Fug or Fab: Rachel Weisz-Craig


Okay, no, Rachel did not take her new husband’s name. But I couldn’t resist putting it in there, because he was so terse and humorless in his EW interview about their blessed union. I’m guessing there is some weirdness with their exes, potentially? I don’t know. But all the refusals to talk about it make it look way more suspicious than if he were like, “Yeah, Rachel and I got married, and we’re really happy, and she is super hot, the end.” And frankly, I suspect if I were Rachel, I’d be like, “Excuse me, Daniel? It would really be nice if you at least WANTED to shout about this from the rooftops, okay? I would even settle for speaking about it in a normal voice from a balcony of moderate altitude. Thanks in advance.”

Some people speculated she is pregnant.

If she is, her stomach is holding taut pretty well. I think this dress could be cute — with different shoes; I hate those with it — but it’s hard to judge because it got so wrinkled. See, Scientists, THIS is why you need to invent teleportation. Limo rides are the enemy of fashion.

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  1. Sara

    I don’t think the limo is to blame. It looks like the dress is either poorly constructed OR doesn’t fit her well (too long through the waist so it gets bunchy…ask me how I know about that particular fit problem) OR both.

  2. Jasmine

    I wish she and I were friends so that I could borrow that adorable dress for a wedding I have this weekend. While I’m wishing for stuff I also wish it were somehow my size, like a dress of the Travelling Pants variety.

    The shoes are terrible, though.

  3. Claire L

    The shoes are so BLAH that they’re terrible. It looks like she didn’t yank her dress back down into place out of climbing out of the limo. That’s what an umbrella handler is for… to block you from the cameras as you do a little post limo shimmy to get the dress straightened.
    If I ever take over a celebrities body… I shall employ an umbrella handler for every limo ride… he shall look like a Hemsworth and get out before me, open the umbrella ( preferably the cancan sun parasol by Guy de Jean) and block me as he yank up my spanks and down my dress….

  4. Psyche

    I hate nude shoes since their inception, and while you guys have been vocal about your disdain for nude clothes, I don’t recall that you have been against nude shoes, which have been one of the biggest fashion trends of the past year or more. I don’t see anything more objectionable about her shoes vs. the nude pumps everyone is wearing.

    I also disagree that if they just act like a cute married couple in public that they’ll be left alone. I think many would make the argument that they are flaunting their marriage and inviting everyone into it to judge. Never seems to work, no matter what you do. Besides, didn’t the relationship start with an affair, and they both divorced their spouses to get married to each other? I thought they had already taken a lot of flak about the marriage.

  5. Artemis

    Are those giant matching shoulder-bows? I’m sorry, I can’t sign off on that.

  6. hjg

    The problem is those aren’t nude shoes. Nude shoes should match your skin tone in an unobtrusive way, or at least be in the same shade. These shoes actually look pale pink on her. Which is not so great with bright red.

  7. valeria

    Ladies wouldn’t need to tug down their dresses after a car ride if they didn’t choose [or their stylists choose for them] to wear sresses cut flat and tight around their hips. A little bit of tucking or princess seaming to give some breathing room for your bottom half is your FRIEND, embrace it.

  8. AndersonicTK421

    @ Artemis: THANK YOU!

  9. Style Dilettante

    I like the little inverted tulip cap sleeve on this but I SWEAR IF I SEE ONE MORE PAIR OF “NUDE” SHOES I’M GOING TO go anti nude shoe activist and start spraying peoples feet with metallic purple paint!!! Why has it become the fall back shoe of choice for even women who were once fashion leaders – like Nicole Kidman et all? This started brewing about three years ago and I swear it had better start to simmer because I won’t until it’s over! There are SOOO MANY good shoes out there ladies… so so many…


  10. Style Dilettante

    I’m serious. I had to turn the Today show off yesterday because all three ladies being interviewed, AND the interviewer were wearing some version of the nude pump…. I’m telling you… I just can’t get a grip….


  11. Kimberli

    I don’t know why everyone hates nude pumps. Can someone explain? I think they’re very classy. Tastes differ, though.

    However, whatever’s on her shoulders is the real problem. Those are bows. Shoulder bows. Bowlders. Noooooo.

  12. ak

    Kimberli, I agree with you. I don’t think there’s anything wrong, per se, with nude shoes. Nude pumps, like beige pumps, aren’t really a trend–they’re what you wear when you need a neutral, but black, brown and navy are too heavy, white is too bright and a metallic is situationally inappropriate. Maybe it’s their overuse that people object to? I’d agree that they’re probably overused, they don’t need to appear with all outfits, and here, Rachel’s flatter neither her dress nor her skin, but as a kind of shoe…I wouldn’t think they were remarkable enough to get really upset about.

