Fug or Fab: Nikki Reed


Looks like a whole bunch of the European tour for Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1, has fallen squarely on Nikki Reed’s shoulders. I don’t really know anything about Nikki Reed, except that she just got married to that scratchy-voiced dude from American Idol who kept wearing a suit covered in roses, and that they were engaged for like an hour after dating for about twenty minutes — AND that I remember watching the little segment on Idol where they met on the red carpet for some movie premiere and she was totally flustered and practically fanning herself and he was all, “Yeeeeeeah,” and I said to myself, “They are so hooking up tonight,” and apparently I may have been right. Bully for me. But am I right about her red carpet clothes? The short version: don’t like this, kinda like some of the rest of it. If you ALREADY think I’m wrong, maybe you should look at the back of this dress before you decide. If you already think I’m RIGHT, then awesome, let’s blow off work and have a beer.

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  1. Annie E

    WHAT the crap is THAT on the back of the white dress? Did the designer even LOOK at it? Was this made in the dark?!

  2. Pink Coat

    The white dress looks like she has some kind of skin molting disease from the back. Yuck!

    • Lindy

      I know! My first horrified thought was, “Oooo, what is wrong with her back!” That’s not what you want people thinking.

      The last couple of dresses were cute, but the shoes ruined them. The girl doesn’t seem to know what cute shoes are.

  3. Amanda

    Okay, what is going on with the dresses with the sheer skirts? Nobody thinks these look good, right? So, why do people keep making them and why do people keep buying them? And, the back of that dress is just so wrong.

  4. vandalfan

    The white dress is also awful from the front, with the absurdly wide decolletage. If the front was closed normally, between the boobs and not at her friggin’ waist, the Frankenstein back would not be necessary. And of course, there’s the sheer leg curtains with spanky pants issue. The rest are nice, except the pearl-clutching skirt length of that black dress. She could try a little harder with the hair, too.

  5. Christina McPants

    Her ‘I hate you but I’m smiling anyway’ face is the worst part. Either fierce it or mean it, but don’t just show me your teeth!

    • Dazie

      Well duh Christina- she is the MOST GORGEOUS ETHEREAL SPARKLY GOOD-SMELLING ILL-TEMPERED FEMALE VAMPIRE EVER EVER EVER (until Bella came along that is- now this one’s yesterday’s news)

      What do you expect her to do?

  6. Penny

    LOVE the pink/fuschia one at the end and the black one, and totally agree that would make AWESOME leotards. I also love that she wore a Top Shop dress although that particular one looks like it’s a size too small… even though she’s obviously tiny. As for that white thing. Yikes. It would be pretty if it was just the Grecian gown it was meant to be, without the bad “creativity”. As it is it looks like she got off the vestal virgin sacrificial platform just in time, getting her dress slashed in front but not quick enough to save her back from getting cut. Good Halloween costume if that’s what you’re going for, which she isn’t.

    • Fuh Ugh

      Yep – pretty sure Top Shop carries a full range of sizes, so it is a mystery why she couldn’t have gotten one large enough.

      On a separate note, don’t forget that Jasper was “the youngest major in the Confederate Army in Texas.” I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s in character here. But he forgot his god-awful wig…

  7. Anne B

    I think the pink number (Dress The Last) is the best of a bad lot.

    This puts it ahead of Tragedy In The Operating Room White, Zombie Pumpkin, FrankenDots, and CountBlackuBling.

    But Nikki’s a lovely girl who is also talented and famous, so it’s hard to believe she can’t find a dress that is not a wearable horror show.

  8. Stefanie

    When I was in high school a good friend of mine had back surgery to treat her scoliosis. It was extremely important to keep the incision (that ran from her neck to lower back) bandaged at all times. Nikki’s back in the white dress looks exactly like her back looked. I highly doubt “recently operated on” is look she was going for.

  9. Halo

    All of those dresses are so close, but not quite right. However, Nikki has pretty nice taste in shoes. The pair she wears with the red, stitched up dress are really great.

