Fug or Fab: Nina Dobrev


I have noticed, in the last several months, that Nina Dobrev almost always stands at an angle when posing for photographs.

I am sure someone told her once something terrible like, “standing like that makes your [body part] look better” — note, all her body parts look fine all the time regardless of stance — and she just internalized it, or something. Much as is my theory about why Ginnifer Goodwin doesn’t smile on the red carpet. You are both fine JUST AS YOU ARE, ladies. (Even if I don’t always like what you’re wearing.) (Also, holy cow, Dobrev was amazing on last night’s Vampire Diaries.)

Speaking of what she’s wearing:

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Comments (27):

  1. Monkey

    Omg her hair.

  2. Charlotte

    I’m pretty sure I wore that outfit as a teenager in my church’s summer production of South Pacific. One time, my hair even looked like that because I arrived late and didn’t have time curl it backstage.

    None of that bodes well for this look.

  3. Hannah

    Please provide me with those shoes in my size, though.

  4. Seamyst

    Make the sternum window go away (and tame the hair) and this would actually be really cute, I think. Maybe add some colorful earrings and a bracelet.

  5. Mikki

    I always think Nina can do no wrong, but this is just off somehow. I think her hair would look better down, and what is with this no accessories trend?? The shoes are great though!

  6. Michelle

    This looks like a Maidenform ad from the 1950s. Not good.

  7. Big Noise

    The shoes are fab, the skirt is OK, but everything from the waist up needs help. UGLY top, barely-there makeup, and hair that says “I’m on my way to the gym.” She usually looks amazing — everyone has to have an off-day, no?

  8. Tiffany

    I feel so guilty, because I was just saying yesterday how she is consistently flawless on the red carpet. I am so sorry I jinxed you, Nina!

    The top doesn’t fit very well and isn’t flattering. I don’t mind the hair so much. Love, love, love the shoes.

  9.  JessicaAZ

    Wow. I love Nina, and it PAINS me to say this, but that is one hella ugly dress. It is so unflattering. I am sure it is just the angle of the photo (?) The waist down looks great though!

    I agree, Nina deserves so much more recognition for her work on VD but none of the critics take the CW/WB seriously. Look at what happened with Buffy, and SMG’s work was stunning on that show.

    • Mikki

      Yes to this! She is doing amazing stuff on TVD, and it won’t be recognized by the critics since it’s on the CW. The show is such a guilty pleasure for me!

  10. anna s.

    Cone boobs: never a good look. Not even on the lovely Miss D.

  11. Guerra

    I like this outfit & I love the shoes!! The hair just need some hair spray stat!!! I think I have a girl crush on her :)

    • ericajeanine

      I like the dress also. I LOVE the shoes. I think it all suits her well and she looks really cute.

  12. Helen 

    This is what I was talking about with that extended toebox! Her feet look perfectly in proportion here, as they didn’t in those elongated shoes. These are cute, too!

    Hideous dress though. Hair and makeup a mess, as well. I guess everyone misses sometimes.

  13. Scully

    Those shoes!

  14. Miss Louise

    She looks like she’s been out for a run, lost track of the time, suddenly realised ‘holy cow, I need to be on the red carpet in ten minutes!’, thrown on any old dress without much thought, and left the house with no makeup, and with sport-hair still in place. We’ve all been there (well, not the red carpet, but the rest). Her natural loveliness and poise almost save her, but that dress is too awful.

  15. Daenerys

    A top that looks like it came from the 70′s [and not the good parts], a high-waisted blah skirt and shoes that look like they are strangling her feet all adds up to a big NO for me.

  16.  pidget

    She is SO lovely and elegantly proportioned, and I covet those shoes! I really hope the rest is a result of a shimmy in the limo with Ian Somerhalder…

  17. Sarah

    No. No no no. Why does the top look like a bathing suit? Why does the bottom look like the rumpled satin liner in my purse?

  18. Julie

    She’s such a beautiful girl and so good on the Vampire Diaries, but this is not very flattering no. Hmm.

  19. A. Beaverhausen

    Didn’t anyone ever tell her it’s not polite to point?

  20. CakesOnAPlane

    the fact that I can tell that the top has been sewn together on the bust with what looks like three (!!!) stitches of….dental floss (??)…and that a fourth stitch might have broken in transit…it’s not good.

    also, her boobs remind me of the summer in high school we nicknamed my friend’s boobs “flappers” because she never wore a bra.

  21. Mary

    That hair is killing me. Has she never heard of hair spray? All those wispy bits sticking out everywhere. Okay for hanging out in the yard, but not for the runway. Top and bottom of the dress are fighting. Top looks like something you would wear to the beach, bottom (and shoes) looks formal. Also, needs some jewelry.

  22. Claire1http://gofugy

    I am not a fan of the “Sternum window” ( good call whoever said that)….but I like the idea of the dress.
    The shoes are to die for.
    but her hair!
    It’s just wrong. It’s so last minute trip to the grocery store. Maybe she wasn’t feeling good, maybe it wasn’t cooperating….but I really would have liked to have seen it in a good half up , half down retro nod to the rest of the styling.

  23. googler

    We all know she normally looks a lot better than this. So as far as worsts go, it’s not THAT bad – compare this to say, Julianne Moore or Vanessa Hudgens’ worst.

  24. witjunkie

    Well, if that dress is absolutely necessary, I suppose she is the one who should wear it.

  25. KB

    The only reason this is even a vote is her genetic lottery winning face and figure. The dress and hair are Fug.