Fug or Fab: Rashida Jones


I really want Rashida to find herself a hairdo that does her face justice. The bangs here kind of look like a stringy toupee that blew askew.

But the actual outfit is a lot better than she usually pulls off — it’s fitted at the waist, so it flatters her figure, and it’s… clean, and not tragic. Isn’t that a warm sentence. But I actually would wholeheartedly like this if the skirt were either dark OR light but not both. I keep thinking she got stuck changing the Pawnee parks department’s copier toner and it exploded all over her lap.

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Comments (16):

  1. Lindy

    I don’t mind the dark/light skirt thing, but I despise that shirt with it. I think she’s as cute as a bug’s ear, though!

    • Kate

      yep, that shirt has got to go. Especially the weird dark cuffs.

      • Eliza Bennett

        Oh good GOD that shirt is foul! I actually love the lace on the skirt, but that shirt..is just so…90s unironic thrift store shopping woman who makes her own hummus.

  2. neiges

    (She is damn cute, though, bangs and all…).

    • Lisa

      I know. She is such a pretty girl! I want her to have great outfits (including hairdos) as well!

  3. Softwear

    It’s WOOL. SATIN. LACE. CREAM. WHITE. BLACK. If she’d gone with just two textures and two colours, it’d be great. She used to rock the bangs when they were first making a comeback, but she’s just forgotten about them now and needs to experimenting with something else now.

  4. Ailatan

    Why is she wearing Chlöe’s hand-me-downs? Why? Is she more hipsterish than we care to acknowledge, simply because we all like her that much?

  5. Kat

    Love the skirt, but not with that shirt. Although my REAL question is… is she wearing an ANKLET?! Is is 1996? Where’s my time machine?!

  6. Samara

    I need an option for “This is my least favourite thing she’s worn on this site so far”! The bangs, though. Hrm. No fun.

  7. Kara

    Better, but not great. Her waist calls to mind the sashes I had to wear as a member of my high school’s choir, although ours were maroon (maroon was not one of our school’s colors. I don’t know). The black cuffs on the blouse are awful. The fact that the blouse itself buttoned all the way to the neck is very schoolmarm-y doesn’t help either.

    Re: her hair, I think I read something where she described it as stringy and frizzy at the same time (I believe she was being asked about her favorite products), so it might be difficult to work with.

  8. CJ

    She looks soooo pretty here, the prettiest I have ever seen her look. Not my favorite outfit though. I like the top (but the sleeves are a tad long) and I like the skirt (though the waistband is lumpy) What I don’t like is these two items together. The blouse would have looked pretty with a plain black bottom, and the skirt would have looked better with a plain black top.

  9. Lina

    I hate her hair so freaking much. She’s lovely, but this is like she’s using her hair to spite her face. Her face deserves better!

  10. fiatluxury

    if you are that beautiful, you should rock a Mia Farrow and wear wigs as required. Yes! Wigs! would be better than that hair. as a person with stringy limp hair and … NOT that bone structure or those magnificent eyes, i weep for her to cast it off and let her face shine.

  11. Shiitake

    She always looks like she was 20 minutes late, and threw something on.

  12. Genevieve

    Her skirt looks like she’s wearing an apron over her skirt at her waitressing job. She’s so pretty, but her clothes often leave me scratching my head.

  13. Lime

    I miss her chin-length bob (no bangs) that she had in the first seasons of P&R. I think it’s the bangs that throw her face out of balance.

    Isn’t her sister a stylist? Take help where you can find it, Rashida!