Fug or Fab: Marion Cotillard


This dress is very pretty. I almost wish Hailee Steinfeld had worn it.

And I do think Marion is carrying off the white with more authority than Anne Hathaway is — or at least more of an eye-twinkle. But something about the whole effect of skirt plus shoes feels very balletic, and not in the kind of devilish way that makes me want to sit down and watch Center Stage and revel in all the impossible costume changes and leg lifts and awkward cookie deliveries; more like, “Ugh, Black Swan was two years ago and I’m STILL not ready for more ballet jokes.” This is not Marion’s fault, but if the best I can muster — and, admittedly, I am writing this on a plane and there is nothing on but American Ninja Warrior, which is so very inferior to its Japanese counterpart on G4, so I am not in the most creative headspace — is, “Oh, huh, I hope other people came to this premiere so that I can write about something more fun,” then maybe that is a sign she should’ve checked out of the Motel Twee two nights ago.

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  1. Claire

    If she had gone with more colorful shoes and earrings, she would have looked perfect.

  2. TonyG

    Despite the ballet motif, I love this on her. Definitely a fab for me.

  3. NJ

    those shoes look hurty, like they’re poking her ankles. and the dress looks like a haute couture prom dress…. so it should be on Hailee or one of the Fannings.

    • Katharine

      I think it looks like a haute couture garbage-bag flower, the kind they put on wedding limos. Hate unreservedly. I’d put this on a six-year-old playing a Snow Fairy in the school play.

  4. Shannon

    I actually don’t think the dress is that bad (it’s actually quite pretty), but I have an irrational hatred for those shoes, and yes, she needs better earrings and some more jewelry. Additionally, is that — as TLo would say — “consumptive” eye makeup? It looks like it, and I call BS on that as well. This is definitely one of those looks that was ruined by bad styling.

    • Bee

      It is awful, orange eye make-up. Shame.

    • Katty McNiley Ripley

      I actually would loved to see this dress on Hailey, or the Fannings Duo… yet I think she looks lovely. I also hate the shoes, they seem cheap and a little”costumy” in a Vegas-showgirl kind of way…

      • hippetyhop

        Ditto! I thought ‘circus shoes’ – all she needs are the big head plume and some fancy horses, ta da! But yes, Vegas.

  5. aeb

    i saw the close up of her shoes on jezebel – they have little spikes in them. i think those shoes alone allow the twee to go away.

  6. Kara

    Her eye makeup does make her look like she has pinkeye, it’s true. Weirdly though, I don’t mind the rest of the look – I think the flouncy dress she had on the last time she was featured on GFY was worse in terms of twee-ness.

  7. Feena

    …and the shoes are woejus…

  8. ak

    I love the dress, but I’m on board with the shoes/eyemakeup complaints. The sparkly sandals wrapping up her ankles evoke a pointe-shoe line a little too literally for my taste. I think a sleek, strong, bright heel with a clean line would have made the rest of the outfit more modern, less little girl-adjacent, and less literal.

  9. Sandra

    It looks like one of the dolls with the big skirt that grannies and great-aunties use to store the extra roll of t.p. A beautiful Frenchwoman in her mid-thirties should look more sleek and chic, IMO

  10. Pootle

    Center Stage!!…..ages since I watched that bit of unshamedly small girl wish fulfillment bit of ballet fluff (sorry Nicholas Hytner, but that’s what you made…plus fabulous dancing)……*runs to DVD drawer to find her copy*.

    P.S. I think Marion looks ‘nice’

  11. BrownEyedBetty

    Yep. Motel Twee pretty much sums it up for me too.

  12. Helen

    Looks great to me. My only quibbles are (along with just about everyone else) the eyeshadow color, and also, for me, the nail color doesn’t work either. But it’s flawlessly proportioned, beautifully fitted, and I love the slightly off-white color and that there’s a bit of sparkle in the bodice.

    If the dress weren’t so well-proportioned a a whole, I would find its skirt a little much, too, but it is. And I think the accessory choices are perfect with it. The jewelry gently picks up the shoes without being too aggressive about it.

  13. Jen S 2.0

    I voted that you’re not crazy, BUT I must give the caveat that she can carry it off in a way not everyone could. I mean, the woman took home an Oscar while dressed as a mermaid and got away with it. It is indeed more than a little twee, but she’s making it work.

  14. Kate

    Am I the only one who finds it a wee small in the torso area?

  15. vron

    By the way have you watched Dance Academy? It is kind of weird with the camera angles and stop motion but is available streaming on netflix and is like center stage but IN SYDNEY AUSTRALIA. There is nothing bad about that.

  16. Bottle Ginger

    I hate the dress because it’s too young for her, and I’m so over ruffles. When are the damned things going away? They’ve been on everything for years now!

    I also hate the entire fashion for short, high-waisted, full-skirted dresses. Like the baby doll dresses that came before them, they have the porportions of a child’s dress, and I’m aesthetically, philosophically, and politically opposed to dressing grown women like little girls. It’s wrong on so many levels!

    • Libby

      ….I don’t see that as High-waisted, but then again, I’ve got weird proportions (high waist long torso, I’m basically all hips/butt) so that would hit my natural waist exactly (yanno, if I weighed little enough to put on this dress in the first place).

  17. vandalfan

    I also think the bodice is a tad snug. The skirt I think, with the tulle upon everlasting tulle, is best in a full formal, floor length, ballgown application. Short is too costume-y, short and white definitely so. I love the shoes, and wish she could have found them in her size.

  18. Claire L1

    I will be the first to admit…. I am a sucker for anything shiny….and while I recognize that the shoes are to much…. they make me incredibly happy. Wearing jewelery on my feet? Hell Yes!!!

    The dress, I like….but if they were to take a few inches out of the fluff and add it to the length ( think to the middle of the knee)…it would look haute and not so haute tween.

    I am not a fan of ANY of the full mini skirts. I like mini skirts, I like full skirts….I just wish they hadn’t mated and had babies.

  19. Mahastee

    Those shoes look like torture devices.

  20. Poppy

    Well, I’m probably the only one in the world, but I actually can’t stand younger actresses / singers (a Fanning for example, or a Swift) wearing really princess-y twee dresses. Most people seem to view that as age-appropriate, but to me 16-20 is such an awkward age to go full Disney. Marion here looks as if she’s aware of her dress being a bit out there but she’s having a great time anyway. I think in your thirties you’ve earned that, especially if you’ve aced the red carpet a few times and are ready for a bit of fun. In your late teens it just looks like you don’t know any better.

    Having said that, those shoes need to die.

  21. anny

    Did I miss a memo, or is light blue nail polish a bit of a casual look? And is it not a little matchy with the earrings and shoes? I probably missed the memo.

  22. marykate

    It looks like a ballerina dress and, for that reason, I think she is too busty to pull the look off. The snugness of the dress in that region seems to support my thoughts.

  23. CarolineLondon

    On the ballet theme, she TOTALLY looks like Sasha from Bunheads in this. Not really a good thing… (Although for gentle ballet reintroduction, Bunheads is *totally* worth watching. But Centre Stage will be the best forEVER!)

  24. gryt

    One size too small.

  25. Gramielle

    She should have paired the dainty dress with some vibrant colored shoes.

  26. lily1214

    Too ballet.

  27. Alli

    I love those shoes so much and I want them. So feel free to talk her out of them…and then send them to me!

  28. sybann


    I think they make it. But …