Fug or Fab: Michelle Williams


I feel like Michelle Williams always has the hair that I want Carey Mulligan to have. And I’m totally in a Short Hair Phase right now. I spent all of last night thinking about how cute Jessica Stroup’s new, even shorter, crop is on 90210, and I think this hair is adorable, too. I’m just relieved that I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I have learned that the hair I might covet on another person does not necessarily look good on my actual head.

But what about the outfit? I love ruffles and I love sequins but do we love them both together? I’m kind of unconvinced. Let’s see this mother in motion:

This picture kind of cracks me up — it’s like Gosling is escorting 2010′s Winter Formal Queen up to their high school dais, and the velvet coat is extra festive.  They both look ready to sway awkwardly in each other’s arms to a slow-jam cover of “Last Christmas.” Having said that, though, I’m not sure that I like her dress any better in action than I did in inaction — although I would like to sidebar for a sec and remind you guys that this woman used to be JEN FREAKING LINDLEY ON DAWSON’S CREEK. Could ANYONE have predicted where she ended up?

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  1. Annie

    You mean predicted, right, not presented?

  2. Kate

    I dunno. It’s too first communion/wedding cake to me. Maybe without the cutesy bow? And I think her ladies might need a little boost.

  3. Libby

    I love Silvers new hair too! When I first saw it I yelled out FINALLY, no more combing back. As for Michelle Williams, I never like when short women wear dresses that make them look even shorter. And bows are on my list too. Boo.

  4. LizC

    I like it. I think its shiny and sparkly and I love that in a dress. Plus she has a fabulous accessory even if he is wearing velvet.

  5. ARG

    I have to say, she looks awesome. Especially for the time of year. Sparkly and adorable. I kind of think her hair is just a tad too blonde, but she is playing Marilyn so maybe she needs to keep it that platinum for a while.

  6. Julia

    Honestly, I was almost too distracted by how freaking hot Ryan’s looking these days to comment on her dress. Yes, even with the velvet coat.

  7. Rayna

    I too love ruffles and sequins, even together, and they can be fab, like this dress approaches being.

    I’m not opposed to the bow, but together with the short short skirt, it contributes to it being a VERY young look. Maybe younger than you want.

    That being said, Michelle herself looks great, and if this look pleases her, I’ll get on board. But yeah, she might want to think about giving the girls better support.

  8. Share

    The bow-tie belt is making me gag. With a different sash, I might like this.

  9. pinkcheese

    Meh. It gives her a saggy uniboob, and it looks like she grabbed someone’s pre-tied bowtie to distract from the awkward cream-ruffle-meets-silver-sequin waistline. Also, I agree with ARG – she needs to warm up her hair color just a touch. (The cut is super cute, though.)

  10. Annabeth

    I think this works — basically, thanks to the Glory of Short Hair, she has the gamine look that lets her pull this off without it being cloying. The same dress on someone else could easily go fug. And MW, awesome as she is, has been led astray in the past by her fondness for bows/lace/gewgaws/that kind of Doily Chic look. When it works, it works, but I’d rather see the bold, audacious glory of the yellow Oscar dress again. Then again, holding her up to that standard is unfair — that was an AMAZING dress. This one is fine. Not brilliant, but fine.

  11. Katharine

    I don’t like the short waist on the bodice combined with the short, voluminous skirt, and I don’t like the way the stretch sequins on the top are combining with the boatneck to unflatter her bosom. The result makes her look thickwaisted and stumpy, and her legs resemble toothpicks.

    Cute idea, execution fail.

  12. Jeanie

    I think she looks totes adorable! Also, Ryan G is hot, velvet jacket, or not. (I didn’t mean to rhyme, I swear!)

  13. Lauren

    I want this. I want to wear it everywhere. Parties, bars, grocery shopping, the gym, EVERYWHERE.

  14. Alli

    I think she looks pretty freaking adorable and I LOVE her hair–on her, definitely would NOT work on my head [although it does sorta give me flashbacks to season 1 Jane on original Melrose Place]. If I had to change anything, I might take off the bow belt and I’ve never been a big fan of those platform/horse hoof shoes.

  15. Peggy

    I think having the waist placed differently would help. She’s very cute in this, but it is stumpifying her a little, because the waist is not either high enough to be deliberately empire, nor is it actually hitting her waist. Still, cute as heck.

  16. Sophia Loren

    The velvet bow seems like Grams’ idea of a nice holiday accessory. The velvet beau is fine, however.

  17. Megan

    I saw this on TLo this morning but just NOW realize that it’s Michelle Williams and NOT Carey Mulligan.

    ANYWAY, Carey could wear this if she wanted. It’s adorable.

  18. Blair

    I think she looks stunning. Absolutely beautiful. And I certainly never thought I’d say that about Jen Lindley. Score one for maturing and getting one heck of a stylist.

  19. Seso

    Speaking o Pacey- have you seen him on Chanel? :)))

  20. Wendy

    I love the look overall, but the proportions seem a tad off. I wish the skirt were a skosh longer.

  21. Uta

    The dress is not bad – I just really wish she would not ALWAYS go for the cutesy girly look and show up in a sexy little number. She certainly has the body to pull it off. I find her just too predictable in her choices and I like surprises – hey it’s Christmas time!

