Fug or Fab Or Less Fug: Chloe Sevigny


So, listen. This is so much better than her last trek up Mount Crackatoa that I can’t even see straight.

That’s why I need you guys to give me some perspective. Dismissing the hair, which still looks like it got stuck in the back of her hair dryer and didn’t notice until she smelled burning and then she had to cut it out — which of course has NEVER HAPPENED TO ME, EVER — is this… good? It might be. It might be kind of cute. It might also look like she is part-dragon, or a cheerleader at a high school for amphibious teens. But my eyes are crossed with “One Fugging Moment” majesty and so I need someone to give me a swift virtual slap into a sensible place.

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  1. Kara

    Hell no this isn’t good. And what’s with the terrible soccer mom hair?

    • Amalia

      On behalf of soccer moms everywhere, let me say, “Leave us out of that mess!”

  2. Lina

    Ack, my eyes!

  3. Fawn

    The dress is cute. The hair… goes without saying. The shoes are TERRIBLE (at least with this cute dress).

    • Jasmine

      My thoughts exactly. I LOVE the dress, but the shoes are just… upsetting. I’m pretending the hair doesn’t exist because it’s so godawful I can’t even deal with it.
      But the dress! So cute.

  4. Visiteuse Random

    I actually like the hair. It makes her look younger and it fits her face and complexion.
    That dress would have been totally cute with some simple heels, but overall, I think this look is great for her: it’s hip, casual yet edgy, while still feeling definitely Sev-licious.

    Then, of course, anything would’ve been better than the oh so tragic redish-orangish renaissance boy looking haircut that she had been sporting before this one.

    • Mair Mair

      Agree that this haircut makes her look much younger. Not saying I like it, but I think it’s an improvement. The smile helps, too.

      • Heather

        I think a bob in GENERAL would be fine, I just think that one is… too shaggy.

    • Halo

      I agree. I like her hair and the dress. The shoes could have been better, but I’m not hating the booties.

  5. ML

    Put a plain old Little Black Dress on her here, ditch the boots and… my GOD… the Sevinfug would look, well, just about normal in this picture. Did I just use “Sevinfug” and “normal” in the same sentence? I did. Heaven help me, I did. I did.

  6. Emily

    It would be a lot better without the holes, or polka dots, or whatever. It reminds me of those mesh-ish sports jerseys.

  7. Libby

    That dress would be cute on Chloe Moretz, but it’s a bit twee for Chloe Sevigny, especially when paired with biker booties. Ugh!

  8. Molly

    “Mount Crakatoa”! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Maybe she’s just given up…. How can anyone (Lilo, for example) compete with Vanessa’s lace bell bottoms? Maybe the glass ceiling of fug has been broken and Chloe just thinks, “Screw it.”?

    I may need to go lie down.

  9. Matt

    Are those tiny faces on her shirt??? maybe not…but what are they? Either way, it’s an improvement…?

  10. Claire Zulkey

    I must be immune to Chloe because I actually didn’t think that last outfit was so horrible on her. Or maybe I’m going insane.

  11. CJ

    On a positive note, her face looks kind of pretty here. Nice to see her smile.

    Okay, now let’s get down to it…..How did this person get a reputation for being “stylish?” The things that I usually think of when getting dressed seem to be questions she never asks herself: Does this fit? Does this color flatter me? Does this style flatter my figure? And the big one that I don’t think Chloe has EVER asked: Do these items I am putting on my body at the same time complement each other?

    The items she is wearing in this post (and, well, usually) might be high-end labels but she always looks like she just visited a thrift store to me…on a day when they had very little left. Nothing against thrift stores or ebay or consignment stores or clothing swaps. Good for the environment. Good way to get cool stuff at a cheap price. And, when you are young and broke (or heck, any age but living in a country with an economy that’s gone down the drain), they are a truly wonderful thing.

    But most of us who visit thrift stores and buy used stuff don’t WANT to look like we just came out of a thrift store. Just because you bought a dress for your little sister, rocker boots and an evening clutch on the same day doesn’t mean that they look good TOGETHER. With Chloe, it’s almost as if she thinks it’s cool — no, not just cool….utterly incredible — to look like you are dressed head in things that don’t fit and don’t match. I almost wonder if she’s messing with all of us. Just seeing how far she can push her FUGLY ensembles and her “I look fabulous” face to see who will eat it up.


    • megs283

      AMEN!! I have never “got” her and I have always been irrationally offended by her “style icon” label.

      • Softwear

        I seriously can’t stand her. Her face. Her “clothes.” Or anything. I just…cannot…stand her.

  12. Amber

    The dress isn’t GOOD, but it’s better than what she normally wears. Baby steps.
    Also, the hair isn’t GOOD, but it looks better here than it has recently. Again, baby steps.
    I kind of like the boots. Not with THIS, or with anything similar. Not really sure WHAT I would like them with, but I like them.
    So, I guess she looks…better than normal. Is that even a compliment? “Hi, there. You don’t look as awful as you normally look. Great job!”

