Fug or Fab: Lucy Liu


Let us just assume all the usual superlatives about Lucy Liu are right here: how she is one of the best looking celebrities I’ve ever seen in person (I believe I’ve already told you who looked the worst in person), how I think she was really good on Southland with my boyfriend Ben McKenzie, and how I am the only person in the world who is sad they canceled Cashmere Mafia because it gave us Lucy Liu jogging in fur coats.

So let’s just talk about this. I like it. It’s very Anne Shirley Meets Joan Collins, Goes to the Funeral of an Enemy, which is basically the fanfic I’ve just inspired myself to write. I have to go now and get started immediately.

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  1. Jane

    Wait, so which was the worst-looking celeb in person?

  2. fiatluxury

    I confess to always wondering how she got a shout out in that OutKast song, but usually I find her to be well turned out. This, however, makes me think her sleeves are not merely puffed, but padded, and that makes my biceps sweat. I covet the shoes, however.

  3. Steph

    I KNEW Ben was stepping out on me as my boyfriend! But for you, I’ll allow it. Please just have him home by 10 so we can watch SouthLAnd together.

    Ditch the sleeves, keep the awesome jeweled necklace/dress top and you’d have one bad ass chick in a great dress.

  4. neiges

    This isn’t fuggable, it’s perfection (and so is she).

  5. Kristan

    I only gave this a Maybe b/c I NEED THAT FANFIC NOW!

    Also, you are so NOT the only person who is sad Cashmere Mafia got canceled.

  6. Eli

    I love all of the Anne references you ladies make. Favorite books ever. Even if Gilbert Blythe did spoil me for real-life men, whose awesomeness does not stack up.

  7. luxsword

    funeral + old lady + terrible sleeves = bad

  8. Girlin

    Anne Shirley meets Joan Collins…There are no words – APPLAUSE!!!!!!!

  9. Kim

    hhmmm. I’ve been reading this blog pretty much since you started, and I don’t remember your mentioning who looked the worst in person. Aww, come on – spill!

  10. Jennifer

    I was sad about Cashmere Mafia too!

  11. AJ

    So happy that Matthew brought home the dress with puffed sleeves for Anne (with an “e”).

  12. Mahastee

    Fix the length and we’re golden.. I miss her, has she been in anything I should have seen lately?

    Cashmere Mafia could have been fun if Miranda Otto’s HIDEOUS fake accent hadn’t ruined it.

  13. pidget

    CM was not a great show, but I *loved* the colours they put Miranda Otto in. She might have sounded iffy, but she glowed. Plotting, not so much.

  14. mochaleet

    Funny, just finished watching all two seasons of Dirty Sexy Money on hulu. (I’ll take that check now thanks) Time to try Cashmere Mafia! Thanks Fugs!

  15. I.K.

    I’m not even noticing the clothes, her face is just so stunning!

  16. BeanFug

    It took me a while to find it; I kind of remembered you saw Renee Zellweger at the Carolina Herrera show at fashion week one year and thought she looked awful in person, but here is the article http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2008/09/fug_girls_alt_saves_venus_williams_from_the_princess_of_squintsberg.html

  17. Sajorina

    At first, I thought this was China Chow because the dress is weird & Lucy’s face is puffy! Anyway, this is a FUG for me!

  18. Lily1214

    She’s giving a speech at the Kiwanis this afternoon.

  19. Ms.A

    Those..shoes…again!?? Deep breaths…
    The only thing I like is the neckpiece. Or is that part of the dress?
    Anyhow, that dress is superfug. The sleeves are not a good idea.

  20. katkin74

    The dress doesn’t seem to fit her body type – she’s so tiny, the sleeves seem to make her look like a bad imitation of “AAAAAhnold”. Get to tha choppa and fix that dress, stat. Surprise that Zellwig is the worst looking in person; she always kind of looks like she just woke up from a crying jag and didn’t bother to wash her face, or brush her hair. Yikes.

  21. Lilibet

    Pass on the dress. I don’t want to be rude, but what happened to her left eye? Not plastic surgery I hope.