Fug or Fab: Lena Dunham


People are loving this:

I am on record as loving her hair, and her makeup has been fantastic lately. But I don’t know if I am truly feeling this. I love the black and white thing — it is charming to wear what feels a bit like newsprint to the Writer’s Guild Awards — but I am desperate for her to try something a wee bit more structured. And also something that looks slightly less like she just got run over.

Who cares what I think? What do YOU think?

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  1. qwertygirl

    No offense to those who have chosen to ink, but I always think tattoos are so distracting. Like any other “accessory” they can clash, which is the case here.

  2. ab

    that dress hurts my eyes.

  3. Gine

    I don’t love it, but it’s better than all the dark, stiff, matronly stuff she’s been wearing, so I think I’m just happy to see her in something youthful and fun. But now that you’ve mentioned tire tracks…yeah. That’s all I can see.

  4. Fawn

    I love the dress. I just feel like it needs a necklace.

  5. Chasmosaur

    Her hair and makeup are getting better – you can really see how nice her face is and how pretty her eyes are.

    She does still need to learn what works on her body, though. This is a step in the right direction, but I think she’s too short-waisted for something like this. I’d like to see her in things that are structured from the shoulders and skim. That might work better.

    • witjunkie

      Yup. She needs more on the top to balance the lack of real estate between her bust and waist.

      She probably has legs for days – she should showcase them instead.

  6. MelissaW

    I think a bit more structure in the dress (the pattern makes it appear less droopy than the one she wore for the Globes) – I actually like the patterning. I’d rather Lena keep her goofy edge.

    (Loved the yellow color she wore to the Grammys)

  7. Other Emily

    The pattern is strongly reminiscent of a Gilligan & O’Malley Target nightgown I have. Strongly. However, I support the attempt to branch out from boring all-black.

  8. dlinda

    As usual, all I can see is that big, ugly jailhouse tattoo. Not even a nice tattoo. Like one you get at the mall. Or Juvie.

  9. christine christine

    Man, I am just LOVING her hair and face right now! Too bad the dress is non-pretty. From the neck up she looks fierce.

  10. Fran

    I might like it better if it didn’t look like she had mold growing on one of her arms.

  11. that girl

    Will people stop commenting about her tattoos already? They’re permanent, they’re not going anywhere! A lot of people Lena’s age have tattoos. End of story.

    • charlie09

      If her tattoos were prettier, people might comment on them positively. But most people find them unattractive. Whatever – I suspect Lena Dunham could give a crap what anyone thinks of her tattoos. If someone decides to permanently accessorize herself, that’s her business – but it doesn’t mean that the tattoos are never going to look out of place with what she’s wearing. Comments about the tattoos are not necessarily disguised rants about Kids Today.

  12. Rayna

    Girl seems to insist on wearing strapless, and I’m not sure that is a good look for her.

    Having said that, this is much better than some of her recent choices.

    • Helen

      Agreed. I like the dress itself, and love the shoes, but I just do not think strapless works for her at all.

      An improvement from some recent looks, yes, but still… sigh.

      Dunham needs a Stacy & Clinton intervention.

      • Ellyn

        Totally agree that strapless look is not her friend–it creates problems. If you don’t have great posture to begin with, you are going to forget to keep your “shoulders back and chin up,” and you won’t get the assistance against gravity unless you have built-in support or better foundational garments. If she just wants to assert her right to expose the tattoo, it’s a rebellious effort that is not doing her any fashion favors!

        • S

          Agree as well. Strapless is the wrong choice for her, always. As much about her posture as exposing the tattoos, which clash with any formal dress.

        • calli

          And if she wants to expose it, there is such a thing as a dress with straps.

  13. Anne

    All it needs is a black belt and necklace!
    She was thisclose.

  14. Lisa

    Very close…I think I do like this more than anything I have seen her in. The tatoo is VERY distracting, though.

  15. Sara

    I think she needs to try a different silhouette. Strapless doesn’t work very well on her figure. But I agree, her hair and makeup does look fab – too bad she’s growing out the pixie cut for the third season, though.

  16. fritanga

    She looks like the Lady Edith Crawley of Greenpoint, who has taken to wearing sheets from Target and racoon eyes. It’s an improvement over her usual sofa-like dresses and heinous casual wear, and I suppose we should be happy about that. Also, we should be happy she’s not naked.

    • Lucille Austero

      Someone said enough already with commenting on the tattoos. Also enough already with the “naked”. Lena Dunham does not appear in public naked, at least not to my knowledge. Her character gets naked with great regularity, but character and actor = different people.

