Fug or Fab: Rachel Weisz


I sincerely think she is so crazy beautiful that she pulls this off in a way that other people couldn’t.

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  1. TonyG

    Could not sign off on perfection because of the shoes. Otherwise I like.

  2. Hima

    Call ME crazy, but I kind of love the shoes. Normally I hate illusion whatever, (not to mention plastic), but I think it works here with those shoe straps.

    • Claire L1

      No, I’m with you. I think they are pretty sexy….. kind of like her feet are naked but with jewelery.

      • Alle C. Hall

        I am virulently anti-black cocktail dresses as they are boring. However, this one’s simple lines with no jewelry around the neck eally call attention to the shoes. They are excellent, but I bet they make her feet sweat. I had a similar pair in the late 70s. Sweaty.

        The only problem with the shoes is how they work with the purse. I think the purse would be better if it were reversed out– white with black dots. (I didn’t even notice the purse until photo cap called attention to it.) But the reversed-out purse would fight for attention with the shoes. Such a quandary.

        Final note: the slit is perfect. Such a hoopla made over Angelina Jolie’s slit and leg stance, earlier this year. (Oscars?) Rachel’s, here, is so much more classy.

  3. Francesca

    It’s a harmless little dress and she looks stunning in it. The shoes look cheesy, but I’m just happy to see something other than platform stiletto pumps on someone that I’d give this a thumbs up.

  4. Sajorina

    I LOVE IT! Love the dress, clutch, shoes, hair & makeup! It is a WIN! She looks FABULOUS and gets to sleep with James Bond every night! Not fair!!! But, this could be difficult for someone taller or shorter than her to pull off!

  5. Cynthia W

    It might work… but it needs to be pulled up a few inches. It makes me fear a wardrobe malfunction – and it would still look better shorter.

    Plus, anything that makes someone that thin look like they have bulging backfat, is TOO TIGHT.

  6. ak

    You’re not crazy. There Are Issues with this outfit, but she’s totally pulling it off. Genetics, verve, and that nifty little clutch: that’s what’s selling the look.

  7. Eli

    I love the dress but it could use an accessory. Like her hot husband.

  8. Pink Coat

    I HATE Rachel Weisz. Hate her! Especially after she married the hottie Daniel Craig. Her dress is ok here. Maybe if it was in another color?

  9. Helen

    Though it does look good from the side-back angle (Angelina, I’m sure you lost a bet, but THIS is how you wear a slit), I think the dress should be either longer or shorter, and I hate the shoes. But a woman who looks like this really could leave the house in a burlap sack and still be amazing.

  10. Kris M

    I think the slit makes the weird length acceptable. Plus her gorgeous self.

    • Jasmine

      This. It was the slit that sold it for me. I was on the fence before.

      I need those shoes in my life, pronto.

  11. Kate

    Like gum, this is perfection. I heart her.

  12. Sandra

    She is lovely. The Hefty Lawn ‘n Leaf bag is not

  13. glee

    It’s a solid well-played. I can’t believe the Fug girls’ subscriptions didn’t include any shots of the ultimate accessory – Daniel Craig – it never would have gone for a vote then.

  14. sally

    Awful, unattractive dress. Ill-fitting, too long, too low. She is beautiful, but that’s not enough. And I hate the shoes.

  15. Gingerlocks

    While Rachel undoubtedly gives good face (who wouldn’t, married to James Bond???), but would it kill a girl to put on a stunning chandelier earring, or a simple choker? Right now it’s an appropriately pretty snooze.

  16. mary lou bethune

    Beautiful, elegant, chic- starlets and trollops take note. I love the bodice. She is 45 and is so much more everything than the previous people.

  17. Bottle Ginger

    Lucious! The only flaw is that the dress is slightly too small in the chest, but she is naturally busty.

    If the first picture doesn’t look great, it’s because the camera is so close it’s distorting her porportions. The third picture is undoubtedly more true to life, and she looks smashing.

  18. Mahastee

    I thought it was perfect and didn’t understand the fug or fab label until I saw the length. It would be great at knee-length or great as a full-length gown.

  19. sarah

    She as two accessories I would just love – one is that domino clutch. The other is, of course, her James Bond husband [preferably in blue swim trunks...]

  20. kickassmomnyc

    Gorgeous, everything, even the funny length (mitigated by the slit) and the shoes.
    She’s beyond beautiful — classy, elegant, tasteful. Love huh

  21. vandalfan

    I think not. The bodice looks like her cups runneth over, and from the side they are shelf-like. And that length, with such a slit, hasn’t been OK since the disco dance floor of 1978. Plus in plain black, it does evoke Eau de Hefty Cinch-Sack.

  22. buttercup

    I have an issue with the bodice. I mean, she’s Rachel Weisz, not some C-list starlet. She does not need to be pushed up and squished.

    • Cynthia W

      Yes! It’s not like she can’t afford to go up a size and then tailor appropriately.

  23. Donna

    Too long. Part of the problem, since it doesn’t look so dowdy from the back, may be that the way she’s standing with her knee up like that pulls the skirt forward at the bottom and so the angle cuts off the top part of her calf. Otherwise she needs to have it hemmed.

  24. GigiNYC

    She looks amazing. I actually like that length on her and that domino clutch is adorable. However, as others noted, I do wish she’d worn different shoes–those plastic ones are unpleasantly jarring and clash with the dress. Also, some jewelry would have helped. Then again, she’s so beautiful, it hurts.

  25. Charlotte

    Cannot even see the dress due to how insanely beautiful she is, how can anyone be allowed to be that gorgeous, in their forties or at any other time!

  26. RachelB

    Not sold on the fit through the bust, but otherwise I like it just fine. She makes a good case for calf-length skirts, IMO.

  27. Meh

    POCKETS ?!?! on an evening dress ??

  28. SKGD

    Love the dress, love the shoes, love the clutch, and really really love the husband! Life is not fair. Sigh.

  29. Debra

    add a dash of hubby Daniel Craig…shaken not stirred…and Viola! Perfection!!!

    • Kate

      hahaha – viola! I love how voila typos to a classical stringed instrument.

  30. Claire L1

    While I wish the dress was shorter ( to the knee)….. I can’t fault it on her at all. She looks spectacular….. That woman is making even the length of that dress look enviable.

    The shoes are sexy ( who’da thunk)

    The clutch is just this great touch of whimsey that makes her, not just gorgeous, adorable.

  31. Trace

    She is even more beautiful when you see her in person and also, the woman just does not age!

  32. VanDee

    Makes her boobs look funny.

  33. CJG

    I love it all and she looks gorgeous. Not usually a fan of shoes with clear plastic, but I adore these. I usually like dresses to be just above the knee or full length, but with the slit, I think it works. Who said they hate Rachel Weisz?? WHY??

  34. daryl

    Rachel looks amazing, clearly she and Daniel Craig are good for one another .. I love pockets but in this dress IMO they’re wrong .. I dont hate the length, the slit is interesting but overall I think I’d have preferred this knee length …

  35. Lynne

    Dress needs hemming and maybe jewelry? I think the length of this dress would work better on someone a bit taller like Charlize Theron or someone.

  36. jennifer

    The dress is perfection. Period. The shoes are hideous. (When did plastic shoes become an acceptable trend???)

  37. CopyChic

    I voted “Perfection” before seeing her feet. Overscore. Those shoes are way too delicate for the va va voom of the dress. There needs to be more of them to complete the exclamation point of her look. As it is, they are just five tenths of a point (thank you, Olympic gymnastics!).

  38. Akit

    She is just working it so well. Beautiful.