Fug or Fab: Penelope Cruz


I can’t decide if I like this, or if I think this material was last seen adorning the walls of the Spelling Mansion at the height of the popularity of The Love Boat:

Can’t you just see Candy Spelling wandering in front of that holding a half-eaten grilled cheese sandwich and bellowing for Tori to get out of the bowling alley and come take her Flintstone’s Chewables?

I’m not super into this one, either:

First of all: Roberto Begnini? AND Woody Allen? Together? I can’t. Second: Alec Baldwin’s hair looks resplendent down there at the bottom of the poster. Finally: is it me, or does this look almost too small? You’re PENELOPE CRUZ. You can afford any size you want! PS: Say hi to Javier Bardem for us. For all of us.

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  1. Rosemarie

    Is it just me or is her fashion sense starting to get a tad boring after some of her knockout looks from a few years ago? That top dress is the wrong color for her – and with the very tight looking updo, she looks like a prim and stiff column. That odd smile and the nude lipstick are not doing her any favors either. (Her mouth disappears against her darker skin and yet it doesn’t. It makes her look like she’s botoxed her lips slightly, although she looks fine in the second photo so it may just be that really tight “I don’t want to be here” smile.)

    I can’t really see the fit of the second dress (the black fabric swallows the light) but I like the dress in general compared to the first (although I’m not so sure if reminding me of Angie’s leg pose at the Oscars is a good idea for a movie premiere); I do like the hair a lot better, and the nude lips here both me much less. I’d still like to see a bit of color there, though.

    Actually doesn’t like she doesn’t want to be there/just isn’t into it in both photos? Like,”fine you paid me it’s in the contract, I’ll show up.” Maybe she’s just sick.

  2. Kit

    I love the first one and am “eh” about the second.

    • dkc1123

      Me, too — the black needs some pizazz, like….jewelry? Some color? Red shoes? Anything.

  3. Eliza Bennett

    Hunched shoulders ruin dress 1, Kate Middleton-level sensible shoes kill dress 2.

    • Molly

      Agreed. Her poor posture in the first dress makes her look like a linebacker too.

  4. Rosemarie

    I forgot – the pattern on the first dress? Forget the Spellings, it reminds me of the
    “brocade” curtains in the JCPenney catalogs from the 1970′s that I used to flip through as a wee thing. For FUN. Of all things.

    • Bagbo

      I did that too! Obsessively. And therefore went through a Dusty Rose phase when most girls my age were going through their pink phases.

  5. GigiNYC

    I rather like the first dress on her, as it’s a pretty color and complements her skin. Plus, the fit streamlines her figure and makes her look very tall. The second one, on the other hand, is a miss. It’s sloppy and awkward and makes her look square in a way we all know she’s not. Astonishing how the wrong cut renders even a supremely lovely woman like PCruz dowdy.

  6. Erin

    I think I would be all over the first one if her hair were down. The darkness of her hair would keep it from bordering on washing her out, and the softness of her hair would counteract the stiffness of the dress.

    • Billie

      My thoughts exactly!

    • CJ

      I agree…or just a softer updo (or even half up/half down). And, wasn’t that wonderful half-feather dress she wore to the oscars a few years ago that same color? She looked divine in that. She can totally carry this color.

      The second dress isn’t horrible — when I saw it a few days ago, I thought, “not bad” and that if she smoothed her hair a bit and put on some lipstick it would look a bit more polished. But, now that I see this pink dress (taken, I’m assuming, days apart) the black dress looks so much more unflattering than I originally thought. The bulky torso and peplum in the black dress make her look thick (which, as evidenced from the pink dress, she isn’t!) This really shows how the cut of a dress can change your figure. Still, Penelope will always be GORGEOUS!

  7. Britt

    Eh on both. But that woman could show up in a paper bag and look pretty.

  8. dianalily

    Cruz + Love Boat = I see what you did there.

    This gorgeous woman has been on the matronly , less-than-radiant side lately.

  9. Stefanie

    I don’t mind the first. It does remind me of the drapes my great gran had up in her house when I was little, but whatever. And the second…ehhh…no thanks.

    I feel like Penelope has been in a funk lately. I can’t think of anything “WOW!” that she has worn since the red dress right after having her baby. Sure, there has been “ok” stuff and maybe even a few things that were “good” but come on! This is Penelope F’Cruz. She is WAY WAY hotter than the stuff shes been wearing.

  10. TonyG

    Really love the first one. The second one, somehow, looks sloppy to me.

  11. Jen S 2.0

    She looks fine, but she’s Penelope Freakin’ Cruz; she is more than capable of looking a lot better than “fine.”

  12. Bella

    I like the first one. She reminds me of the grand Spanish ladies of old. The second would have been nicer without that slit; makes it look cheap.

  13. Deborah

    She’s so gorgeous, what does it matter?

