Fug or Fab: Lucy Hale


I was about to write, “this dress REALLY makes Lucy Hale look short,” and then I realized that Lucy Hale IS really short:

Not, as they say, that there’s anything wrong with that. I MYSELF am short and yet I swam about my home in a maxi-dress I got at Target, watching copious daytime television like the lady of the manor.  But this whole thing leaves me cold.

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  1. Jill

    The wonky harness neckline is so distracting to me that I can’t even think about the rest of it. Well, other than, where are her feet?

  2. vandalfan

    It’s spoiled by the wonky harness, and the fact that it is a rather summery look for the sixth of March.

  3. Katharine

    This is almost a totally cute for me, and I actually love the wonky harness neckline. It’s emphasising her shortness and breadth of shoulder, but as a fellow short person with wide shoulders, I in fact ENJOY that effect.

    The two things I would change are: first, shorten it to a proper length above the floor, sheesh, and second, reduce the gather/flare in the skirt. I think if this had just a little bit less skirt fullness, more of a sweeping A-line, and wasn’t dragging on the carpet, it would be truly totally cute.

    • liz_bee

      Agreed on all accounts. And I also want to take this opportunity to jump on the “OMG PLEASE STAND UP STRAIGHT” bandwagon. Her smile is really helpful though.

  4. Shelly

    Better posture might go a long way for this look. Then again, maybe not.

    • Chandra Prater

      Agreed. The girl needs to stand up straight. Then it’d be great.

  5. TaraMisu

    I like the neckline too…. it’s different but not in a wtf kind of way. The dress is entirely too long! As a person of little height, I would love to swan around in a maxi. Sad to say I can’t pull it off and neither can she. Shorten it to just above the knees and we’re good to go.

    • G

      The neckline is my favorite part of this dress. It’s unusual but attractive. A billion times more attractive than the “Hey, everybody! Look at my sternum! ALL of it!” style that’s so common now.

  6. Pouncer

    I’m a lady of above-average height (5′ 8 — not model-tall, but still fairly lofty) and I have never found a maxi-dress that doesn’t make me look hideous. I stare into the dressing room mirror and think, “I look like I’m down in a barrel.” Maybe Ms. Hale needed a talking mirror to tell her, “No. Not this dress.”?

  7. mary lou bethune

    She is beautiful and looks happy and healthy! Keep it up- and check out what Zooey wears,

  8. yeahandalso

    she is short (and absolutely gorgeous) in person, I’ve seen her on set and out in the wild shopping on Roberson. But she isn’t 3 feet tall like this makes her look.

  9. Sandra

    The neck-harness is weird. Pick one set of straps or the other. This thing certainly doesn’t weigh enough to need both. It DOES look like wet newsprint and it IS about a mile too long. Back to the dressing room, m’dear.

  10. Evalyn

    Being of the short persuasion myself, I must note there is a difference between BEING short and LOOKING short. This dress makes her LOOK short. The hair looks like she just rose from her deathbed. Too bad, she’s really cute.

  11. Mongerel

    What’s wrong with it? Easy, it’s the high-waistedness. Combined with bad posture, it makes everything from the third rib up look like a tough cut of mutton.

  12. Squirrel!

    “…and yet I swam about my home in a maxi-dress…”

    I know you meant “swan,” Jessica, but I’m enjoying the typo. A Freudian slip, perhaps? :-)

  13. Shiitake

    What is the fixation with extraneous straps on dresses?

  14. Mikki

    The top looks like a sports bra with extra straps for added support! Even the pattern is vaguely like something I’ve seen at LuLuLemon!

  15. Sajorina

    Actually, I think this is pretty cute! The length is the only thing that bothers me… I wish it was like 4″ above the knee! That & black high heels would get rid of the bulkiness of the skirt and the stumpifying effect! She’s just so adorable that I can’t fug her!

  16. Mo

    can’t get past the fact that she SLOUCHES….makes me insane.