Fug or Fab: Reese Witherspoon


I’m not sure why, exactly, I’m blanking on an opinion here.

Some of it might be that Reese seems so freaking happy since she got married — everywhere she goes, she’s grinning like Garfield on lasagna day — that it tends to elevate whatever she’s got on her body. It’s just nice to see a celeb doing his or her job without acting like it’s a chore to be there, even if it is, and frankly, I’m SURE it is to some degree because I go without food for half a day and I turn into Grendel’s Mother; many of these people probably stop chewing things days in advance of an event. But I also think she has a good sense of what fits her body, and since I haven’t been feeling terribly optimistic about the scripts she’s picking lately, I want to feel like she’s making up for it elsewhere. (Seriously, I never need to hear the phrase “sex tiebreaker” again.)

That being said…

This DOES look a tad like she stuffed a dress underneath a pencil skirt. Do these two pieces belong together thusly, or should they amicably separate and pursue their own independent lives before filing for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences while one of them heads to rehab for “exhaustion” and the other dates [insert summer movie hunk here]? … Sorry, I was just on a plane for six hours. I read a LOT of magazines.

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  1. Megan

    I feel that lately, she’s been wearing clothes that are two sizes too small for her. I can’t even focus on the rest of the dress without feeling like she’s about to spill out of her top. But lord knows she looks great and has a fantastic smile; seriously, I haven’t seen her this happy in a long time.

    • annie

      I agree. It’s wonderful that she clearly feels so good about life and herself but she must have one friend who will tell her to go up a size. Then again, she is hanging out with Chelsea Handler these days……………

  2. Melody

    The top half seems to have wings. And it looks like they are dangerously close to taking flight!

  3. Candy

    The big smile & gorgeous non-orange skin make up for a lot but I just can’t sign off on that top. It doesn’t fit well or go with the skirt (IMO). I normally love sparkle but I just can’t.

    • cam

      This might have to be my new mantra: “I normally love sparkle but I just can’t.”

  4. Suzanne

    I like the concept, but i feel that her torso is too long for this piece. Like there’s going to be a Janet Jackson sized wardrobe malfunction at any moment. Hike it up sisterfriend, and maybe we’ll have a winner on our hands.

  5. erin

    The dress is OK, as much as most of her clothes are. Not big and splashy, but she wears them rather than them wearing her and that’s something. She always gets points from me just from not doing that annoying crossed-legs pose.

  6. Sajorina

    I LOVE IT! The top is bold & interesting, yet the skirt is simple & subdued! WANT! It’s elegant and sexy, without being in your face! Plus, her hair & makeup are nice! I think she looks FABULOUS!

  7. Sabrina

    I’m just concerned, as an airbrush tanning professional, that her legs are about 3 tanning shades darker than her chest and arms!

    • Kendra

      I actually think that’s just the lighting. Night-time + lots of cameras flashing + picture taken at a sort-of angle.

  8. jjdaddyo

    When I look at her top, all I can think is
    even though it’s not red, white , and blue.

  9. Wendy

    I think she pretty much always looks great. Her new movie, on the other hand, looks like a crapfest.

  10. bulabuma

    I feel like someone bedazzled a satin corset that was a size too small for her top.

  11. MonMode

    I have to go with Fab on this one! Although, I think a gold, sequined clutch (or something along those lines) would’ve tied the whole outfit together nicely..


  12. theotherjennifer

    Maybe her new husband is picking out her clothes cause she is bursting out of every top – I wish this had a halter or something, I feel like she is one hair flip away from a boob-cident.

    Her hair looks freakingawesome.

  13. Lina

    Not great, but it is fabulous to see her glowing like that. Total confidence in one’s sex appeal = win.

  14. Lynne

    She looks great but the dress somehow doesn’t suit her. I feel like i would like it better on someone else. Remember the yellow “success is the best revenge” dress she wore to the Globes a few years back? That one worked! And they were essentially the same shape

    For some reason, this one seems to say, “no really! I am sexy! I’m not just a cute girl next door!” I may be reading too much into this.

  15. Laura C

    It does look like two separate garments, and ones meant to be worn for very different occasions. Also, the proportions are just awful. The skirt should be a few inches shorter and probably a little lower-waisted too if you’re gong to insist on keeping top and bottom together.

    • KSCnCA

      Totally agree with this – it’s the proportions that bug me the most.

  16. Andrew S.

    There either needs to be more bodice to that bodice or she needs to hike that sucker UP

  17. Squirrel!

    I think she looks fantastic from the waist down. Nice pose, skirt fits beautifully, fantastic legs. I do not care for the overly straightened blonde hair, although I’ll admit she’s one of the handful of adult women who do not look ridiculous with bangs. And her expression makes her look a little desperate. As for the top, it looks like she’s wearing a too-tight, too-small version of a computer’s motherboard.

  18. mochaleet

    R2D2′s dinner date called and wants her dress back.

  19. that girl

    The top of this dress reminds me of Kelly Clarkson’s tie skirt.

