Fug or Fab: Milla Jovovich


Another day, another shapeless Milla Jovovich caftan.

Maybe it’s not that bad, I don’t know. I think I’ve gone Caftan Blind when it comes to Milla. I just can’t see anything anymore (including her waist, although that’s been MIA for ages now). She might as well be naked. At least THAT would get a reaction out of me.

She is wearing something unusual, though:

It’s like a combination of a bracelent and Brass Knuckles — as if she bought a bangle that didn’t QUITE fit over her thumb. It’s both funky and frightening. If you told me it was an old voodoo charm and that the spirit of a monstrous dark minion was about to vault out of it and sup on my soul, I would believe you. And then run.

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Comments (20):

  1. Bella

    Kinda love it! Comfy, classy and elegant with a little funk thrown in.

  2. Cecily

    I think she’s joined a harem, somewhere in Morocco or Qatar, where they wear caftans, lounge on sofas and eat grapes. Nothing else can explain this trend. The hand ornament has a bell inside it with which, using a slight shake, she can summon her servants.

  3. jessicookie

    Everything but the dress looks good. Hair, make-up, shoes, knuckle-bracelet… Hell, even the pattern of the dress is pretty cool. But the SHAPE of the dress… Ick.

  4. Willow

    I like the idea of it but the execution is somewhat similar to when I used to steal this amazing blue and white duvet from my mum and dad’s bed and parade about and order my soft toys around.

  5. Styrch

    I actually sort of like it. And Milla naked is nothing new – she’s naked in pretty much every movie she does at least once. Either way, I’m loving the funky jewelry and would love to know where I could get my own bracelet like that. Can’t say I like the necklace, though.

  6. Chelle

    All she needs is a martini in one hand and one of those long cigarette holders in the other. She reminds me of those old 60s movies with the older women prey on the young guys. Hopefully someone out there knows what I mean!

  7. vandalfan

    I love her necklace as well as the pretty brass knuckles, but nothing else.

  8. Annabeth

    Though I don’t like this as well as her last caftan here, which somehow managed to have fullness and drape yet still not overwhelm her figure, I think it’s okay. It would be better if the pattern didn’t create the illusion of big hips where clearly there are none. As for the bracelet, it’s kind of crazy, but as it’s formal and not an everyday piece — why not? I like the look of it.

  9. aunt lavender

    For me, I like to keep the caftans for beach-combing in Cabo or St. Barts. Here on MJ it puts me in mind of Nicole Ritchie back when she and Rachel Zoe were newly in love. When I first read the line “Another day, another Milla Jovovich shapeless caftan, I saw the future flash before my eyes and Milla enthusiastically endorsing caftans for every occasion on QVC. Try it on, you’ll see what I mean. “Caftan-TASTIC! The Milla Jovovich Collection, now on Easy-Pay!”

    The bracelet reads “scrunchie”. In case the hair goes flat.

  10. Shnaggi

    Necklace is good, Knuckle duster not so much.
    everything else….yawn.

  11. foo

    I would say what I really think about that nicely patterned bag o’sag she’s wearing, but she may backhand me. (I do like the knuckle decor, btw)

    Also, it looks like a metal eating robot puked on her neck. While I’m still here, is she standing like a flamingo or is it just me? She’s still lovely, though, and could eat whatever she wanted that night.

    going while the going is good.

  12. Molly

    I have nothing bad to say about her, ever. She is awesome. And that bracelet/ring/knuckleduster thing will come in handy with zombies, or even that bitch going for the last bag of mint milanos… THOSE ARE MINE, DAMNIT!!

  13. Janice Marie

    The face, hair, makeup: STUNNING.

    The dress: fug. Plain and simple. I am all for not dieting yourself to a size 0, but do you actually have to try to make yourself look as fat as possible?

    Just sayin’

  14. Simone

    In the first photo she looks like she is floating above ground.

  15. lc

    Why would you wear something that creates wrinkles on your knuckles?

  16. Sajorina

    I love it! By the way, I went away for 5 months and came back to a totally different GFY website… And, I like it! I missed you FugGirls!!!

  17. HoneyTrix

    I am leaning toward it being a fancy scrunchy she is planning to use post-red carpet to pull back her shaggy mane. It *could* be bejeweling atop a stretchy band.

  18. Jane

    If anyone knows where I could buy that bracelet thing, I would be eternally grateful. It is fabulous.

  19. gigi

    shoes & bracelet baby! go Milla! her hair should have been up tho– caftan almost demands it

  20. Jonathon

    You look at Milla and decide her hand is the most important part? Seriously? Seriously?