Fug or Fab or Unfug: Carrie Underwood


I guess Carrie Underwood is compensating for being under the radar lately by making sure at least her clothes have a lot happening.

There’s LACE! And RUFFLES! And a starfish mating with a sea anemone! Actually, she probably went with that nautical touch because she’s more than just a guest — she’s making her acting debut in Soul Surfer. Do we think this was to distract us in case she’s terrible? Or maybe she’s just¬†announcing, “HELLO AMERICA, I’m BACK, did you MISS ME?” The thing is, I guess I kind of didn’t.

Would you leave this as-is, or take a magic wand to it and make it palatable? Or seize some major scissors and deface it to the point of forcing her to start from scratch?

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Comments (44):

  1. Meg

    Just take off the starfish/sea anemone love affair and it would be cute.

  2. Seqvere

    This website is really fugging stupid. Fug girls, please get AIDS…

  3. alleycat

    seriously why are you so mean to Carrie Underwood all the time? The dress fit the sea and ocean theme of the “blue” carpet they had, as they even had sand on the floor to create a beachy scene.

    I for one did miss Carrie, and I am sick to death of this site trashing her all the time. Go after someone with no talent like Tonedeaf Taylor Swift.

  4. Jen Miller

    Makes me want to eat Pringles.

  5. val.

    This dress would be totally cute without that weird starfish/anemone thing stuck to the side.

  6. currygirl

    No mean people on the comments, please! This site is not for you! As for Carrie, I think she looks pretty…but I feel like she’s really really really into beige (and white) and she needs to find other colors. I think if this was another color (and there wasn’t a sea creature on her side), then it would be perfect.

  7. cath

    Needs to be a different colour. I’m thinking something cool — maybe in the blue or green family. This muddy beige is awful on her. And lose the ruffles (but keep the lace and the waistband). Most importantly, dial the bow/cabbage/sea anemone down a few notches. I kind of like the idea (starfish! so cute!), but it’s too big and too much.

  8. Danielle Lilly

    Just rip that pouffy thing off her waist and she’s good to go. I like the colors too.

  9. eee

    Get rid of the growth on her waist, and we’re in business. Other than that thing, she looks great.

  10. geemee

    The odd thing is, I think the dress would be weird without that weird swirly thing on the side. Like, it would seem like it was missing something. I say leave the dress the way it is but get a snazzier clutch.

  11. Sandra

    I thought that thing was a portobello mushroom. And now I’m hungry. A fungi-ectomy would probably solve this thing. And haters, go away. Carrie is an entertainment professional who went to an official event in this outfit. She knows (hopes) that it will elicit commentary. There’s no law requiring us to like her clothes. The FugGirls didn’t say anything nasty about her parentage, intelligence, morals, or anything. This is not being mean. And they they call Momsen out all the time–which you would know if you ever actually READ the entries.

  12. Lina

    I’d like to see it in a color–maybe a deep red? Beige screams “bland” and “lifeless” so loudly to me that I can’t acknowledge anything else about an outfit.

  13. amy mck

    Anyone who wishes a deadly disease on others does not need to be on this or any other comment section. I truly feel sorry for you and what has made you so miserable but that is not what the Fug Girls are about here! I’m for free speech but NOT hate speech!

  14. atz

    I would probably cut off the side ruffle. But, really she looks pretty. This is so understated and elegant, especially considering her usual approach to fashion is “MORE MORE MORE.” She finally left her bedazzled cape and corset at home. This dress is such an improvement.

  15. mel

    Carrie’s pretty, but the outfit looks like an embroidery and raffia project from Michael’s.

  16. Gina

    Anyone who wishes AIDS on anyone should go f&*@ck themselves, and hard! Go away, hater a*%holes!

  17. Jessica

    I have to say, wishing AIDS on someone is so RETRO. If you are so worked up about what is essentially a silly web-site about people’s outfits as to LITERALLY WISH DISEASE on people, please at least do us a favor and get creative about it. Like the time, 100 years ago, when a girl emailed us that if we said anything else mean about Mary J Blige, she’d CRUSH OUR SKULLS. THAT was creative. (Although, obviously, it was all I could do not to point out that Mary J would have no time for that kind of hateration in her dancery.)

    Also, they’re off topic. Thanks all for continuing to keep it on Carrie!

  18. Lizzy

    I don’t mind the waist-pouf, or the neutral tones, but the ruffles on the skirt make the whole thing too fussy. The sheath is a good shape for her, though.

  19. Amanda

    I agree with Lizzy, the ruffles on the skirt just need to go and then I’d love it, even with the waist thing.

  20. Minutiae

    I’m in the “no waist pouf, different color” camp as well. Take off the sea anemone and make it pale pink or turquoise or some light shade of green and she’d be in business.