  20. Melissa

    That top’s a craft project and I can’t handle the gapey thing it’s doing in the middle.

  21. Miranda

    I was just reading Lainey about how Reese’s movie is about to get taken to the woodshed by The Vow, and I was thinking about how I’m so fine with that, except for I really want Tom Hardy to have a giant career. But this probably won’t stop him.

    What I’m saying is, I think I’ve reached the point where I no longer care re: Witherspoon.

  22. Kato

    “Garfield on lasagna day” sent me into a giggling fit.

  23. Girlin

    This looks like one of those magazine spreads..”Go straight from the office to the party”…she dropped the work blouse and jacket, threw on a sequinned boob tube, shook out that tight bun….Voila!!!!!!!! Except…you’re still totally wearing your work skirt and pointy heels!? Hmmmm….

  24. vandalfan

    Exactly. This is the “evening” version of How To Make Office Wear Last Into The Evening, after she removed the matching jacket but before she changed her sensible pumps to strappy heels.

  25. AMS

    I’m not sure it’s two pieces – in the closeup, it looks like one dress. I love the color and texture of the top half, I just wish there were more of it, specifically above the boobs. As for fit, I’ve seen a ton of recent pictures of her that make me think she’s gained weight, especially in her hips. If so, maybe her mind hasn’t caught up with her body and she’s still wearing clothes that are too small?

    • Heather

      I don’t think it’s actually two pieces — just that it has the aura of two bits she smooshed together as opposed to them being designed to go together.

  26. guerra

    its totally average.. the only intteresting part is the top.. and its really not that great! but she must still be in that Honey moon period. look at that glow!!

  27. Allie

    Does anyone else think that pose is very Wonder Woman-esque?

  28. bethy

    cat head boobs!

  29. ling

    If Optimus Prime threw up on her chest, thats what it would look like.

  30. Lillibet

    I like Reese a lot but there’s something not quite right about her hair – too white-blonde – and I hate the heavy eyeliner on her. She always used to have a fresh face. The skirt and shoes look good. Glad she’s happy.

  31. Kristina

    I’m at work so I cannot google sex tiebreaker, so please someone explain that to me.
    On topic: it looks like her strapless bra is showing. Or else the dress is built like that; either way I’m not a fan.

    • Sam

      Kristina- it’s a line from the trailer for “This Means War” or whatever her new movie is called. I can’t actually remember because every time it comes on, I accidentally mentally tune out but that “sex tiebraker” line is the only thing I ever hear- I can’t even remember the actress who says it but she’s the one playing the obligatory rom-com best friend.

  32. Faye

    This is going to sound mean, but isn’t there just something a bit, maybe, desperate about the image Reese is peddling lately? I got that impression after reading her cover interview with Elle yesterday, and seeing photos like this (where she’s wearing “sexy” dresses that should be at least a size bigger on top). In the Elle interview she was doing these come-hither poses, and talking about how she feels so sexy now and at age 35, “I know why guys are checking me out . . .” and it all just sounded kind of like overcompensating. Maybe getting older (not that she’s old, certainly) is hard for her, and this is how she’s reacting.

    In any case, glad she seems happy with her new husband!

  33. filmcricket

    I’m really happy for her personally, but I think her divorce was better for her style than her marriage has been. Remember when she first got the bangs and was showing up everywhere in those fantastic cocktail dresses? I think her current size/shape is softer and quite lovely, but she isn’t working with it as well as she could.

    Also, I don’t know who we can blame for the fried blonde hair/black eyeliner look that’s going around, but my instinct is Jen Aniston for the former and SJP for the latter. See what you have wrought, ladies?! You’ve sucked Resse and Rachel McAdams into this horrible mini-trend. Stop the madness!

  34. Alyssa

    Wait, was that a reference to Beowulf? Awesome.

  35. Beth

    My theory on Reese is that she knew she was getting married, so she decided to pick a few films based on her lady parts instead of her brain. She’s been fake-sexing it up with some of the hottest guys in Hollywood. Pine, Pattinson, Hardy…Can you blame her?

  36. yeahandalso

    thank you for referencing Grendal’s mother….I will remember that reference far longer than this dress

  37. Kerina Pharr

    I have yet to be blown away by anything Reese Witherspoon has ever worn. It’s like she’s DETERMINED not to be too fashionable or cutting edge because people might be too jealous of her to consider her america’s swetheart. Also, new bangs please.

  38. Michele

    She looks like she’s trying too hard to pull off a sexier image these days but is not hitting her mark at all. Lately she’s all about ill fitting dresses that are too tight and unflattering. Her hair looks over processed and harsh. Her smile even looks forced and desperate. Her new husband is rarely by her side at industry functions which is a shame because a loved up couple on the red carpet can forgive many fashion mishaps. I wonder if she really is as happy as she wants everyone to think she is.

  39. emma

    I like the dress, but it does not fit her. I don’t understand why she’d wear a cute dress that doesn’t fit. Surely she’s got a tailor who could size the bodice properly.

  40. Jackie

    Am I the only one that sees Optimus Prime??