Fug or Fab: Lily Collins


There’s “consistent,” and then there’s “dog with a bone.”

She looks lovely and all, but WE GET IT. MIDRIFFS ARE NOW. Lily has been attending events for like a week now and ALREADY she’s fallen into a fashion rut and can’t get up, and her Medic Alert bracelet won’t help because she’s not wearing it because it clashed with her stomach. Seriously, not everything has to be the same. OTHER IDEAS: TRY THEM.

Divorcing yourself from all that:

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At least Jamie Campbell Bower is amusing himself:

It’s not a bad Taylor Swift impersonation, theoretically, but he needs more nude sparkly dresses and some scribbled lyrics insulting something about Lily from when they dated, perhaps cobbled together entirely from Phil Collins song titles.

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Comments (41):

  1. Sandra

    Did she take the scissors to something that Audrey Hepburn gave to the Salvation Army Store 40 years ago?

  2. kittenmittens

    It’s a boring matronly dress trying to be cool by cutting the midriff out. It’s still boring and she has nice abs, but all crop tops all the time is dull.

  3. IB

    Are the skirt and the erm.. top of two different materials? If so this is even more hideous then I originally thought.

  4. Edith

    You remember how y’all said yesterday that the crop top was a shame because her hair and makeup were so awesome? Forget that. Because WHAT with the heavy heavy eyeshadow and blue-haired lady ‘do?!?

    • Lori

      Yeah, that hair is super unflattering and it really distracts from her face. Child: When you have a face like that, you do not want to draw people’s attention AWAY.

    •  Emma

      Yeah, I adore her, but she’s gone full Morticia Addams here. She’s too young and pretty to be piling on the vamp.

  5. Rigor_Mortis

    I guess she just really, *REALLY* likes this trend.

    Well, I liked the makeup and accessories.

  6. Bottle Ginger

    That outfit is incredibly unflattering. It makes her look like she has a huge head, no boobs, no waist, no hips, and no legs.

    Showing a toned rib cage isn’t enough to make an outfit, girl!

  7. Fifie

    I know that the eyebrows must be her “thing”, but they bother me. They just look like they are too much for her face.

    • Rigor_Mortis

      I think if she tweezed the gap between them just a little bit more, it would look perfect. As it is, it’s dangerously close to being a unibrow.

  8.  HelenBackAgain


    *flaps about desperately for something nice to say*

    She looks very… clean?

  9. Carol

    Meanwhile, as much as I love the GFY blog, can anyone disable the Justin Dweeber ads for “NEO adidas” which are appearing in a rotation on either side of the blog? With the slogan, “Live your style” for heaven’s sake … and photos of Dweeber with his trademarked “slightly worried forehead frowny pout-face” which he thinks is dang-erous. (The Selena Gomez ads, also in the rotation, are almost as bad.)

  10.  Maria

    Lily Collins is just so pretty, has a lovely figure, and yet, everytime I see a picture of her I want to say “You don’t have to try so hard, Lily!”

  11. Sally

    I haven’t been on the site since yesterday and my first thought was “Why isn’t this updating???”

  12. Heather S.

    The problem is that the midriff reveal actually makes her look stocky and short because it totally chops her body up (visually) into boring slabs of boring. Really this is a dress that say Uma Thurman at 19 could wear, and even then there would need to be some serious bling or color or SOMETHING.

  13. Cristina

    The only way I can even slightly be okay with this trend is that it was also relatively popular in the ’40s. See Gene Tierney: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/8f/7b/55/8f7b552aa04775f0609bf03f1cb4e330.jpg But, somehow it worked better then than now. Heh.

    • Claire1

      less skin

    • Berry

      Oh good god in heaven, she was beautiful.

    • Berry

      Now that that’s out of the way, I have to add that the fact that she works that bit of bare mid-drift like it’s her JOB, doesn’t mean that mere mortals in 2013 should try the same. We couldn’t make smoking sexy anymore either.

    • Kristin

      Not only was Tierney beautiful, the beading on the outfit is lovely as well.

  14. Claire1

    I don’t hate the dress. I don’t find it fabulous, but it I don’t hate it.
    I just dislike what they did with her make up. She usually looks very bright and sparkly…this is kind of …..grey? drab? …I don’t know…it’s just off somehow.

  15. Mia

    I don’t necessarily mind the bare midriff on a twenty-something, but I hate the styling of this! Bouffant hair? Heavy makeup? Chunky gold necklace? It’s way too old.

  16. qwertygirl

    This skirt is Julianne Hough’s orange skirt from (two?) days ago in black. I still get where they’re going with the cut, but IT’S STILL NOT THERE. This is a floor length trumpet skirt and I don’t care what material it is, or what color it is, or who wears it, it DOES. NOT. WORK. Dear Fashion Designers: Please stop trying to make Floor Length Trumpet a Thing.

    • eandh

      Unless you are Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackerman, and then it works beautifully — Tilda at the Golden Globes last year, in periwinkle I hope the link works

      • Tamburlaine

        The link does work, and I think Swinton looks great because
        a) She is about a foot taller than Lily Collins;
        b) The skirt fabric is much flowier and doesn’t stand up by itself
        c) The waist is much more defined, and the shape of the skirt is balanced by the shoulders of the jacket thing.
        Collins looks a bit swamped by the outfit, and her hair’s a bit helmet-like.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        I think we all know SWINTON can wear things that would devour mere mortals. ;-)

        That was a great look!

  17. witjunkie

    She’s going to be one of those women who is really gorgeous when she’s 40.

  18. Guerra

    I don’t mind midriffs at all especially with something high wasted buttt it has to be on the right body! She’s to narrow from shoulders to hip, it’s sort of drawing attention to the waist she doesn’t have? I should know we have similar bodies! (her abs are better!)

  19. clarke

    Daughter of (Gary Oldmans’s) Dracula, dontcha think?

  20. DreamInLace

    Maybe I’m just a sucker for Lily Collins, but I really do like this. It’s not as fabulous as some of the other things sh’s worn lately but I don’t hate it. I don’t like her hair though….seems way too old for her.

  21. LR

    She’s turning into a lollipop figure, especially with that hairdo.

  22. Mollsworth

    Ack! Like, a Bill the Cat oop ack! Someone took a beautiful fresh-faced girl and dressed her up like the Widow Longoria. Too much heavy slap, terrible poof hair, bad jewellery, and the clothes are awful. I’ve seen pictures of Lily, it takes real incompetence to make a girl so lovely look so bad. I can’t even muster hate for the midriff because everything about this outfit is terrible. I need to go lie down with a washcloth on my face.

  23. Bambi Anne Dear

    The weight of the dress doesn’t make for a very good fall. It looks too stiff.

  24. jules

    Thank goodness she’s at least wearing a bracelet!

  25. bamalicious

    I fear she is getting a bit too thin. She’s getting that thinspiration look. Please, no.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Nah, it’s just the unflattering outfit and that awful, awful hair. You’ll see more of her in later posts; she’s fine. Although her clothes continue to be bad.

  26. Sajorina

    I’m obsessed with her wrist watch bracelet! COVET!!!