it looks comfy. Sometimes a gal just wants her jammies, even if with a pair of 4″ needle heels.

    Strangely, I, too, am not mad at the blazer, which pattern reminds me of old book endpapers. And that can’t be bad, right?

  17. ann

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  18. Kara

    Yet and still: I hate her hair.

    I like the blazer – if it were really a dress without the deep V and the black trim, I’d totally buy it. I love a long-sleeved mini, as I’ve said in this space.

    The second outfit looks like pajamas, straight-up. If she weren’t wearing those shoes I’d think she’d just run out of the house first thing in the morning to grab a cup of coffee.

  19. FreedaPeep

    I believe that blazer is part of the Stella McCartney collection!

  20. A.J.

    Love the shoes, actually like the blazer dress, just wish it was a teensy bit longer so I didn’t have to worry I was going to see more of Rhianna than I wanted.

  21. annek

    Stella McCartney from her evening collection! Though S-Mac is showing it with another garment underneath: http://www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com/2012/03/29/rihanna-in-stella-mccartney-bbc-radio-1/

  22. Sheri C

    She may be in trouble if there’s a stiff wind or if she makes any sudden moves. I only see one button on that “dress”.

  23. Kimberli

    Unless she has a medical need to air her vagina out daily, this needs to stop. It’s stupid and tacky. And I really like her music, but I cannot abide!

    • laura

      hahaha! Maybe all those starlets have some sort of fame induced disease that us commoners don’t know about and this is why they need to air out their vaginas! : )

  24. Jasmine

    I effing love that jacket. I would wear that as a dress. I would wear that if I had her body and her testicular fortitude.

    I totally stared at the photo for a good minute though, trying to decide about the tiny pseudo pillbox hat. I’m a little disappointed it’s just an illusion. Bring back the pillbox hats, Rih!

    • amys

      I’d say she has ovarian fortitude, and if the wind blows, we’ll be seeing them shortly.

  25. lisas

    Hair by Lindsay Lohan, shoes by Jennifer Aniston. The jacket is cute but overall I agree that the hair is so, so bad that it’s overshadowing everything. Bad, cheap, nasty, looks flammable Barbie hair.

    • lisas

      And by the way, I really hate the Zoe Deschanel hair that is now everywhere. That style looks good on like 2 people. Ri is not one of them.

    • jayn

      Not just the hair – the entire look is Barbie. Snap on glasses, jacket made of that slick, specific-to-only-Barbie-clothing fabric, simple shoes. Does it fit all fashion dolls?

  26. Sarah

    Dude in the pink shorts is committing a fashion crime equal to the wallpaper jammies. Wow, those are terrible. It’s nice of you Fug Girls to leave regular people alone; his look is calling out for mockery.

  27. Veronica

    I do like the blazer dress. Not sure if I’d be daring enough to wear something that revealing, but more power to her. :P The jumpsuit is so bad, it almost a self-parody.

    I do agree to hating the blonde on her. I’d trade it in a heartbeat for her natural hair color or even that rich red she had for awhile.

  28. Amber

    That blazer as a dress works for Rihanna–no one else, though.
    Also love the pink shorts on the guy in the 2nd pic, as a hilarious surprise.
    The pajamas look comfy, but should not be worn out of the house.

  29. Sara B.

    That great little tuxedo jacket is actually a dress, but Rihanna of course leaves the blouse off. The pants thing is awful. Stella McCartney clothes are like that — lovely or fugly with nothing much in between.

  30. Sandra

    I’d like the jacket dress with a cami and a few more inches added to the hem.

  31. anonymoose

    Can we talk about the toenails? Long toenails are scary and sickening.


  32. katkin74

    No, it is not ok. A past fug motto has been “look into pants” and should always be so. However, those shoes in the first pic – I’d fight somebody in the parking lot for those shoes.

  33. April

    Jessica, nooo! Don’t buy the wallpaper! RiRi must be using jedi mind tricks, because it wouldn’t even be good as wallpaper. Maybe some accent pillows as a compromise?

