Fug or Fab: Malin Akerman


Well, this is INTRIGUING:

I kind of dig it. Yes, it’s…well, a dress made of leather. Which is unconventional. Leather is usually, you know, jackets or shoes or MURDER GLOVES (if you’re a murderer — which, you really shouldn’t be. It’s rude at best) or, if you are evil and/or have no fear of your inner thighs sticking together, shorts.  But I like the juxtaposition of a tough textile and a girlie silhouette, and who doesn’t appreciate the easy clean-up, AMIRITE? Okay, pretend that last part never happened, and vote:

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  1. Reive

    I love the dress but she needs to NEVER do that to her hair and face again. Her face is too big for that look, it ends up looking awkward, overwhelming and vaguely creepy in a “head photoshopped onto different body” sort of way. Also, phooey on the footwear.

  2. FurryPurry

    I love the idea but I hate the colour of this dress, not too impressed with the particular design either. I’d say back to the drawing board for a better execution.

  3. girlnone

    I like the cut of it a lot, but could I see it in another color? I’m so tired of celebrities wearing dresses that look as if they’ve been fashioned from their own skin. Also, the shoes are ugly.

  4. Willow

    I stayed in a hotel in Portugal once, it was possibly the worst experience of my entire life it was hideous, the couch was made of this hideous orange leather which I think Malina may have stolen and used to make this dress.

    It’s like she skinned Snookie.

  5. Julie

    Reive, I was going to say the same thing-this dress would be much prettier if she had girlied it up with softer, less severe hair. And I hate the shoes with the dress.

  6. Debbie

    Her face and hair look like one of those Egyptian paintings……..

  7. Leah

    The dress is hot, the shoes are such a bummer.

  8. Vanessa

    She just looks wet to me.

  9. Ranee Singleton

    I think she looks upholstered. And not in a good way.

    And shoes, blech.

  10. vandalfan

    Leather should be applied sparingly, shoes, a bag, maybe a jacket under the right circumstances. This is far too much. Several cows must have given their all, or several front seats of a ’78 Monte Carlo. The single little cap sleeve should be removed and made into a wallet, and then I’d like the gladiator-like cut, but only in fabric, not (shudder) flesh.

  11. Share

    I wish there was an, “I’d love this in a less flesh-like color” option.

  12. DanerKebab

    Love the dress, hate the hair and shoes.

  13. Kary

    The color looks like butterscotch pudding to me…and not in a good way. If she must wear this leather dress (and I’m not saying she should — why not just opt for a leather skirt [even in that icky color] and a simple black top??), it would have been better in…teal? chocolate? Maybe even ivory or champagne? Right?

    And NO to her hair.

  14. Fuh Ugh

    I don’t care about the dress – it’s fine. whatever. But those SHOES with that dress – just foul. The grey/taupe with that warm orange Snooki shade is awful. OK, gotta admit, once Snooki was mentioned, I totally could not see that color any other way.

  15. Ramona

    I almost love it, but I feel like the designer got lazy and half-baked the middle. It has great lines and layers– love it from the boobs up, fine from the hips down– but then the waist is just a seam. So I’m a belt away from being all about it.
    I like the color. If it weren’t a neutral, I’d probably just notice the dress and not her. And I’m fine with her hair and make up. She’s gorgeous.

  16. Simone

    Blonde Pocahontas.

    This material just looks wrong, yuk, can’t get over that even though the cut is alright.

  17. D

    I think this could look really good…on someone else. It feels forced here to me. Maybe Zoe Saldana or someone else could pull this off though.

  18. Kate

    Ick. It’s like The Clan of the Cave Bear Goes to Prom.

  19. Anne B

    Like the concept of the dress. The execution falls short. Color, fit, length could all be better: Jada Pinkett-Smith would have literally worked this thing over with a bullwhip in her custom dungeon until it was red-carpet-ready.

    Agree with others here. Malin, dear? HAIR DOWN.

  20. Anne B

    @vandalfan … “front seats of a Monte Carlo” … Hahahahahaaaaa!

  21. barbarena

    what is with this pic and the next one of ryan cabrera with the “Head-As-Big-As-A-Haystack” look? Also, this dress is a headband away from Little Big Skull territory, too costume-y.

  22. crystal

    I wish her hair was better, but I wanna make babies with that dress.

  23. Anne

    It’s an interesting dress, but it’s styled terribly. She needs to go softer with her hair and her makeup- she looks kind of scary as is. I don’t know how to fix the shoes and accessories, but grey is not the answer, since her dress is already skin tone. It could be so much better!

  24. Lina

    I think I mostly like the shape of this dress, and I love the drape of a well-cut leather dress. Nothing else looks anything like it, and it’s a great way to make a statement, at least if it’s a flattering fit and suits the wearer over all. But this one specifically…I kind of hate the butterscotch color, the gray suede shoes, her makeup, and her hair. Each might be fine in another outfit, but they don’t work together here at all.

  25. Joni Woodhead

    hehe Juxtaposition ftw

  26. Jude

    I just see plastic head to toe

  27. Korry

    She looks like the seat of a car!

  28. atz

    In general, I’m not as anti-flesh-tones as everyone else seems to be, but I hate this color. It really washes her out. It is wrong with her skin tone. It might work on someone with darker skin.

    I do like it otherwise. The cut is very flattering, and I think the leather is a funky touch.

  29. AMS

    Love this dress, even love the color, just don’t love it on her. I’m with Anne B.: Jada Pinkett-Smith would OWN this.

  30. JanetP

    Ow. That hideous leather color mashed with those shoes is causing me actual physical pain.


  31. Su-Yin Johns

    my dad had a car in the 80s with this exact (p)leather. it was very sticky on hot days.
    so that’s a ‘no’ from me.

  32. Kara McNair


  33. Pouncer

    I think it would be perfect for Lady Gaga. On Ms. Akerman, not so much.

  34. mini

    I really, really, REALLY dislike her – I don’t know why, but I loathe watching her onscreen, she has an awful face and an awful voice. I’m not hating on her being ‘pretty’ at all, I can see she is. This feeling informs my view that her choice of attire is terrible also.

  35. karen

    Willow, you nailed it. I think this dress is pretty rad except for that horrible horrible color. If it was oxblood or black or hell, lime green it would have worked for me but it’s just so skin-colored. And those also skin-colored shoes. No.

  36. Karli

    I really want to like this, but so many bad choices were made that it’s just…..wrong.
    First off, she should never pull her hair back like that again. It doesn’t suit her face at all. Even if it did, it’s just too severe with this outfit. And the shoes are terrible. They seem clunky and awkward, and that gray color makes absolutely no sense with the color of the dress. Which I don’t like either. On her, or in general. But it definitely doesn’t work with her skin tone. I do really like the dress, though. It just needs to be in ANY other color, and then I’d love it. I’m also not into that…watch? Bracelet? I can’t tell, but it’s brown and I hate it. The clutch seems fine, but it’s just so much brown. All of these neutrals are making my head hurt.

  37. Veronica

    The neutral trend is a sad one that needs to fade already, but I’m surprised to find I like the dress. I’ve seen quite a few of them this year, so I guess they’re in? The only thing I’d really change is her hair and maybe go for a more standout shoe.

  38. Veronica

    The neutral trend is kind of a boring one that needs to fade already, but I find I like the dress. I’ve seen quite a few of them this year, so I guess they’re in? The only thing I’d really change is her hair and maybe go for a more standout shoe.

  39. brad

    perhaps if her skin wasn’t the same colour as the dress.