Fug or Fab: Michelle Williams


Does it seem too on the nose that Michelle Williams is wearing a dress with rain clouds on it, and that her dress is softly, beautifully, weeping?

I think it should be a requirement for each nominee at every luncheon henceforth that they wear an ensemble that speaks to their public image directly. Michelle is sweet and fragile and sad. If it were Angelina Jolie, she’d have to wear a dress with the face of each of her children silk-screened onto it and Jennifer Aniston’s mug printed right on her ass — so she can sit on her, you get it. Meryl Streep would wear a print that says, over and over again, “I DON’T CARE.”  Julia Roberts would have to wear a giant set of teeth on a chain.  I like this plan. This luncheon needs a little costume party action to liven it up.

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  1. Katharine

    That is extremely unflattering in real life, but at the same time, I’m thinking that if I make some little drawings of her just like that but with bigger shinier eyes, and painted in floaty watercolour shades, I can make a killing on Etsy. Then I might expand into a little line of twee painted tea towels, and maybe skinny-limbed rag dolls.

  2. Willow

    I kind of like the dress, I do wish it was slightly more fitted, and she needs better shoes, something in a pastel shade, the black is so weighty and heavy, and if your torso is hosting a depressed cloud support group, your feet ought to lighten the mood.

  3. cruzilla

    Imagine running into this woman at the store, or at a restaurant, or at a school event, in this outfit. Would you for a second think that it was flattering? Wouldn’t you think: You are a grown woman! Stop dressing like a child!

  4. Jill


    Also, I think the main problem with that is that it is tremendously unflattering and doesn’t remotely fit her. This could be kind of awesome on the right person, but Michelle needs to wear things with a lot more shape.

  5. Chasmosaur

    Dear Michelle Williams:

    I know you may find this hard to believe, but you can actually wear a fitted short, sleeveless dress. “Fitted” does not translate into variations on a high neckline, 3/4 length sleeves, floor length, and various fabrics that resemble old-fashioned bed-spreads.

    Seriously – you’ve got a cute figure, great skin, and when you choose to use it, a nice smile. Use ‘em please.


    Chasmosaur of the GFY Nation.

  6. Stefanie

    Her looking like a Carebear is the only remotely redeeming about this disaster.

  7. Lina

    Okay, I don’t hate it, but with caveats: I do like that it’s graphic and Mod-shaped — it really is a cute dress. However, I totally wish the background were navy blue or black, and I wish someone ELSE were wearing it because it IS too on the nose for MW. It’s like the apotheosis of her public image, in wearable form. (I am so ready to see her wearing something v-necked and slinky again. She does NOT teach second grade!) I would love it if someone with a fairly edgy image were wearing it because the sweetness would then be a good counterpoint. Here’s the total effect is far too saccharine for me.

  8. Katie

    “Damn, Sam, I love a woman that rains.”

    so indie she’s taken to embodying singer-songwriter lyrics.

  9. Beth Mirza

    YES! ENOUGH with the Peter Pan collars. And where is your waist? You’ve got legs for days, use them ….

  10. cathy

    noononononononono… how many times michelle – if you have boobs, and you have a lovely pair as far as i can tell, you can not wear things that are so shapeless at the waist because you look like a tent even if you weight 100 lbs with a bed.
    she does not have some difficult body shape to dress.

  11. Sandra

    This is the pillowcase upon which a CareBear shed many tears. It wouldn’t be so horrible if it had some shape. It wouldn’t be good either, but less horrible anyway. I usually like Posh’s stuff a lot better than this. Guess you can’t win ‘em all.

  12. maxameliana

    are she and Glenn both really nervous? it looks like they are both all shrunched shoulders and awkward

  13. LoriK

    I know that tastes vary and all that., but she is a 31 year old woman wearing a sack with a Peter Pan collar covered in kissing clouds and sparkly rain. Why exactly was a Fug or Fab vote needed on this?

    • Jen S 2.0

      Preach it, sister!

    • Leelee

      My thoughts exactly. There is no debate as to how awful this whole thing is.

      • vandalfan

        And the total look isn’t even remotely flattering. It’s not only a bad dress, it’s badly worn. Those wretched shoes! The PTA slap. The sad smirk. (Do her teeth hurt? Did someone run over her dog?)

  14. MonMode

    She is swimming in it! That dress gives her absolutely no shape, but I do like the artwork..


  15. Zed

    I’d like her to stand up straight and look more confident, but otherwise I think it’s rather sweet. I’d prefer the clouds without markings that make them look like features on faces and to be dotted about more randomly, but I don’t think that something that isn’t figure-hugging is automatically unflattering.

    I got lost in multiple negatives there, I trust I said what I think I said.

  16. Ailatan

    You’re not Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby, Michelle. This is real life.
    .Also, stand straight, that might do wonders for this look.

  17. Caroleena Stantonova

    Her body language c r a v e s this costume. From her adorable, sloe-eyed face–allllll the way down to her dripping fingertips.

