Fug or Fab: Leighton Meester


I’ve always preferred Leighton with the darker Blair Waldorf locks — kind of like how I know Cynthia Nixon and Emma Stone are not redheads, yet I despair when they decide to switch back to their natural blonde (although Emma found a great shade lately, but I digress). So it keeps distracting me from the actual clothes. Maybe I’ll just stick my left hand over her face and type with my right. Thank God I’m not live-fugging this for you or else it’d get slooooooow.

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[Photos: Splash, Getty]

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Comments (25):

  1. Michelle

    In the third picture, she looks like Winnie frickin Cooper. I have never thought that about her before, but now I can’t unsee it.

  2. Emily

    I actually think I like all the outfits but you can tell the hair is working against her in the first outfit simply by looking at the second picture. With the black next to her face then she looks better. The outfit isn’t bad. It simply has a clashy look with her hair or makes it look more underwhelming because the color of the top is so beautiful.

  3. Claire L1

    I love all of it…. with notes…

    I like the red skirt and top, but not together, it’s just too much. I would love to see a different blouse with the skirt ( and on ME). I would love to see that blouse with a really great pair of trousers ( and please let them be hemmed to a “show me the shoes” length) that have a good flowing nature… and then put that cape on top and let those fabulous sleeves peek out! ( Yummy with a spoon!)…. and I actually really do like the last dress, but I think, mostly, because it fits her so well. Goes to show that good tailoring can do SO much.

    • Art Eclectic

      Me too. I’d like the red top paired with something that gives her a waist and the red skirt would be lovely as an actual dress, maybe sleeveless and with a scoop neck.

  4. Jasmine

    I need an m-effing cape. Stat.

    The third outfit is one I wish I had for a wedding I’m attending tomorrow. Damn you, Leighton!

  5. Aria

    Good skirt, bad blouse
    Love the last outfit!! Fab!
    And I agree that her hair looks better very dark.

  6. anny

    Huh – Pier One does clothes now? Or has the State Fair opened early?

  7. Leah

    My GOD I hate the shiny red one. It looks like something my mother would’ve made me wear to Christmas dinner in 1992. With a camisole, of course.

  8. pidget

    How odd – at first glance (with no focusing) I thought the red was Christina Hendricks, looking unusually small/covered up.

    But when I looked properly, how wishy-washy does that hair make her!? Egads, she looks infinitely better as Blair, with the glossy dark contrasting locks. But at least she seems to have fun with her clothes, and I adore the drama of the cape!

    • meggyoh

      Yes! That’s exactly what I thought!

    • yeahandalso

      I agree, I looked at the pic and was like “way to wrangle those breasts finally”

      But it is kinda unfortunate for Leighton because she is 12 years younger and quite a bit smaller than Hendricks.

      • Tina

        I know, it’s a total Hendricks look. The red hair confused me. I prefer Meister as a dark brunette.

  9. vandalfan

    No, no, and no. Red blouse MAYBE, on someone else, with plain pants.

  10. BrownEyedBetty

    I can only sign-off on the semi-tie-dye. The others are just…. weird.

  11. Alison

    Somehow she has managed to make a low cut peasant shirt with a full slit matronly. I don’t know how (or why), but she did. I think it’d be great with some jeans and her hair down.

  12. FosterStorm

    I’m not sure about the outfit in that first pic, but I think the make-up is really sort of making her look more mature than she is. I would’ve liked something lighter, perhaps.

  13. Edith

    That red shirt is awful. If it weren’t off-the-shoulder-medieval-timesy, it could work – the color IS awesome with the cape. I’m really distracted by her knock-knees, though. Never noticed that before.

  14. Tara

    This girl can not dress to save her life, it’s really sad. She has no sense of style, her career is going nowhere(That’s my Boy lol) and Gossip Girl is ending soon. Her 15 minutes are up.

  15. yeahandalso

    I heard on Seacrest the other morning that Leighton is retiring from acting after next season of Gossip Girl to focus on her music career. WHY?!?!?!? Unlike raccoon-face Leighton is actually good at acting, but mad at music.

  16. Megan

    Am I the only one getting young Joan Holloway from this red getup?

  17. Mjx

    How does she manage to usually look dowdy (even when she’s wearing something really revealing)?! Maybe she could use a really short cut..? I really can’t figure this out.

  18. Sajorina

    I love all of it, so FAB! And, now I think I might need a cape… See what you do to me?

  19. Ally

    She looks like she’s all dolled up to play the always annoying Pioneer Woman in the movie version of her book.