Fug or Fab: Natalie Zea


You may enjoy Natalie Zea’s work on Justified, or remember her fondly from Dirty Sexy Money, or be looking forward to her work on The Following. I too have all those feelings. But most of all, I love her for being Gwen on Passions, especially given that she was eventually replaced by the actress that she replaced to begin with. Sadly, this means she missed getting to act out this tender, show-ending storyline: per Wikipedia, “Rebecca accidentally reveals to everyone that Gwen and Ethan’s marriage of six years is in fact invalid; following Ethan and Gwen’s terminated engagement in 2000, Gwen and Rebecca went to Las Vegas, where Gwen became intoxicated and was married to an unknown man by an Asian Elvis impersonator. After being teleported to jail by Kay’s magic (!!!!), Gwen and her mother try to stop Ethan and Theresa’s wedding in a final attempt to have a happy ending.”

That show really was the best. But what about her outfit?

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  1. Lizzy

    Tim Olyphant – bless you!
    Natalie Zea is really pretty, but the dress and hair do nothing for her. Blah

  2. Esmerelda

    What is going on with her feet? How bad must the shoes be to make her toes splay out like that? Heel to high? 3 sizes too small?

  3. Stefanie

    That person is me. I wanted to see Timothy Olyphant. In fact, I do declare that Im calling DIBS.

    • Stefanie

      Shoot, the dress. I forgot about the dress. I like it, even if it is a little towel adjacent.

  4. Linda

    If Stefanie has to give up her DIBS on TO for any reason, I am first runner up.

  5. AliceBlue

    Is it just me, or does Timothy Olyphant look like a young Jack Nicholson in that pic?

    • Vandalfan

      Exactly my thought. Jaaaaack.

      Whoever this fine haired gal is, her Hefty sack is cinched too tightly.

  6. Sarah

    Does t fug or fab have a poll? Dress is meh. Whatevs.

  7. emster

    Yes to the dress, but not the size. Too squeeze-y up top. Yes to the hair — I like it. And yes to Mr. Olyphant.

  8. Rayna

    Thank you, I DID want to see Mr. Olyphant, always.

    As for the dress, no. People – wear dresses that FIT, please!

    I don’t care what size you are, looking like you are squeezed into (and about to be squeezed out of) your clothes is not attractive.

  9. Jules

    Neither the dress nor the shoes fit.

  10. Sandra

    Definitely too tight in the chestal area. This isn’t GOOP in that shiny apron-thingie, so there should have been time for alterations or choosing something else.

  11. Lynne

    I don’t love the harsh pulled back hair on her. She’s lovelier with the flowy blown out look. And I sympathize since every time I pull my hair back, people say, “Wow! Your hair is pulled back. You look so… different!”

    The Olyphant is dreamy but he looks a bit ill here. Gray is clearly not his colour. Also, dude. Get your pants hemmed.

  12. amys

    Thank you for the Olyphant pic, though I’m a tad disappointed he looks so peaked. Winona is a bit meh here. I love me a cool braid, but hers looked a bit homegrown to me.

  13. Kit

    That dress is meh and her hair is even more so. I feel like I should add something to make this comment less bitchy so… happy Tuesday Fug Nation!

  14. pidget

    I have the same reaction to Z and Rylan – they both look ok (they’re gorgeous as issued) but they could look way better. Isn’t dress-up supposed to make you look hotter than usual?

  15. Melly

    I hear ya regarding hair aches. I get them from sleeping wrong. Natalie is sparkly and interesting as an actress but she’s not at her best hear. She should have her back looked at by a dermatologist, regularly.

  16. Evalyn

    Thank you for the Olyphant even if he doesn’t look very robust. Shiney gray is not his color.

    Natalie’s hair is too thin for the braid – looks very “let’s braid each other’s hair” at the slumber party.

  17. TonyG

    She needs a little more room up top for her girls, but I like the dress.

    Also, she reminds me a lot of a young Jane Seymour

  18. Rachael

    I’m bored by this, a lot, and the shoes are ultra-fug. Therefore, it is altogether fug. The hair could have been redeeming, but you have to get really up close and personal to see it, so it is not.

  19. Helen

    For me it’s an “almost.” An elegant concept, badly fitted. Rebuilding the bodice to give support from below rather than squeeze the top would make this dress a dream on her, and as so many already noted, the shoes also need to be refitted. Or maybe just to have those non-slip pads inserted in the toe area. Possibly both.

    I like the hair.

  20. Sylvia

    I get upset when boring dresses happen to gorgeous people. Not even her read hair makes it better. Upside, I do love any excuse you all have to post about Passions. Greatest trainwreck to ever grace my television.

  21. A. Beaverhausen

    Is it just me, or is Mr. Olyphant is sporting a bit of camel toe?

  22. Eirwen

    Like the dress but the ‘girls’ are making a break for it. Love some Olyphant! Remember when he was in Sex and the City – Season 1 as a slobby 20 something with bad highlights?

  23. camille

    I too wanted to see Mr. Olyphant. I wasn’t in any big hurry to see his shirt, though, but I suppose I’ll live. God knows he takes it off enough on Justified.

  24. Caroleena Stantonova

    Natalie Zea’s dress is smooshing out her girls. Timothy Olyphant has a dose of bitch-face.

  25. Shawn

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