Fug or Fab: Marisa Tomei


If I were wearing this, I’d look like the frumpy ceramics teacher at your Vermont all girls boarding school circa 1981:

But Marisa Tomei might be leaning closer to being a free-spirited and glamorous ceramics teacher at your Vermont all girls boarding school circa 1981. It’s a very important distinction.

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[Photo: WENN]

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Comments (32):

  1. Rayna

    Marisa is beautiful, and I <3 her sincerely, but this is NOT her look. None of it.

  2. Carol

    She looks like she is actually standing in that Vermont all-girls boarding school (judging from the stairwell and flooring in the photo) and it could just BE 1981! The whole thing is dated from top to toe … Marisa can do so much better.

    • Helen

      It’s like a time-warped guest appearance on The Facts of Life.

      • ChristieLea

        She needs some feathered hair, though. Unless we’re assuming she was hauling the latest batch of ceramics from the kiln, realized she was late to the ribbon-cutting of the new wing of the boarding school, so she threw her hair up in a ponytail and hurried there as fast as she could.

        • Desiree

          I love her, the fug girls, and all three of you ladies. Maybe she feathered her hair but it was raining out and her hair got “flat.” I remember doing a do-over for a school picture because my big hair got rained on. And having “flat” hair just wrecked the whole picture.

    • Big Noise

      Get out of my head — you read my mind!

  3. Eliza Bennett

    Whoa! Oh, honey….no.

  4. AM

    Well, it is a little retro–which is why I like it! I would totally wear the blouse!

  5. Big Noise

    Why does she look so washed out? She’s much prettier than this.

  6. SKS

    I think it’s the angle and/or flash of the photo (or perhaps the pose) that make the outfit look somewhat unflattering. I think I see potential of a cute outfit here, but I don’t like what I see in the picture, if that makes sense. :T

  7. KJV

    OMG, I just bought that exact same shirt at Salvation Army two weekends ago! Except mine is black on white instead of three colors. It’s by an early 80s French designer. Totally dying from joy, as I love Marisa and her vintage taste.

    However, those pants….

  8. lalu

    IT COULD BE SO MU–zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  9. Noodle

    The shirt might almost be great, but those pants are the WORST.

  10. Anna Svahn

    HATE those shoes. HATE.

  11. theotherjennifer

    those pants – I had them – 1984 from the Limited, they had snaps on the ankles so you could wear them with your leather wrestling boots. and your leg warmers. holy hell.

  12. maryse

    the outfit is horrible. but she still looks the same as she did circa 1981. or maybe 1985.

  13. Anna

    Peds? Really?

  14. Miss Louise

    Sometimes you GFY girls quite simply nail it! I can picture that Vermont boarding school and I’m not even American. Only thing is, to achieve a full 1981 look she needed the bun to be up and on the side, instead of at the back.

  15. Vandalfan

    This is a “before” photo.

  16. kathotdog

    The shirt is good to great. The pants are horrific.
    Her face is amazingly, naturally beautiful.

  17. tigers4us

    Even the shoes are awful! Is she in costume for a movie/TV role?

  18. Sajorina

    From what decade’s closet did she pull this outfit from? That closet needs to die!

  19. Anne B

    This looks like:

    1) A top from the very special Star Trek episode of Dynasty, mating with
    2) Duran Duran ringmaster pants from 1984, supported by
    3) Black foot tacos.


  20. Soluna

    It isn’t the fact htat this is so dated that bothers me. It is the way her trunk looks so truncated. The high neck of the blouse and high waist on the pants makes her torso look about 10 inches long. Somehow I think that is not truly the case.

  21. lola

    I kind of love her no matter what, but the look on her face (makeup less beauty) and her posture- just work for this. Her pants are jodphurs- …. you really couldn’t pair that shirt with plain pants!

  22. Cassidy

    Um, does Marisa Tomei AGE?

  23. Dear

    Love the shirt, but it needs different pants. Almost ANY other pants would be better.

  24. David

    I didn’t know she was in Color Me Badd!

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