Fug or Fab: Nina Dobrev


I’m pretty sure I need to steal those shoes and run away with them to a country without an extradition treaty. Me and those shoes are heading down to Argentina and we are going to make a new life for ourselves:

And I adore that skirt. It is charming. So, from the waist to the toes (and from the neck up, obviously), this is pretty great. I am not entirely sure I…get the top? Is it an ACTUAL vest? Is is a trompe l’oeil vest? It sort of makes her upper body look like it belongs to a cocktail waitress at a very chic private club. Which isn’t the worst thing that ever happened to anyone’s upper body on this site.

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  1. Kate

    Hmmm…I would happily get on board with a trompe l’oeil vest if it made my waist look that teensy.

  2. Julie

    The skirt is adorable, and I was willing to give the top a pass until I blew up the picture and saw her pedestrian, flesh-toned bra underneath it. And now the top also seems needlessly complicated with how it loops underneath the belt.

    She, however, is as stunning as usual. I like the bangs!

    • Claire

      She looks lovely. The skirt, while gorgeous, looks a wee bit sheer though, right? And I agree that the grey portion of the top is unnecessarily differently-patterned given the rest of the dress– I’d rather if it were more of the geometrics of the grey stripes in the skirt, without the extra flowers. On the whole, though, girl looks awesome.

      • Julie

        I think there’s a black underlining or slip underneath it. The outer part of the skirt (where she is holding) is definitely sheer, but you can see some other layer of fabric under there, too. The top, though? Sheer all the way. (God I hate unlined sheer dresses.)

    • Claire1

      *I* would wear a unimaginative flesh toned bra under such an ensemble.
      I mean what would we rather see? Someone dressing a lady or the other 3/4ths of young Hollywood (outside the wanting to snicker at them)?
      I imagine her dressing room lights were kinder than the full sun…and even that much bra wasn’t visible.
      However anything else would have looked cheap.

  3. qwertygirl

    I would happily get on board if that vest part stayed on the dock while the rest of us sailed off into the sunset.

  4. Linda

    Jessica you leave my shoes alone!! :)

  5. Elizabeth

    Are we looking at different pictures? I HATE those shoes.

    • Julie

      So do I! Only part of the outfit I dislike.

      • Helen

        And her toes are hanging off them, so she should give them to Jessica anyway because they don’t fit.

        • Kat

          Agreed! If any part of the foot is extending outside the shoe where foot-parts are not absolutely intended to extend, then the shoe DOES NOT fit. It is sloppy and hideous, with the added bonus of making ones feet look like alien creatures. Or the feet of, or whatever. EW.

  6. Ailatan

    Get a cardi, it might get rather cold down ‘ere for just the dress ;-)

  7. ErinE

    This is my favorite silhouette – and if my waist were that teeny I would wear it every day! The top is a little strange, but overall I love this look – it’s so springtime on the Mediterranean.

  8. Miriam

    I think it’s a dress- no? Same shades of pink & the gray belt/stripe looks just like the stripes below. And that vest must be sewn to the lace top. Am I wrong?

  9. Algae

    I had to vote F, but only because I LOVE Madeline Kahn.

    I would actually give it a C because the see through top and the different prints are distracting to me.

  10. Katie

    I reeeeeeally hate the sheer stripes in the skirt, but in general I am not blinded by love of Nina. (is that mean? I don’t intend it to be. just not my cup of tea.)

  11. Nancy

    That is a whole lotta look.

  12. Susan

    ooooo, i saw another picture of this dress and it looks really bad. So a F it is.

  13. Kate

    If the vest were removed, this would be a total win for me. The skirt is a little sheer, but I think I see lining. It’s just not as long as the skirt.

  14. Sajorina

    PERFECTION!!! Covet the whole outfit & a trip to Argentina!

  15. Helen

    I find this entire look perfectly hideous, from the too-thick foundation and too-nude lipstick to the too much going on up top to the way-too-visible bra to the these colors do NOTHING for her to the toe-hang. It is just awful.

    Dobrev so often looks great, it’s a little weird! But I had to fail her on this one. If Snooki tried to wear something she thought was classy, this would be it.

    Also, Madeline Kahn!

  16. Vandalfan

    I’d like a little more vest, that’s all.

  17. Guerra

    She really has the perfect body to wear clothes, her proportions are amazing!

  18. Faye

    She’s so pretty that I can’t fug her, but honestly, this is blah and not her best look. She can do better; I have higher standards for her.

  19. Claire1

    Does anyone else want to see what the woman in the background is REALLY wearing?
    Because in the blow up I can’t tell if she has full sleeve tatts or if it’s a lace sleeves on her top.
    And I’m really seeing my 90′s fave look of sheer over the knee socks and Doc Marten’s with a short skirt.