Fug or Fab: Naomi Watts


Fug Nation, my cherished friends, I need to know something.

Are we REALLY ready for a return to the kind of Dynasty Krystle Carrington shoulder mayhem that Naomi’s blossoming arms imply, or are we only THEORETICALLY ready, in that way where we’re deeply nostalgic for all the shenanigans on that show and feel affectionate for it as a campy time capsule but do not actually want to be locked INSIDE said time capsule unless it also accidentally contains one of those kooky touch-screen Diet Coke machines with a bunch of flavors? Wait, what was the question?

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  1. Katie Lynn

    The Coca-Cola Freestyle machine! It’s proof God loves us and wants us to be happy! (see also: bacon)

  2. Sabrina

    It IS ridiculous, but she is working the hell out of it.

    • Other Emily

      My thoughts exactly. We do not need this look to be popular, but Naomi here is looking fierce as hell and killing this dress. Look at her gorgeous face! I love it. Just this one time I love it.

  3. llism

    I think it could have worked with different shoes–those aren’t nearly fierce enough to elevate the look past cheesy.

  4. Jane

    No NO NOOO! Where’s her neck? And we have so many more of these to come with so many collections showing weird arm and shoulder treatments. So unflattering! Been there, done that and do not want to go back!

  5. Orange Clouds

    Horrendous. The top half reminds me of a scrunched up tissue.

  6. holly

    Guy, it IS Halloween season. Maybe it’s a costume?

  7. Donna

    I think it’s fine, but I wish someone would have ironed the hem correctly.

  8. Sandra

    Why do ugly fashion trends come back around? Can we not learn from history?

  9. amys


  10. Amy

    At first glance I honestly thought this was Madonna….

    • Nancy

      To both Amys: She looks like Madonna but without the vein-y arms/hands.

  11. Amy

    Wow two Amy’s posting the same thought at exactly the same time………………………. freaky!

  12. val.

    The ankle straps on the shoes and the length of the dress are a bit stumpifying. The shoulder pads are just a bad idea altogether.

  13. luz

    Is this Marchesa?

  14. laziza

    I need to know two things: one, when did Naomi Watts start to look so much like Madonna and, two, when did she travel back in time, break into my closet, and steal my eighth-grade homecoming dress?

    • aunttora

      What I came here to say. Except it was a Christmas party dress, and in ivory, definitely pre-1990. I actually kind of loved that dress. In the 80′s.

  15. JC

    Ugh, I want to third the comment about the shoes. Maybe with something point this would have worked?

  16. jen

    If any of you are wearing skinny jeans delete your comments and sit quietly.

  17. Miss Louise

    Naomi’s gorgeous, but this is not her best look at all. That is not an open-toe-shoe dress. The no-neck effect might just be her posture in this shot, but she should have had her hair back in a chignon or similar style. It’s like she’s tried to give a Dynasty-style power dress a beachy makeover, with confused results. All this being said, boy that woman can act.

  18. Tiffany

    I can’t get over the hem! It looks like it was done by a child!

  19. Heta

    I gave this a “thumbs up” but I think I might be overly distracted by that incredible clutch. I agree with others that she is working this dress, but I DO NOT give permission for this look to become mainstream again. And different shoes, please–pointy, yes, yes!

  20. phillip

    THIS. NEEDS. STILETTOS. (I love Linda Evans.)

  21. Laura

    I have this theory about actors who do period movies then getting stuck in the outfits from that period. Naomi just did that Diana biopic…

  22. pantsonfire

    I love that she loves this. I’m going to give her a B because of (1) her own sheer enjoyment of the dress, (2) my weakness for clothes of this era (yes, this is in my nostalgia wheelhouse), (3) fierce clutch and shoes, but not perfect with this dress, (4) very questionable hem, and (5) bad posture. So I guess I’ll say that this is good and that I’m open to more of this, if properly executed, which this wasn’t but her attitude carries it off.

  23. kim

    I should think she could afford a more competent dressmaker and hair stylist. Beautiful woman treated badly by both. The dress style itself might be what’s coming, but it’s not well constructed. If the fabric had a better drape, it would have made all the difference.

  24. Katharine

    Wait, what? I thought they TRIED the puffy-sleeve rerun a couple of years ago and it sank like a stone to the bottom of the H&M sale rack and was lost — I thought forever. Are we going there again? Is this a subtle variation? Did her dress designer win the Made with Cashmere contest?

  25. Lori

    Filled with nostalgia. My wedding dress was made of fabric much like this and the sleeves were the feature I loved the most (shorter, but with the very same origami cabbage rose up on the shoulder).

    I was married in 1992.

  26. The Fugger

    The only conclusion I can draw from this is that 1,083 citizens of Fug Nation have no soul.

    Phillip is right, though. This needs some MAJOR shoes, as Posh would say. Those aren’t it., and while I wouldn’t object to them as vehemently with a less…ah…severe dress, they just aren’t doing it for me here.

  27. vandalfan

    I think she looks fine, except for the footwear. So sue me.

  28. Jules

    Maybe if she wasn’t blending into the background so well, I would be more appalled.

  29. Sajorina

    Her face & hair are FIERCE! And, that’s about it!

  30. Tamburlaine

    I really like this on her – the sleeves don’t overwhelm the dress since they’re just-past-elbow length, and I don’t get any Dynasty vibes at all. Shoes aren’t great, but otherwise she looks good.

  31. Diane

    I think she looks like Mrs. Romney. Am I allowed to mention Mrs. Romney?

  32. Linda

    But I don’t wanna be a pirate…

    If it was sleeveless and she had on black stillettos she’d be killing it. Even if it wasn’t sleeveless and it just had normal sleeves it would still be good.

    It’s not the worst (see J Jones photo above) and I like her a lot so I’m more inclined to forgive.

  33. Steph

    If it was peach, it might work on Moonlighting.

  34. Amy

    I had to do a double take! She looks like Madonna! :/ EEK!

  35. jerkygirl

    This is surprisingly awesome, and I can’t believe I love it but I do. The hem looks a bit hastily done, like the quick-stitch they do before they do the ACTUAL hemming, but the rest of the dress is 80′s fabulousness. I’m with everyone else though who wants to rip those sandals (SANDALS ARGH) off her feet and replace them with a really pointy and rhinestone encrusted shoe

    • vandalfan

      Quick- stitch is called basting. I think they hemmed this sucker with a stapler, or duct tape.

      • jerkygirl

        BASTING!!! Thank you, I knew there was a word for it, I just couldn’t remember if it was basting or something else. :D And yes, I think they may have indeed used a stapler. Oy. This dress deserves better than staples and blocky dang SANDALS, argh again!!!

  36. Widow Colby's Turban

    Bring me back! But nowhere near THAT dress.

  37. Tricia

    Please burn the shoes though.

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