Fug or Fab: Krysten Ritter


I think this is kind of cute:

I also salute Ritter’s show, Don’t Trust the B- in Apt C, for giving The Beek a job. I DON’T, however, salute ABC for being unable to use the word “bitch” in anything ever. I mean, don’t swear if you don’t want to, ABC, but the only people who say, “she’s being such a B” are being ironic, or are grandmas. Or perhaps are ironic grandmas. Actually, I’d suggest a show called, Don’t Trust the Ironic Grandma in Apt C, except Betty White has enough on her plate already and we don’t want to incur a backlash.

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  1. Clarence Beeks

    It bothers me more that she spells her name “Krysten”.

    • yeahandalso

      Most of us don’t choose are own name

      • Franziska

        I know a number of people who changed the writing of their name just to make them look more interesting.

  2. Bebe

    I only gave her an ‘okay’ because she’s wearing too much slap, the altoids box clutch is too matchy mcmatch match and I think i might be having an allergic reaction to her shoes.

  3. Big Noise

    I’d have said “love it” instead of “it’s okay” if either the bodice or the skirt had been solid black — or perhaps if had been a pencil skirt and not all the way to the floor. The fabric is cool, but it’s a bit overwhelming

  4. LoriK

    My issue with ABC isn’t so much that they won’t use the word bitch, although that is dumb. It’s that they have 2 shows with (implied) bitch in the title. What is up with that? They don’t have any shows about annoying men with asshole or dickhead, implied or spelled out, in the title so why the need to label female characters as bitches?

    Now I feel like a cranky grandma, and not even in an ironic way. Curse you again ABC.

  5. Celia

    I haven’t watched it, but ‘Don’t Trust the Ironic Grandma…’ sounds WAY more compelling.

  6. Ladyblahblah

    Why is she called “The Beek”? I’ve never heard of her so maybe I’m out of the loop on some sort of widely known avian sex tape she was part of?? (But wouldn’t that be “beak”?)

  7. Annie E

    The dress is fine. I just want to complain about how her show should be good but it’s not.

    • mhorv4

      I hope it picks up, I love her and I like her costar and they seem to have good chemistry. I have to give any show that has two female leads who don’t endlessly obsess about boyfriends a chance.

  8. Sajorina

    I love it and wouldn’t hesitate to wear it myself… I love Black & White outfits with Red shoes! The show looks good also and James, who looked gorgeous at this event, is actually playing himself, so good for The Beek!!! FAB!

  9. Sara

    I would totally watch Don’t Trust the Ironic Grandma in Apt C.

  10. yeahandalso

    I adore her, I liked her on Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars and her new show is very funny….and The Beek is hilarious on it. The dress is inoffensive and pretty cute

  11. Heather

    I think it’s actually “Don’t trust the B- in Apt 23,” not Apt. C. I know this only because it’s on every bus stop in NYC. Which actually confused me. Because they use different fonts for “Don’t trust the B-” and “Apt 23,” I wasn’t sure if THE WHOLE THING was the title, or if it was just called “Apt 23,” or what. In either case, it doesn’t bode well if someone with a graduate degree can’t figure out the title of your show.

    • l0nepinemall

      This. It is Apt 23, not Apt C.

      • Jessica

        My bad. I used to live in an Apt C — typing that was clearly muscle memory.

    • tarasaurusrex

      FOR. REAL. I can’t go anywhere in this town without being assaulted by those ads and I’m so over it. I also suffered the same confusion at first. Terrible ads. TERRIBLE.

  12. Lina

    Not happy with the makeup but I like the dress — esp if it were in a color. Wish the bag didn’t vanish into the dress, tho.

  13. Kathryn F.

    That show is unexpectedly REALLY HILARIOUS, in a totally WTF-just-happened kind of way. And the Beek is AMAZEBALLS in it, truly. Seriously, give it a whirl. I watched the first two episodes on ABC’s site the other day because my Netflix was being cranky, and I laughed my ass off.

  14. Amy V

    I gave it an ok because when I first saw it I thought it was a jumpsuit because of where the slit is or appears to be in the angle of the photo. It looked briefly like pants on the bottom and now I can’t un-see it that way. I’d like it better sans slit.

    • Geemeedee

      HA! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually think it would be cute as a pantsuit. But I’ve had a long day, so I don’t trust my judgement.

  15. witjunkie

    I thought it was pants at first too, and I think I liked it better for that second than I do now that it’s a dress. Crazy.

  16. pamb

    I watched the show last night, and they said ‘bitch’ plenty of times. They even had a special warning about the language before the show started, with Krysten saying ‘you’ve been warned’.

    Maybe they just can’t use it in the title because of the advertising they’ll need to do?

    They could have gone with ‘Don’t trust the crazy chick…’, but that wouldn’t be as ‘racy’ or ‘hip’, I guess…

  17. dottvonschneider

    I thought the “B” stood for Beek.

  18. McLisa

    I adore her but that show is STUPID. Hopefully, she’ll find a vehicle to display her talents like she did on Breaking Bad.

    The dress fits her beautifully but I’m not down with print.

    • Courtney

      She was really good on Breaking Bad. I saw a print ad for her new show recently and I was sort of disappointed, ’cause it looked like a dumb sitcom and I think she deserves better.

      As for the dress, I like it but it would be better if it were knee-length.

  19. jojojo

    Dresses with short sleeves are so chic! And I say this not just because I hate my upper arms! For reason, I love the dress. Otherwise it would be utterly meh.

  20. froggiefrenchie

    i only know her from Breakig Bad and I think she is terrific. She looks like a doll.