Fug or Fab: Marion Cotillard


This is a tough one:

I’ve been turning this over in my brain and finally landed on what I’d say if, for example, I was besties with Marion and she popped out of her room wearing this and asked me what I thought. For reference: I look amazing in this fantasy and am both wearing a caftan and drinking champagne. By the pool. By my pool. In the south of France. While Jon Hamm grills burgers. Shirtless. No, wait, his chest hair might catch on fire — in a tight tee shirt. Okay.  (Hey, if you’re going to make a hypothetical situation, make it a good one.) And what I’d say is this:

“That dress is REALLY cute! But are you going to wear those shoes with it? ….no,  I don’t know, girl. I don’t love them with it. I feel like the skirt is too short for you to wear such tall shoes. The proportions are kind of weird.  No! You can totally still wear a wedge. Just maybe, like, an inch or two shorter? It’d be different if the dress were a tab longer. Or if you were younger. SORRY. Sorry.  Jon keeps refilling my champagne, I might be a little drunk. But, listen, girl: it’s too much leg in those shoes, and it’s not because your legs aren’t great, because THEY ARE. I just think…I mean, you know. Do you want to just stay home? We’re having burgers!”

And then she’d change them, or let out the hem, and everyone would be so so happy. Right?

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  1. Pouncer

    Different shoes, definitely. I think this would also look better on her with a v-neck.

  2. kickassmomnyc

    I would take a sip of Pastis and say (in French, of course), Marion, you are 36 years old. Why are you wearing Chloe Moretz’ party dress? You look ridiculous.

    • Helen

      Cosign, except I think Moretz might be a little old for it, too. I really see this on someone under 10.

  3. Adu

    More than the shoes, the neckline of this dress bothers me. And the whole thing feels very mid-’90s. In fact, I’m pretty sure I wore something less fashionable to a middle school dance. Still going to land on the side of this looking passable, mainly because Marion Cottilard is completely pulling this off.

  4. openroses

    I think black sandals–but a flat sandal. She’s so cute and there would be something lovely about the girlishness of flats with this.

  5. Jenny

    Super cute dress. Super cute shoes. Just not supercute together. Maybe a pair of black basic ballet flats? Or lower wedges in black? I think the dress is busy and cutesy enough- shoes should be more restrained.

  6. Carolina Girl

    Can we turn this into a fantasy pool party so that I can come, too? It’s blazing hot in Columbia SC right now and I would love nothing more than to lounge around the pool with you critiquing Marion’s outfit while Jon Hamm cooks and dishes out alcohol.

    PS … You’re right. That is a bit too much leg. Shorter wedges are definitely the way to go.

    • Kat

      Amen to that. Blazing hot in VA too. I could use a vaca in the South of France with Hamm, burgers, pool, and the Fug ladies (which I just mistyped as the Fig ladies).

  7. Eliza Bennett

    Add me to the list for black flats. Flat black gladiator sandals would have been so fabulous with that. I also don’t like the neckline, but not enough to change it.

  8. A.J.

    To me, it’s the wedges. I think height with a stilletto or at least a skinner heel, would help. And in black.

  9. Susan

    Cute picture, cute dress, cute Marion, terrible shoes.

  10. Patrick

    Agreed, that was my first thought upon scrolling down – the shoes look like part of an entirely different ensemble to the dress. Both are amazing, but not together. The overall effect is a bit too Disney Stripper.

  11. Squirrel!

    (Psst: Cotillard. One T, two L’s.)

    As for the dress, I’d prefer to see it a little longer. With some variety of black flats or sandals, as everyone has said.

  12. KateShouldbeWorking

    What if we switched it so Dakota Fanning was wearing this instead?

  13. Amy

    Ditto to Squirrel!…..and Jon Hamm on the grill

  14. AM

    Right to the lower heel question, and another question–why am I not in the south of France at this party?

  15. Stefanie

    I am way WAY more interested in your hypothetical situation than I am this dress. I really want to be there.

  16. gryt

    Maybe she just shouldn’t wear a doll dress.

  17. Claire L1

    I’m with the black flat sandals idea ( She can borrow my Borns….they’d be perfect)…….I don’t like the neckline of the dress either ( and if I’m going to be picky, different shoes or not, I wish it were just a touch longer)… A ballet neckline would be so much prettier.

  18. Jen

    I wish I were by the pool.

  19. katdunn

    The age comment was a little mean and I don’t think it’s correct.

    • Bea

      Er, yeah. There’s a ‘right’ age to wear high wedges now? WTH Jessica?! And 36′s too old for them?!