  18. theotherjennifer

    might look adorable on Matilda, though. with the black shoes – gak! I kind of dig the sparkly CareBear tears.

  19. Libby

    Ugh! So tired of the twee Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby styling!

  20. Carli

    Someone needs to teach M-Dub how to pose.

  21. Eden

    Why oh why does this woman dress like an 80 year old grandmother? Maybe she is just sad and depressed all the time because that’s what it looks like. She is always wearing a sack, slouching and looking like it would be too painful to actually smile……WTF???

  22. Rowynn

    The last person I saw standing in that pose was Ralphie, when he had to try on the pink bunny suit that Aunt Clara made him for Christmas.

  23. The Other Molly

    Someone PLEASE, make her go away!
    She’s everywhere, and it’s annoying as hell.

  24. giggleswick

    I voted Care Bear, although I do think it’s kind of cute. But maybe not event appropriate. And it shifts into twee overload when worn by MW. So cute dress on someone else at a more frivolous party.

  25. Jen S 2.0

    I might have been convinced that it was at least cute, if not wonderful and glamorous and sexy, until the phrase “Care Bear” was used. Now it’s been killed.

  26. foo

    Definitely Care Bear and she’s posing like she needs a hug. Yuck.

    PS- The JR teeth on a chain made me laugh out loud. Literally. Thank you.:)

  27. Michele M.

    I just want her to stand up straight. She looks all hunchy & is holding her arms away from her body in such a weird way. But please for the love of jello just stand up!!!!

  28. AM

    I don’t hate it. Maybe because she doesn’t bug me or cause instant dislike. I do maybe see this as more spring/Easter brunch than February sort of serious lunch, but that’s me. One thing about the dress that I would change is the bottom. It sort of looks like she hemmed it, and you can see the hem.

  29. Cranky Old Batt

    Why is this even a question? She was obviously drugged and dressed in the dark by someone who hates her very, very much.

  30. Bella

    The dress is awful. Equally awful is her posture. She stands there like an awkward cut out doll. I think she needs a few sessions at a modeling school to learn how to pose for pics.

  31. Amber

    This dress is hideous, all around. On anyone, I think.

    But I really wanted to comment on the Julia Roberts teeth on a chain thing because that made me laugh out loud, totally. And I might have even snorted. Frickin’ comedy gold. Thank you!

  32. ceecee

    This would be 50% better if she would just stand up straight. She just looks so defeated and sad. Come on, girl- Work It! If you’re going to wear a shapeless sack with rain clouds on it, make us want to sing in the rain.

    • Kary

      Maybe she’s just method acting this dress. I say we should put her in a dress with yellow suns and sparkly rainbows and see what happens.

  33. Carrie Ann

    “Fug National” is the best.

  34. lynn

    I hate the dress. What I have discovered is that I simply DO NOT GET this woman’s sense of style. She consistently wears things that are marginally (and often completely) too old for her, in a old school marm style, without a scintilla of sexiness or appeal. At first, this was slightly refreshing but now it is just …old, like her clothes and style.

  35. Gabby

    Is that one of the new Posh dresses (you know, the Victoria line?). If so.. it looked better on her child.
    Care Bear. Yes.

  36. KatInEurope

    It is indeed VB, but from her new second line.

    But imagine Alexa Chung in it.
    Peter Pan collar? Check.
    Mod shape? Check.
    Super leggy? Check.
    Whimsy? Check.
    British? Checkity check.

    Michelle this dress is not for you, it never was meant for you. It was meant for Ms Chung.
    It makes you look not just Bear of Care, but also like life’s worries are weighing on you so, so much that your shoulders look to be carrying more weight than Atlas’.
    Is being the downtrodden single mom your Oscar campaign?
    *remembers recent interviews*

    Go back to your wardrobe and find the yellow frock again. Make us want you to win.

  37. anny

    She’s just a chair away from Edith Ann here.

  38. Erin

    AWFUL dress, just as nearly everything this woman wears is pure fuggery. She’s a pretty woman, but she needs a new stylist. She’s had the same ghastly wardrobe, ugly haircut and unflattering makeup palette for way, way too long now!

  39. fernichiwa

    I just had to report how much the Julia Roberts comment made me laugh :D

  40. Mahastee

    Hee! This dress makes me laugh! I love it and you all can’t stop me.

  41. fritanga

    Why does she do this to herself? I think the objective is “gamine” and “fun,” but the execution is invariably “dowdy,” “thickening” and “ugly.”

    Doesn’t she look in the mirror before she leaves the house? Do her friends and family hate her so much that they LET her leave the house looking like this? I don’t get it. She was doing so well there for a while, but ever since the GG and the “comfortable 50-year-old mom dress,” she’s been on a downward slide fashion-wise. I fear for the Oscars.