  14. Clarisse

    My thoughts are that if Penelope looks a bit well roundish in these pictures then there is no hope for any of the rest of us…


  15. Gigi

    She’s gorgeous, smart and shares a bed with Javier Bardem. She wins no matter what she wears. sigh.

    • gail

      I agree. She could show up in a Nicky Minaj get up and I would still think she was drop dead gorgeous.

  16. Sandra

    The first one could be saved by making it a more flattering color and swapping out that hairdo for something more relaxed. The second one IS kind of blah, but she still looks a zillion times better than I ever do.

  17. Ruth

    I’m not a fan of corset dresses that show the underwire and boning. (That’s what she said!) They look like undergarments and are too harsh. I prefer corset dresses where the front is smooth and the bra part is sculpted.

  18. vandalfan

    There is nothing wrong with brocade! I made my prom dress once in beautiful blue brocade. OK, that was in 1976, I’ll grant you.

    The first is quite elegant, but maybe a bit much and she should have kept it back for the Oscars next year. The second is too small, unflattering, and with ridiculous peplum. Make it in navy, add a necklace and loose the skirt-lette.

  19. luxsword

    The first dress is beautiful !

  20. O

    70s wallpaper is totally right! I’m pretty sure we had this up in our foyer.

  21. Cranky Old Batt

    Wanted to love both but just couldn’t. The first one, besides being the color of no show lingerie, has the unfortunate bun of doom on the top of her head weighing it down.

    The second, while not out and out boring, despite being another lbd, is rather matronly.

    And in both she is making faces that make me want to smack her a little.

    Just a little cos she is such a cute little thing.

  22. Kat

    Um can I just pause for a second and say that the real travesty here is INDEED the fact that there is a movie coming out starring both Roberto Benigni AND Woody Allen? I’m in Rome right now and keep seeing posters for this thing, but somehow I missed that Benigni was in it. Oy. Also, like the fit of the first dress but hate the color and her styling. HATE the fit of the second one. She’s tiny, especially in the waist, but it makes her look like an Irish grandmother.

  23. Rubee

    The brocade dress would have looked perfect on her ad she chosen a fresher-looking makeup – she’s reputated for having a flawless complexion- and a more relaxed hairdo. And perhaps a tiny necklace. Her face in pic # 2 is gorgeous, but for some reason the dress makes her torso look thick.

  24. kay

    i don’t think the dress if too small in picture 2, i think it’s the way she’s standing. It’s in mid motion or something, and just looks odd. Might look better if she was posing?

  25. Mjx

    I don’t love the second dress–the slit doesn’t work for me, and I can think of some adjustments I’d make to the collar–but she stll looks great, and that’s the bottom line, really.

    I have to add I’m not on board those who complain about a celebrity’s fashion choices being boring/predictable (unless it is boringly/predictable unattractive/inappropriate… then YAWN…). After all, someone is either interesting or not, and their clothing choices aren’t going to change that fundamental fact (people usually manage to figure this out by their twenties).
    If we see images of a public figure from the 1950s who more or less routinely looks good, there is a tendency to praise their ‘classic style’, not complain that didn’t mix it up more. Why shouldn’t this hold for contemporary celebrities, too? Have we become SO bored that everything needs us to sit up and gasp?

    Besides, how often does anyone say, ‘Gee, this BLOKE needs to start trying more interesting formal wear, what’s with the subdued shades all the time? Why does he never wear a colour, it’s always a BLACK dinner jacket!’ It seems to be a criticism restricted to women… and what if a woman doesn’t WANT to be ‘interesting’?

    Lets face, it, most people, even celebrities with access to all sorts of beauty treatments, look their best in a limited number of shapes, proportions, and colours (seriously, how many people, especially those of us who are naturally pale, TRULY look that good in most of the really interesting/exciting colours?); the clever ones figure this out, and mostly stay with a handful of best choices. The rest, blown about by the belief that they need to look interesting all the time, everywhere, spend a lot of their visible lives looking ridiculous, deperate, or at best, ‘just missed the mark’.

    So, go Penelope (and Jeniffer Aniston, and the rest of you who are unlikely to ever be even considered for Fug Madness)!


    • neiges

      Give her a break, she’s on baby-Javier Bardem-mode. Who wouldn’t be?
      And Louboutin said in an interview that of all the women buying him high heels, she is the fiercest on them, like a tiger.
      Personaly, while I love her, I could never find her fasion choices other than just ok, highlighting her and her cool “spanishness”. Like Mjx said, she has as fashion sense that makes it pretty clear that she is wearing the clothes and not her wearing them. Which is ok, not everybody gets to be Swinton or La Blanchett.

  26. Mjx

    sigh…’Jennifer’ (I can spell, I can, really!)

  27. Bonnie

    I don’t know. I think I wouldn’t mind looking like her on her worst day. Even in a boring dress, she still looks darned beautiful.