  17. Me

    The tattoo is all I see. I do not care for this tattoo (or any others, frankly). I guess she likes showing it off but I hate it.

  18. Sandra

    Dress needs to be a couple inches shorter, she needs a pop of color somewhere, and most of all she needs to STAND. THE HELL. UP. STRAIGHT! Shlumpy shoulders do not play well with strapless dresses.

    Love the shoes.

    • Anna

      EXACTLY. No outfit will look good, ever, on someone who slouches. Ever.

  19. Mandy

    To me, it looks like she was on the business end of a hit and run. The UNshape of the dress isnt great either.

  20. ringthing

    The dress looks like a fuzzy beach towel. Many of her style problems would go away if she’d stand up straight.

  21. h² fashion

    Ew, ew, ew. I hate everything about this look. She’s not even remotely close to Fab.


    • Cara

      I agree; how can anybody think this is “close” to anything good? I get that we’re supposed to like her for some reason, but that doesn’t mean she gets a pass wearing THIS. She looks like a character in that awful Flintstones Movie, like her name would be Stona Rockham or something–ick.

  22. mary lou bethune

    I get a flare up of TMJ when I see dear Lena with her awful tattoo. I think she is wonderfully gifted and is above the confabs about her appearance but if she is going to go out so much- go ironic , like her characters. Unless she is already???

  23. christine christine

    I gotta say, I didn’t even notice her tattoo until I saw all your comments! Can’t be that bad.

  24. Susan

    I like the pattern but I think that what doesn’t work for me is the width of the skirt.

  25. Callie

    I like this a lot! I think a necklace could nudge things over the line for me, but then I’m a necklace superfan, so I would think that. Her make up and hair are ace.

  26. tigers4us

    Why was the poll closed so soon after the posting?

  27. AmandaD

    I get what they were going for with the pattern, but I don’t know if it’s that it’s slightly baggy in the waist and weird creases in the skirt, but it just looks off. Like it got all twisted up.

  28. Esme

    Ewwwww; just ewwwwww.

  29. Katharine

    This is a personal best for Lena Dunham on a red carpet, so good on her for finding something flattering : it’s a qualified Fab. Having just watched the first season of Girls, I’m now barracking for her generally : I love/hate the show, but am blaming Judd Apatow for the tiresome parts.

  30. lastcontrast

    I’m not loving those shoes. They feel a little junior prom. I think a grown up shoe might have helped a bit, and a belt to define her waist would have been nice too.

  31. Emily Rang

    While I’m not 100% sold on this, I love her so very much and this is one of the better things I’ve seen her wear…

  32. Julie M

    She has managed to cross her legs so completely that it truly looks like her feet are swapped. I’m so distracted by her feet that I’m not noticing the outfit. Her head is very lovely though and facing the right way.

  33. Sajorina

    I really like this! I think she looks beautiful and better than ever!

  34. Colleen

    I like the dress, just no on her. It is, however an improvement over some (most) of the things she has worn. She does not come off as overly feminine, so it always looks like she is trying too hard to be just that. I think something with a strap would work better for her because strapless just is not a good look on her – it makes her look boxy.

  35. Sara

    seriously, different shoes would fix this. Closed toe, in a rich yellow or sort of a teal blue.

  36. Diane

    This dress, along with the sleek hairstyle, makes her look many pounds thinner, I believe.
    Well done!

    This dress, along with the sleek hairstyle, makes her look many pounds thinner. Very well done!

  37. Susan

    Great shoes.

  38. anonymoose

    Though the makeup and ‘do ages her, they are a vast improvement from her usual mess of a look.

    Not that 40 is a bad thing at all, but when one is more than a decade shy of it, I recommend hair and makeup that does not look 40.

    I think she needs some age-appropriate earrings, and a pedicure.

    Appreciate the “newsprint” comment!

    • Cristina

      She posted on Instagram the other day that she’s growing out her short hair before she starts shooting season three of Girls.

  39. gryt

    She should not be wearing strapless.

  40. mepe

    Her head looks great, her posture is better but the dress is whatever. I guess it’s an improvement but it’s nothing to shout about. And I agree with everyone above…would love to see what she looks like with sleeves. Or is she allergic (I read she has a lot of allergies)?

  41. Diana

    I think this continues the trend of terrible. TAKE A SHOWER. For some reason, she always looks like she’s shown up to an event in last night’s outfit – and make-up and hair – from a wild night at the club.