  22. Tricia

    It’s not my favourite but I don’t hate it. Generally I think of Michelle Williams as being rather waify and lean and I find this dress kind of stumpifies her torso a bit. And yet she doesn’t look fat. I think I need lunch. Love Txx

  23. Diana

    She pulls this off because of her build. I’m not a fan of the super shorty skirts, but she’s one of the few people who look cute rather than trashy. On anyone else this dress wouldn’t be so great, but it’s a really good look for her.

  24. AJ

    She is adorable … and this makes her look stumpy. Bah Humbug.

  25. Sophie

    i love the sparkles, ruffles, and bow belt. she’s balanced it nicely with classic, quiet accessories. my one concern is the neckline area- i feel like it’s making her arms look bigger then they indeed are, and it isn’t doing her chest any favors. but that’s just being nitpicky.

  26. Kate

    I don’t ever love what she’s wearing. I think her look varies between too old and lady-like and too twee and lady-like…

    She also tends to wear things that make her waist look thick. I suspect that’s because she doesn’t have an itty bitty waist and wears a lot of things that are supposed to emphasize a waist and make it look smaller. Unfortunately, as others have said, the waist on this dress is not at her sweet spot, and the belt only draws attention to the thick look…

    I also agree there’s a little uniboob action going on here. I don’t think that bodice is at all flattering to the way she’s built. It makes her look rather thick through the shoulders, and this is not a “thick” lady by any means.

    Then there’s the ruffled little skirt… The whole thing looks like an expensive Forever21 / J.C. Penny creation that is intended for a 14-17 year old going to a Christmas dance.

    Aaaand, I’ll say it, I don’t love her hair. Not sure if it’s the length or the color, but it’s just not quite right to me for some reason. I also wish she would give us a toothy smile every once in awhile, but that doesn’t seem to be her style.

    However, the Ryan Gosling accessory is 100% fab, as usual = )

  27. Leslie

    Oh MAN! I just got Last Christmas out of my head. I might not be able to sleep tonight.

  28. atz

    I think the dress is OK, but I’d like it better if the top was a little less boxy. I think it could have thinner straps or be lower cut. It’s sort of too square now.

  29. The Other Molly

    If the whole thing continued from the top as a short, silvery sheath, it would be okay.
    I’ve never been a fan of short hair.
    I think it looks kind of butch.

  30. rigmarole

    I think this would be a super cute dress, just on someone with a different build. And, okay, someone younger. (I feel like a real heel just typing this. I luff her! And she is totally young and cute!) But bottom line, this look does not flatter her one bit. She deserves better.

  31. rigmarole

    Oh, but I love her hair like that. I hope she keeps it short forever because it’s adorable on her. I never ever would have guessed it would suit her so well.

  32. Francesca

    As I read the line about Last Christmas, Last Christmas started playing on Glee. Therefore this dress has actual magical powers and is awesome.

  33. Danica

    Is that Courtney Love to Michelle’s right?!?!

  34. Jill

    Both the waist and neckline need to be dropped. A bra would help, too.

    And I know it’s for a roll and the cut and style are sooooo cute on her, but I hate that hair color on her. It’s making me think she’s playing Andy Warhol in a movie instead of Marilyn Monroe.

  35. JJ

    Does it even MATTER what she’s wearing when she has Ryan Gosling as her arm candy?

  36. Leigh

    It’s dreamy — although I never found Pacey to be dreamy, or Joey to be ‘occasionally awesome’ past season one.

  37. buttercup

    It’s a cute idea, but it stumpifies her torso and the sequins make the fabric look thicker, and thus, her torso wider. The proportions just seem off, as though she didn’t actually try it on before leaving the house. She just thought, “Oh, another twee, precious, ethereal, yet slightly-alternative-looking dress. I can tell by sight alone it will be perfect.” And then, it wasn’t.

  38. sarah

    Is it just me, or does the first photo make it look like there is either:
    (a) no back to the dress at the top; or
    (b) a split between the skirt and the top?
    either way I think something is just off with it.
    Excellent in theory though!

  39. vandalfan

    I wish I had the slightest idea what the references mean and who are Joey and Pacey and this gal, so I’m certainly not prejudiced. I like short hair, but this is overprocessed. I like sequins and crochet, but not sparkly crochet thread bedspreads, or tank tops. I prefer foundation garments to a uni-boob. I don’t care for skirt after skirt layered like a stack of styrofoam cups. Bows belong in the hair of a delightful 7 year old girl and small, not around the waist and huge. Miniskirt sleeveless formal wear calls for strappy sandals, not plain pumps.

  40. Az

    I’m sorry but the inclusion of one very delicious Ryan Gosling in this fug completely distracted me. What were you saying…?

  41. Jill

    yeah, yeah…michelle looks darling and ryan looks hot.
    but the best favorite part of this post – the mention of crying dawson (and the subsequent mental image of that beloved moment). thanks fug girls. :)

  42. Danni

    One of my favourite posts ever, and not just because of the abundance of Dawson’s Creek references. I might get the box set out later, I miss Pacey. Her outfit is cute, although yes, the girls need a boost and I dont entirely care for the pattern on the lace of the top. Are we ignoring Mr Gosling in head-to-toe velvet? I love him, but I can’t touch velvet – it’s all very confusing.

    PS I may be completely behind the times, but are they dating?