  34. Alison

    Reference the blazer/dress: Legs = phenomenal. But the blazer, even allowing for awesome colour and pattern, is NOT a dress and if she were not RiRi she would be arrested for indecent exposure. However, even allowing for the fact she is RiRi, if she does bend over then her norks will fall out (boobs to all you US girls!) and then she will be arrested for indecent exposure… The hair is not one of her more flattering looks in my opinion.

  35. Debbie

    i really enjoy riri’s fashion. to me she’s always referencing 80s fashion which is just pure nostalgia. i can’t help but be very amused as i sit here in my oh so tasteful minimalist appropriate clothes. of course if she claims to be original, i will have to put her in the corner!

  36. Caroline G

    she totally stole jen aniston’s shoes.

  37. Caroleena Stantonova

    Jammies. I love wearing jammies. And now that I am bedder educavated, I’m wearing my jammies out with my fave shoes! I’ll be jammin’! woooooHOO!

  38. Alexis

    What’s up with her looking like a 1970s coke whore lately?

  39. MK

    Look #2 would be much improved, and possibly even cute as hell, if the pants fit. Plus I give Rihanna points for trying a covered-up look, for a change.

  40. Peachsiki

    I thought the second one was a dress… then I was disappointed.

  41. vandalfan

    That is the first thing McCartney designed that does not leave me slightly nauseous, but a blouse or even camisole underneath would be best for all concerned. The black and white jammies are fine for the boudoir, but not the boulevard. At least she needs to pull them up so the crotch is not down to her knees. That pattern is a little too closely repeated to work as wallpaper for me, but I’d love the print of the jacket to be framed on a wall.

    And it takes a real man to wear pink. I’m in awe.

  42. Cranky Old Batt

    Do she and Lindsay Lohan share the same bleach bottle blond wig?

  43. Andrew S.

    The blazer dress is almost perfect. She needed to belt it tho.

  44. crystal

    I love the blazer dress. I think I would love anything with that pattern. So interesting to look at! I even…kind of love the wallpaper pajamas? What? I don’t think I’d wear them outside, though.

  45. liza

    is anyone else really not into those shoes? diane kruger was wearing them too and i hate them so much. the skinny minimalist 1 strap is soo 90s and ugles and i hate it. /endrant

    • anonymoose

      Is it the same shoe in both pictures? I hate the needle heel. In the second pic, the front of the shoe looks like a tight black rubber band squeezing the toes. Accentuates her bunions, too. It’s not my thing. If she’d worn tall boots with that blazer she would look like Julia Roberts in that terrible hooker movie.

      Did anyone notice how dinged up her legs are? (Another good reason to wear PANTS.)

  46. Guerra

    The blazer is fing hot!!!! Amazing!!!

    Umm guys you never see anyone in pink shorts before ?? Men is Sydney have been rocking them for years.. My hubby owns pink, light blue & an awesome aqua. Add a polo & boat shoes- perfection!!

  47. Sajorina

    I love the blazer/dress also! I have a long- sleeved short dress, without the sternum window, in a fabric pattern and colors close to that one & I love it! The 2nd outfit looks like pajamas, but I’d love it as wallpaper too!

  48. Shiitake

    The Lohan/Deschanel hair is hideous.

    The blazer-as-dress and Bananarama jammies is nothing new for RiRi.

  49. Rach

    HOW did she not go further in Fug Madness?! She always looks an absolute mess, regardless of whatever high-end designers she has on.

  50. Bambi Anne Dear

    I’ surprised myself by liking this and that’s two good looks in a row on her. And in a dress her legs and hips look soooo much better.

    • Bambi Anne Dear

      Not the jumpsuit, not the jumpsuit. I meant one from a few days ago.

  51. ChaChaHeels

    That black and white outfit would make a better potholder.

    As for the blazer-as-a-dress, Stella McCartney showed that outfit paired with what appear to be matching-print wooden clogs, the kind people would buy on a visit to Holland to give as souvenirs. And that should convey everything I think about the ‘look” right there.

  52. NYCGirl

    You guys, you can see her bare boobs. NO.