    • Kate

      These are the shoes Charlize Theron wore at Comic-Con, and Willow pointed out that they looked like little elephants …

      Agree on the dresses – maybe a few tweaks to the silhouette – slightly longer, slightly looser – would do the trick?

  10. Kimberli

    What the frack? The back of that white dress… I don’t understand who would think that that is a good idea. Why does that exist? WHYYYYY?

  11. Trinity

    I highly recommend the 2003 film “Thirteen”. Nikki Reed starred (with Evan Rachel Wood) and she also co-wrote the script, based on her own experiences. Reed, Wood, and Holly Hunter were all incredible.

  12. Jane

    I just think she is so much prettier as a brunette. The fake blonde in the twilight movies is so horrible on her.

  13. Fiona

    What the hell is at the back of the dress? It looks like a spinal cord and it cheapens the whole dress. The front is even a mess because she looks like she’s trying too hard for attention with that open-ended front when she has no cleavage to begin with. Yeah, I agree this is such an ugly dress with the sheer bottom. I don’t even know her and she looks like a famewhore if she married an idolator after a short time she’s known him. How Hollyweird is trying to be a Kardashian town when is all is game of how to get more press attention is very disheartening. tsk tsk tsk…

  14. marcia

    I must respectfully disagree with Halo….I think her shoes are uniformly AWFUL. Those black ones with the TopShop dress are hideous, but the rest are not much better.

    • hippetyhop

      I concur. The shoes are hideous and not helped by poor foot posture.

  15. Jasmine

    She wore the same TERRIBLE shoes for the last two dresses, why oh why? Those things are hideous.

  16. LoriK

    Nikii sweetie, see the thing that the very “constructed” top of the white dress is doing to your girls? That’s the exact same thing that happens to mine when I put on a Playtex bra. I do not wear Playtex bras. Let it be a lesson to you. When I’m making better clothing choices you are, you are in serious trouble. As they say, it’s time for you to hire a stylist or fire one.

  17. anny

    Haven’t heard the word “heinous” round these parts lately – that white thing qualifies. (What the hell IS that, Bride of Backyhose?)

  18. Mahastee

    These are all sort of cute, not spectacular, but, you know, fine.

    Except for that white dress, it’s hoooorrrrrible! It’s like somebody had an idea for a beautiful, white, Grecian gown, and then had absolutely no idea how to make it happen, so they stuck it together with bits of wire and masking tape. Shame. Also, the fahhhgly back has distracted us all from the fact that the skirt is… SHEER. This sheer madness needs to stop now. Please.

    Also, I agree that she looks so much better as a brunette, the casting of her as a “stunningly beautiful blonde” was… misguided.

  19. Sophie

    She REALLY needs to stop it with the chunky, open toe stupid booties. On the plus side, her legs are fantastic.

  20. Chris

    I presume Jackson Rathbone was going in character, because that’s the only explanation for that.



    Not gonna lie, I kind of liked FrankenDots.

  21. fitnessfreak

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    Except for that white dress, She’s looking very beautiful…..

  22. Sajorina

    That white dress is hideous… She looks like she’s in a torso cast with a flowy skirt! I like the 2nd, 4th & 5th dresses, but I don’t like the 3rd one! And, I don’t like any of her shoes! Anyway, she looks slender and healthy, her makeup is nice and her hair is so pretty that I wish it was on my head instead of hers! Plus, major points for not being orange!

  23. Jennifer

    I was all set to argue about the white dress (sorry, I started to really like it) until I saw the back. WHY would anyone think that was a good idea? As for the rest… meh. At best.

  24. Mair Mair

    She’s a very pretty girl, but her stylist doesn’t seem to know how to dress her. None of these dresses is even slightly flattering on her.

  25. yeahandalso

    the back of the white dress will give me nightmares about my spine coming out.

    BUT overall I think she did pretty well! And let’s give her a million bonus points for washing her hair, smiling and looking happy to be there and promoting a movie she’s proud of. I would rather have 10 of this girl than 1 dirty, sneering Kirsten Stewart bitch-facing her way through another press tour

  26. Aoife

    I got so excited at the prospect of Temperley leotards for the olympics!!