Fug or Fab: Krysten Ritter


First of all, can we talk about this trend of lower level celebs “hosting” their own “birthday parties” at Vegas nightclubs, in exchange for money? For one thing, I feel like Krysten Ritter should be better than that — or, at least, she should FEEL like she’s better than that. She does have a starring role on a sitcom on a major network, after all. She’s not, like, an erstwhile Girl Next Door. ALSO, do people really say to each other, “LET’S GO PARTY WITH THAT GIRL FROM THAT SHOW THAT DAWSON’S ON” when they’re standing next to each other at the blackjack table? ALSO ALSO, do we think this means that RooneyMaraitis is catching?

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  1. Bottle Ginger

    I’d like it so much more without the ruffle.

    If you’re going for the dominatrix look you need to go FULL ON DOMINATRIX – adding girly dust ruffles just compromises the look.

  2. Eliza Bennett

    HAYELL no. Who sold her this?

    • Eliza Bennett

      The harness makes me think Herve Leger, but I hope Herve would never make a glittery pinstriped party dress from the late 90s and then try to sex it up with a leather lattice.

  3. Snarkaphile

    Is she pulling a wagon? Otherwise I see no purpose for that harness.

    • Miriam

      Haha! I’m interested in the party for cash- is it for charity? I hope? Sounds as crass as this outfit.

  4. Esmerelda

    I think there’s something here…like Bottle Ginger said, get rid of the ruffle- keep the skirt straight and fitted. Keep the sleeves, even keep them in leather, just get rid of the chest/neck bits. You’ll still have a general dominatrix vibe, but more of a suggestion of it than “pardon me, I’m late for my shift in the dungeon.”

  5. Miriam
  6. ceecee

    I think the dress might have potential without the female Klingon bodice harness. Dump the combat boots and put on some cute shoes that don’t make her legs look so spindly and thin. And do something with her hair so it doesn’t look so limp and defeated.

  7. TonyG

    I actually think she is pulling this off. It’s a party after all. Looks like a fun outfit.

  8. Big Noise

    I voted “I have FEELINGS,” but upon further review I fully dislike this. If she got rid of the sparkly dust ruffle and the sex harness, changed the shoes, and had better make-up and hair, we’d have a win — but then, we’d basically have a whole new outfit.

  9. Elbyem

    Midi-length skirt, sans ruffle, would have vastly improved this.

  10. Sandra

    All the tourists in Vegas is pretty much hammered pretty much most of the time, so they probably wander into these parties by mistake, thinking they were going to Madame Tussaud’s or something. I know that a lot of celebrities have “appearances fees” for all sorts of events, but showing up at parties for money–unless as a charity fundraiser–seems to me like junior varsity prostitution.

    Hate the dress, btw.

  11. Kim

    I live in Vegas, and let me tell you – those parties are a BIG deal. They attract all kind of tourists who want a “celebrity” story to tell when they go home. The parties are often sold out.

  12. Mouse

    This makes her look weirdly extra tall…

  13. pantsonfire

    I was first and foremost struck by how weirdly proportioned she appears to be. And I can’t unsee it. The fit of the dress doesn’t just make her look tall, it makes her look like some kind of goth giraffe. Giraffes are lovely animals, but the effect here is not aesthetically pleasing.

  14. ErinE

    I saw her on some talk show – maybe leno? – and she was talkinga bout her birthday and how she was celebrating a few ways, including going to Vegas. At the time I didn’t think anything of it (aka that it was a plug), but later the host said ” you seem like a party girl” and she was like “no, I’m really not! at all – I party like a grandma” and he said “birthday in vegas?!” and she said “that’s work!”. Which made me realize it was a total plug, and that maybe she blew it? Not sure how these things work, but lame.

  15. Helen

    I can’t decide. Maybe it worked in motion?

    Or maybe I just want to think that because I have an unreasonable fondness for Krysten Ritter.

  16. Lola

    The dress is a little over the top, but I think she could have pulled it off if she tried a little harder in the makeup and especially hair departments. It looks like she’s wearing a face-washing ponytail.

  17. Fouxdefafa

    Facially she looks like a computerised morph, with the dial set somewhere half-way between Anne Hathaway and Isabella Rossellini.

  18. Nancy

    I don’t mind this at all – maybe because it’s sort of rock ‘n roll and she’s so pretty and has such a nice figure. I saw her with the harness jacket off and it’s a nice dress.

  19. Emma

    I used to think Krysten Ritter was extremely beautiful, and a great advertisement for bangs. Now because of her lame TV show, every time I come across her in a magazine I mentally picture her dancing with Dawson or saying “your sweater looks like a turd.” It’s disappointing.

  20. Matt

    Surely that’s rule no. 1: never appear in public at a less good thing than the only character for which people know you would do. I don’t like it, but she is at least fun, whereas this makes her look like she is throwing a party for sad 16 year olds

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