  13. LG

    She might be smiling, and her hair, though… shall we say “tousled,” at least looks clean. Great stems, as ever. I’m throwing in with “Step in the Right Direction.”

  14. Bella

    The dress is not necessarily good, but since its Chloe, it IS good – needs to be a smidge longer, though. But the shoes are beyond hideous.

  15. PeggyO

    Dress is not bad, for someone as “edgy” as Chloe. But the booties are an offense to God and man when paired with it.

  16. Beth

    The dress needs to be longer. It looks like things I used to wear as a kid toward the end of the year when I’d grown out of everything I’d bought in back-to-school shopping.

    Also, wait, I think whoever above said those were faces is right.

  17. Helen

    I think the whole outfit would be very cute on someone much younger. Like, a teenager. But it’s a huge step up!

  18. Katharine

    I do not think the dress is good. It looks too small and too tight and too high in the waist and too short and too twee and the pattern is awful and the little stupid collar (which I saw in the closeup, trying to determine whether that design was in fact giant mesh — it is not, thank dog for small mercies) makes me angry.

    The only thing “good” about this is that unlike her last visit to these pages, she doesn’t look as though she’s at the far end of a vodka bender and both her eyes are pointing in the same direction.

  19. Marina

    Great actress, but her style is ‘strange’ last 3 years…why she’s not use makeup? Her hair is problematic, and her front teeth are black (look some photos on the net). Sad.

  20. vandalfan

    She must have left this in the dryer too long. It just doesn’t fit, it’s two sizes too small at least. The circulation- impairing sleeves, the high waist, the too short length, oh the horror! This is better only in the way that cutting off your finger with a knife is better than cutting off your finger with a chain saw.

  21. Mjx

    Oh nooooo… This is VERY bad.

    And yes, I think it’s an issue of eyes ‘. . .crossed with “One Fugging Moment” majesty’, but a slap might push things over the brink, I’m thinking a little chamomile tea spiked with a lot of vodka and a little nap would make things all better ;)

  22. Melissa

    It only looks any good at all when you click back from the other one. Like if you have one hand in hot water the other hand in normal water feels like very cold water… or something. That this nonsense can feel like a glass of cool water compared to something else she wore is testimony to the height/depth/no, height/no, depth of her fug.

  23. tigerstripes

    The dragon scales on the bodice appear to be 3-D, like they were sewn on.

    There’s actually a ‘dragon’ Monster High doll and I think her outfit is a lot like this.

  24. Mary

    Wow… a dead heat 1, 433 (This is NOT GOOD) versus 1, 433 (This is better)… I picked NOT GOOD… because it’s not… (Mjx took the words right out of my fingers… damn)

  25. Mary

    Refreshed and now the NOT GOODs are in the lead like it should be…

  26. Bob Stanley

    Chloe has decided that she WANTS to look ugly. She belongs on http://www.GoFabYourself.com.

  27. Moi

    Too short, too tight, too stupid, too shiny, too juvenile.

  28. witjunkie

    I agree with a bit tight and short, but I do like that she’s in something colorful and happy-looking. And I think she should do short more often, she really does have great legs.

  29. smj

    Why is her head so BIG? Is she like those statues where they make the head really huge so it looks normal size from the ground?

  30. Nan

    If you chopped the sleeves off it would be passable….

  31. Danica

    She looks like a crazazy version of Brittany Snow

  32. Sajorina

    Not good! Actually, it’s FUG! Boots & clutch are cool, though!

  33. Sarah1976


    Her hair is certainly better than the coppery Prince Valiant mess she was trying to make happen earlier and the legs are to die. That said, no amount of fabulous pins could make up for the idiocy of that face-top.

    She used to annoy the living crap out of me, but then Spaz de la Huerta came along. All of the pretense, none of the talent. Sev looks downright vanilla next her.

  34. katkin74

    I kind of like this. It’s cute and crack-y without being Chloe Sevigny crack-y. That Flobee hair has got to GO. OMG child, you cannot think that looks good.

    YES!!! Sarah1976 – Prince Valiant indeed! Bravo.

  35. katkin74

    OR actually Little Lord Fauntleroy, or perhaps the blonde version of the “prince” in the original Shrek movie? Whatev. ICK

  36. Natalie

    Dress: love it

    Shoes: meh; they work with the dress

    Hair: must i really say it? in a word, horrible

  37. scott

    People! Those are totally faces all over her bodice!! Sure the shape it nice, and the colours are fine, but the faces! Why faces? What is wrong with her? Between that, the hair and the boots this is a full on NO.

  38. Genesis P. Olenta

    I don’t care about her clothes but…LOOK AT THE CARPET ! SHE’S IN THE OVERLOOK HOTEL !!!!

  39. Mallory

    The colors are good, but the collar kills it for me.

  40. Mem

    I think most people seem to be missing the fact that the chest piece of her dress seems to be COVERED IN TINY FACES.

  41. JM


  42. CAF

    Doesn’t she kind of resemble Edie Falco with that haircut?