  13. Claire L

    Valeria…. but then what would I do with my Hemsworth? ;~)

  14. Claire L

    FTR, I like nude sandals. I like the idea of my feet and ankles blending into my legs making them look long. I think that SHINY, nude pumps don’t do that.

  15. Claire L

    ..and I spelled spanx as spanks… I blame it on thinking about employing myself a Hemsworth….and that is more than anyone needed to know about me.

  16. Joni Woodhead

    thank you Kimberli, Ak and Claire … for reassuring me that I am not crazy in my need of a neutral, classy and leg lengthening shoe ( which by the way the ones Miss Rachel is wearing are NOT .. too shiny, wrong shade of “nude” for her skin tone and bad shape )

  17. The Other Molly

    Hell to the no for shoulder bows.

  18. Amanda

    I believe those are the identical pumps Ginnifer Goodwin wore to ComiCon!

  19. The Other Molly

    *Grabs a can of metallic purple paint and joins Style Dilettante in her activist campaign*
    Nude shoes are:
    Don’t go with anything
    Don’t make a woman’s leg look longer, stylish or attractive
    And are the most flat, unimaginative shoe color ever.

  20. Veronica

    I hate the “nude” shoe trend primarily because I hate the term “nude.” I’m pretty sure 75% of that planet isn’t that color naked, so I don’t understand it’s prevalence as a color term. This being said, I can handle beige shoes in certain quantities, since I do think they can work with certain outfits. In this case, however, I think it would’ve looked nicer with a black or metallic shoe. The dress itself is cute but a little plain. It could’ve used some jazzing up. (Also, I dislike the shoulder epaulettes.)

  21. CJ

    I love the dress, she looks beautiful in red, but she needs to give it a good yank from the bottom. Or maybe it doesn’t fit her that well.

    Personally, I’m with ak — I like nude shoes. I am long torso-ed, I have long arms, wide shoulders, but the only part of me that is short are my legs, so nude heels make my legs look longer and make me look in proportion. Plus I was a dancer in musical theater. A good chunk of my LIFE was spent wearing nude t-strap high-heel Capezios and beige tights, so regardless of trend, the nude shoe out of habit has always seemed like the automatic choice to me. However, this is not the best match to her skin color, so rather than making her legs look long, the color draws focus. Red can be very difficult to find a shoe-color for. Black is often too austere and red can look trampy. And if you can’t find the right color shoe, I say go with the color that matches your skin. By the way….If we are going to start banning or burning shoes, I vote for those awful hoof platform shoes.

    On another note, are Crystal Renn and Rachel Weisz morphing into the same person???

  22. vandalfan

    Remove the shoulder bows (shudder), add a thin black leather belt with interesting buckle, and for godssakes changes shoes to a strappy heel or sandal. Use the red as a palette for interesting accessories.

  23. Edith

    So I’m the only one who thought Daniel Craig menacing the reporter who pressed him was kind of endearingly hot? I like my men like I like my coffee: protective and complicated.

    I have yet to find a cup of coffee that’s up to my standards…

    I was going to complain about the shoulder-bows, and the shoes, but then I got grossed out by how filthy the carpet is. Eeek!

  24. Su-Yin Johns

    Love your coffee comment, Edith, so here is a link for you of Daniel’s red carpet styles… http://www.laineygossip.com/Daniel_Craig_seems_tense_with_Rachel_Weisz_just_before_opening_weekend_for_Cowboys_and_Aliens_28jul1.aspx?CatID=0&CelID=0
    Protective, complicated and … a bit under-dressed?

  25. NYCGirl

    It’s okay. The shoulders bug me, for some reason.

  26. NYCGirl

    (Having now read the comments.) Ah. Bows. That’s why.

  27. Sajorina

    I like the dress, the hair & makeup, the jewelry and the clutch, but the pink pumps deserve an “Oh, Honey, No!!!”. Plus, her husband is yummy!

  28. Sajorina

    @Edith: I ♥ YOU!!! ☺

  29. Lina

    Cute! (Needs better shoes.) Also, wow is she pretty. I’d forgotten how pretty she is.

  30. Sara Jane

    I second Edith!

  31. Faye

    I think the dress is cute and a great color for Rachel, although I’m kind of meh on those shoulder bows.

    FYI, Mr. and Mrs. Craig were just at an event (a rooftop event, natch) in NYC, and a friend who was there said they were actually openly making out. So perhaps they decided to take your advice :).

  32. Liz985

    Great color but lose the shoulder bows and get a better support bras — the girls look like they need perking up.

  33. AM

    Hey, you’re right about the carpet. I love the dress, but maybe this is why we need those old-fashioned things I barely remember like slips and panty hose. They can make your skirt lie better, because part of the problem with this the sort of bunching around the middle. As far as the shoes, beige is fine and a good neutral, but they’re kind of a weird color. I personally think this might be cute with black stockings and black shoes. Okay, I had a similar outfit in the 80s-90s.