  42. Loramir

    Her clothes are almost unfailingly drab and dull and sacklike, and she is way too fond of the high necks and the twee Peter Pan collars. But it would all be so much better if she would just SMILE. In a way that is not tinged with TRAGEDY.

    I know she has had legitimate tragedy in her life, but well, a lot of people have. She’s an actress – at least fake it! She just always looks so world-weary and beleaguered, like it’s such a BURDEN and a CHORE to have to go to Oscar luncheons and win awards and make a gazillion dollars.

    This dress could maybe be pulled off if someone with a bit of whimsy and fun wore it, like Zooey Deschanel or Kirsten Dunst, and livened it up with some better styling and a SMILE.

  43. Sajorina

    I do like it! She looks SUPER CUTE, but she’s not a teenager anymore! My problem is witth the black shoes… Imagine how much better this dress would look with strappy light blue or silver heels! The “Care Bear” comment is genius, but with better shoes, this would be a FAB!

  44. Diana

    She looks like a granny in a mu-mu….

  45. Lillibet

    Carey Mulligan may be able to work this.

  46. Megan

    Care bear killed it

    This is a difficult dress to pull of & Michelle shouldn’t of even tried. Doesn’t her stylist advise her?!

  47. Sevi

    It’s a VB dress:


    Danielle Lineker also wore it and looked better in it than Michelle. Not much better though…slightly better. It just doesn’t look like a dress for grown-ups.

  48. Kris

    I think it’s her horrible, awkward posture that is killing this.

  49. CJ

    I really don’t get this. In so many ways. First, the print. Kinda cute — if you’re giving a presentation to the Academy about the role that Singin’ in the Rain has held in Hollywood history. Kinda kicky if you are, say, Katy Perry who has been known to wear tongue in cheek, fun prints. But, then, hers would be very fitted, of course, and paired with, say, a pink sequin umbrella and electric blue satin sky high heels. It’s not that the print is bad, it’s just very costume-y.

    As for the style of the dress….oy. It reminds me of the stories my mom told about being pregnant in the 1960′s. My mom wore GREAT clothes (gorgeous Anne Klein clothes when Anne Klein was still alive. From home movies, she looked like she stepped right out of the movie Charade — just a killer wardrobe) but she said the minute you got pregnant, it was almost impossible to find anything sophisticated, even anything normal. The trend was to dress pregnant woman like the children they were about to have. She said for an era that was supposed to be liberating, the fashion for pregnant women was a huge step backward. She said it was demoralizing for a grown (and obviously sexual) woman to be dressed as if she were a child. And that’s all I see when I look at this dress. She wants to be modest, fine, I get that. She wants retro touches…I get that too. But dressing like a child is frankly odd to me.

    And, to boot, the fit is unflattering and the shoes are clunky. Fug…hands down.

  50. Maddy

    aww.. it’s a bit upsetting!

  51. gryt

    Wat is she, five?

  52. Emma

    I actually blushed when I first saw this, I felt so embarrassed for her. She’s so pretty, but naturally she does have a shortish neck and a thickish waist, and this dress makes her look like she has NO neck and NO waist, not to mention slouchy shoulders. It’s so bland and so sack-shaped and so twee, and her pose doesn’t help. I’m just not on board with this cutesy thing she’s been doing lately with the pixie cut and the headbands. Remember how stunning she looked in that saffron yellows dress with the soft wavy hair a few decades ago?

  53. Julie

    I can’t add anything to all the comments about the dress – I agree with most of them, but I just have to say how much I dislike her hair like this. She has such a round face and it’s too short. I don’t find it flattering at all on her, though I do appreciate a Hollywood actress not having long, flowing tresses for once. I just wish it wasn’t her.

    Oh and her posture is also not helping.

  54. Craig

    Michelle… you have the silhouettes of Statler and Waldorf on your boobs.
    Silhouettes of Statler and Waldord which then smooch each other on your waist.
    Smooching silhouettes of Statler and Waldorf which then melt away around your hips/thighs, possibly out of shame for their roles in what this dress is doing to you.

    Maybe the outfit would be a success if it was less reminiscent of a geriatric gay rom/com, and more a comedy romp. Smooching silhouettes of Beaker and Dr Bunsen, anyone?

  55. MK

    God how I hate Michelle’s style. There, I said it. She makes herself look frumpy and awkward and like some demented schoolteacher trying to pass as a teenager so she can hang out with the cute shy boy in the 11th grade. Yuck.

  56. crystal

    I’m not mad at the rain clouds, because awww, but holy moly is that thing unflattering.

  57. Jennie

    Posh Spice is so overrated as a designer and this hideous dress is a testament to that fact. Every season is continually either bland as hell without interesting detail or tailoring to the clothes (another tight mono-colored sheath dress) or totally off mark with bizarre detailing and tailoring (like the cat dresses and clouds dress above). Wtf? I swear celebs contract with her when they agree to wear her messes on their bodies.