  21. witjunkie

    The pleat ruffles look superfluous, but if you take them off, I think it looks too much like a foundation garment. Maybe keep the ones around the waist but not the ones on the skirt. I rather like the anenome pouf, in this context.

  22. Susan

    What is it with country singers always dressing so boring?

  23. TonyG

    Chop of the three head bands surrounding her hips, glutes and thighs. Regarding the waist: Keep the sash but get rid of the mating sea creatures.

  24. Ray

    I think the whole dress looks like she took my Nana’s kitchen curtains (complete with valences) and wrapped them around her body. I’m not seeing a beachy theme AT ALL. Carrie, you can do better.

  25. sally

    I think the color looks fabulous on her. Remove the ruffles, but keep the sash. Reduce the size of the anemone 300%.

  26. vandalfan

    Tony G said it for me, but more artfully. I think the growth looks like a giant poppy they sell on Memorial Day. I’d use it as a picture hat.

  27. Alice

    I think I would like it if she just took off the second layer of the sea anemone/starfish birth on her side. As is it looks like it’s trying to take over her boobs, but without that part I think it’d be really cute.

  28. ali

    Take the mushroom caps off her waist and the two lower ruffles on the skirt. I don’t mind a little ruffle business at the waist. And hem that sucker up…hate the rough edges cut along the fabric pattern look.

    The douche wishing AIDS on Jess and Heather clearly has some issues they need to work out.

  29. Aria

    I think it is really cute, if we could just snip the sea anemone. I do agree with whoever posted that this might look better in something other than beige ; I lean toward blue or green.

  30. aa

    it’s oookaaayyyyyyyyy……. but i think the COLOR is what is making me avert my eyes. i am OVER people putting on clothing that matches their skin tone. it never looks good, unless you are trying to look like coffee ice cream, which is delicious and also on my shopping list after seeing carrie embody it so perfectly.

    fug girls, you rule.
    that is all.

  31. amy

    love it except for the Hobby Lobby raffia circle. Get rid of that and she looks great.

  32. momo

    Is taking off all the ruffles (inlcuding that blob looking thing at the side) considered chopping up bigtime? Cos that’s what I would do and then I think the dress would be pretty.

    It cracks me up that there are some people on here who are all too happy to rag on everyone that you feature, but when it comes time to do the same to their “idol” they get huffy & nasty.

  33. MrsWheezer

    I think Seqvere meant he/she wished the Fug girls would get ROLaids! You know to help deal with the stress of beautiful people who manage to make themselves look… well… not.

    As far as Carrie’s dress, shrink the side-pouf a tad and get rid of the bottom two layers of ruffles, and I think we’d have a winner.

  34. Leah

    If we took off the Danish pastry, I think it would be adorable.

  35. avidbeader

    It’s not bad (even though it’s yet another beige) if you either remove the thing eating into her side or remove the rows of ruffles from the skirt. Together they make it entirely too busy.

  36. Montréalaise

    Take off the sea anemone and the ruffles, and you’d have a very pretty dress. I actually like the beige on her.

  37. Joan Louise

    Wrong that her unpainted toes bother me the most?

  38. EBeth

    It’s like she took every trend and put them in a blender. Lace: check. Nude: check. Ruffles: check. Asymetrical architectural detail: check.

  39. Leone

    Meh. Except for that big tumor on her side…hope she’s okay.

  40. AliceBlue

    I saw that thing on the side of her dress in a Star Trek episode. It attached itself to Spock’s back and made him go insane.

  41. Ruby

    i can see how this ensemble could be controversial… but i think she rocks it perfectly and makes it look darling. SHE makes it work. for example, on mischa barton it could look all sponge bob no-pants, but on carrie it just works. i look forward to hearing what the girls on fashion police have to say about this.

  42. marywan

    lose the anenome, and lower all the ruffles each a few inches…finish with the black trimmed ruffles at the bottom, and have the top layer of ruffles fall more on the indentation between her hip & thigh “bulge” (God bless her I wish I had her bulges) and create a break between the sash & top layer of ruffles.

  43. Bambi Anne Dear

    I voted Perfect but only because it’s perfect for her. All sweetness. Which is not to say that I like it. In fact I think it’s dreadful. Not much of a choice for a surfwear event is it? Except for that ghastly growth on her hip.

  44. ChrisM

    the dress part underneath all the beige ribbons and crumpy flower thingy is actually not bad, if it had a simple black ribbon around the waist tied in a bow it would be quite smashing

    srsly, I wish Tim Gunn was watching over the designer of this, he would have stopped the monstrosity of a nice dress from occurring

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