Fug or Fab: Lucy Liu


Lucy Liu is seriously aging backwards or something. She’s 43, but looks ten years younger. Correspondingly, of course, I hate her.

Clearly, so do her alien overlords, given that they beamed her down to earth wearing this.

I mean, am I right?

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Comments (38):

  1. Willow

    why do her feet look like a 1980′s computer graphic?

  2. Natalie

    Put some sunglasses on her, and she’s at a Matrix 4 audition!

  3. TaraMisu

    Ugh those shoes. They look like little tugboats on her feet.

  4. ak

    Those SHOES. ACK. They look like the lovechildren of ace bandages and stilts. Swap them out for a pair of black pumps and I might (might) be okay with the dress.

    But she’s so beautiful, it’s true.

  5. cathy

    yup, shoes are my only major problem here. fabric(s) of the dress is(are) stupid, but the cut is cute on her, so i don’t find it that bad.

  6. pidget

    Face wins. Everything else gets a pass because I can’t even really see it…

  7. Eliza Bennett

    Is that dress sheer? I think I might see Liu’s boob outline wayyy too clearly.

  8. Eurydice

    Well, her face doesn’t look 43, but her knees are starting to get there. Perhaps the skirt should be a tad longer or even a tad shorter. And I’m not sure about the proportion of the long torso, band collar, above-the-knee skirt and 3/4 length sleeves – it’s like there’s some kind of undecision about length going on. And aside from the horror of the soles on those shoes, are they some kind of beige fabric? Worn with some kind of shiny black Mylar and a blue satin clutch?

  9. Lynne

    Okay, shoes. Damn. Those are not good.

    I know I’m supposed to roll with black and blue combos as per the current rules of fashion but I just don’t like it. I would also like a piece of whatever fountain of youth she’s using. Not fair.

  10. Leah

    Mashed left boob alert

  11. Wordphreak

    Do I see her left boob through that fabric, or is that an illusion? Either way, it doesn’t pass.

  12. phquaryn

    I don’t “love” the dress, but for the record, I do love swiss chard with a little garlic and olive oil.

  13. Mahastee

    Every time I see her on-screen, I am blown away by her prettiness. But this outfit is unreasonably fugly. Especially the shoes, they make her look CLOVEN.

    • Sandra

      And they are several sizes to big! I can understand wearing cute shoes that don’t quite fit, but you fell in love with them and had to have them. These are awful.

  14. Street Lovely

    Cut her some slack. She was just auditioning for the new Battlestar Galactica movie. I hear it’s going to be directed by Peter Jackson.
    Street Lovely

  15. christine christine

    Sorry, that is definitely a boob, an areola and a nipple. I am so OVER “accidentally” showing your privates! Therefore I hate everything here from the neck down on principle. But damn, her face looks amazeballs.

    • Lindy

      Christine Christine–go to zoom and you will see that it isn’t. There is not a bit of nippular exposure. That boob is smashed no doubt about it, but nothing is showing and she might even be wearing a camisole under there.

      • vandalfan

        Actually, I’m seeing the same thing that christine christine sees, clear as a bell. Is the sheer fabric overlayed on beige fabric? Is the black fabric Hefty bags, or patent leather?

    • Kit

      I cannot believe that I just went through all the business you have to go through in order to see if she has nip showing. HONESTLY the things this site causes me to do. lol

      There is perhaps the barest hint of a nip if you look REALLY. WAY TOO CLOSELY (seriously Christina what up with the pruient interest in her nipular area?); but if so, said nipple is so very tiny (like the size of a ten year old boy’s nipple) – and is as offensive as said ten year old boy’s nipple. *shrug*

      But I really don’t think it’s a nipple.

  16. Sajorina

    Ok, she looks great from the neck up, but that dress is hurting my boobs by proxy! Plus, those awful shoes make me stabby! FUG!!!

  17. Sal

    That seems to be the case with many Asian actresses. Michelle Yeoh? She looks fantastic and she’s about 50! Grace Park? She looks like she’s in her early twenties and she apparently turns 38 today. Freaking hell, man.

  18. Victoria

    Her face looks AMAZING, wow.

  19. Kit

    I chose the last option and also, I was under the impression you did not have street cleaners in the US; ‘cuz I have friends visting from there this week and this morning we were out walking my dog, saw said street cleaner, and she was all “What’s that?” and I was all “Street cleaner.” and she was all “What in the what, what, now? Canadians. Clean. The STREETS?” (I didn’t tell her about the sidewalk cleaners for fear she’d faint.)

    /end digression

    Anyway, let’s talk about those shoes. Can we banish them to the 7th hell of some dark overlord? Because seriously, they suck all the happy out of the world.

  20. janey

    She’s Asian…that’s what they do; they age backwards.

    Also, did you get her White boyfriend yet? I mean on that show she was doing a while back? Did she land him before they cancelled?

    Also, the dress is too small in the bodice area because it compresses her tits and her shoes look Frankenfug. Other that all that, I like the leather work in the arms and bodice.

  21. Shiitake

    This is unfortunate fuglyness.

    • JillB

      She looks like she’s been partially tarred, like a really bad paving job.

  22. Arlene

    What’s with those shoes?
    Platform shoes have morphed into some mutation resembling horse hooves. I’m ready for this abomination to end and I await the return of beautiful, sexy shoes that are not designed by people who HATE WOMEN.

  23. Bambi Anne Dear

    I love it when I vote, not expecting to be with the majority but then finding out that I am. Those shoes are just sooooooooooooooooo bad. And the boob area needs serious adjustment. Like, a little more shaped.

  24. Blanche

    What she, as my age peer, really accomplishes here is to make me question what the hell my jawline and upper lip think they’re up to. Why can’t you shame a jawline and upper lip into working harder–by showing them a role model jawline and upper lip that clearly have not decided to just slack off the decade literally? At long last, this calls for tough love. Face troops, look at Lucy Liu–Look at her!– and tell me you cannot possibly eke out a molecule more of collagen, you lazy maggots! It’s in the hole with that martyred national hero Bradley Manning for you, until you learn submission to my authoritarian will!

  25. :paula

    I need to watch Kill Bill again RIGHT NOW.

  26. Rosemarie

    As it happens, I LOVE swiss chard. This, I do not.

    And now that you mentioned how young she looks – is her face not looking a little tight here?

  27. Herman Bumfudle

    hello, beautiful!!!

  28. Cat

    Those shoes are truly atrocious. Seriously, they ruin this for me. I think she looks great in the dress, but lord those shoes are terrible.