      • Kara

        I don’t think the shoes are the “too young” part, personally. For me, between the pattern of the dress and the flouncy skirt, the dress reads “childish.”

    • kickassmomnyc

      It’s not mean, it’s accurate criticism. The dress is simply too juvenile for a 36 year old woman. Or any woman over 18.

  20. Claire L1

    I think she meant that there’s an age where a really short skirt paired with super high wedges is no longer age ‘appropriate’.

    • Cranky Old Batt

      Yep. It makes you look like you are trying to hard not to age, or are immature. Either of which are highly unattractive.

  21. Subah

    I like the dress, but don’t find it particularly flattering on her. I think this length doesn’t suit her, her body looks weird.

  22. flitzy

    I like it. She carries it off. I wouldn’t wear it myself, however.

  23. perletwo

    For a minute I thought that was Kristin Stewart. Make of that what you will.

  24. gail

    Marion, could you please move a bit to the left, you’re in the way of my view of John.

  25. Charlotte

    It’s….really not that short?? I think the shoes give the illusion of more leg being on display than is actually the case. I fully intend to wear skirts this length when I’m 36, and my 23-yr-old legs aren’t even as good as hers! But it is certainly a little cutesy for her.

    • Halo

      I do wear full skirts almost that short, and I’m 38. I love this look!

  26. Heironyms.

    I don’t think her age makes a difference. Those shoes would be just as wrong with that dress on a 16-year-old.

    That said, I’m not a fan of the skirt length. Not because she can’t carry it off–if anyone could, she could! But the shortness of the skirt makes the dress look top-heavy. A few inches longer or else changing the top to a lighter style–maybe a halter top? or spaghetti straps?–would balance it better.

  27. cycler

    I don’t know that it’s age inappropriate in the “mutton dressed as lamb” sense, as much as that wide a flouncy skirt conjures up 6 year olds in easter dresses. Obviously the color and pattern are working against that image.
    I would say that her age has nothing to do with it, and that anyone wearing that dress should bow to the connotations of the shape and wear a simpler shoe.

  28. TereLiz

    I think it veers a little too far in the direction of party girl with the high wedges—hence, why I agree that Marion, being a WOMAN, not a party girl, should think about lower heels for this dress for the sake of good taste.

    I’d prefer she’d worn black flats, or *gasp* those blush Chanels with the black capped toes! Then switch out the blush bag for a white one, et voilá! The dress is summery enough with the floral print and the short, full skirt that ballet flats would be seasonally appropriate without resorting to sandals.

  29. Evalyn

    Way too much shoe. They look like they weight about 10 lbs each. Strappy non-platform sandal and a totally different dress. This one look like she’s had it since third grade.

  30. Cranky Old Batt

    Since someone is wearing those shoes to work today, I can confirm that they make you look like you have 2 wood toy trucks strapped to your feet.

  31. Shiitake

    A little old for that frock, don’t you think?

  32. Eli

    She looks bad, but then again, she got paid to make out with Christian Bale and I did not, so…

  33. Jo

    I agree- shoes are dreck and dress too short – NEXT!

  34. Mora

    Fab. It’s hard to make Marion Cotillard look bad. I wear some outfits like that myself, I daresay. Fab.

  35. KarKar

    Psst, Jessica…over here, enjoying your pool. Throw me a line, please: I’m choking on Marion’s shoes.

  36. Sajorina

    All I know is that I love Marion, I like her dress and I don’t like those shoes with it! And, now I’m craving burgers & champagne with Jon Hamm in the south of France!

  37. Mrs. Ditter

    It’s so cute! My younger daughter had a dress JUST LIKE THAT for her American Girl doll. So…yeah, maybe not age appropriate for the Awesome Ms. Cotillard. Definitely not too short, though. But the shoes should be stomped out of existence.
    Also, throw a HammBurger on for me, would you? Thanks.

  38. Bambi Anne Dear

    Frankly, I don’t care. I’d much rather know who the two cuties are up the back.

  39. Fuh Ugh

    Put this dress on KStew in the Balenciaga ad… (with different shoes, of course!)

    • Charlotte

      {Henry Higgins} I think she’s got it! {/Higgins} K Stew would rock that dress.

  40. nonabgo

    Love the dress, hate the shoes.

  41. Sarah

    Love Marion, love this dress- I do think different shoes would’ve been better though.

  42. Catherine Brenes

    this should be for Elle Fanning, and not even she would wear that….
    but she looks pretty as always…


  43. Taylor

    You are EXACTLY right.

  44. Lily1214

    Way-y-y-y too young.

  45. coco

    looks like she should be doing housework and is just wearing some new shoes to break them in..that dress looks totally like an apron.

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