Fug or Fab: Kristen Stewart


Okay, this is weird, but my first thought upon seeing this photo was, “Have we EVER seen Kristen Stewart’s toes before?”

I mean, we probably have, but… have we? I feel like her go-to heel is a plain black closed-toe pump, and even with the experimenting she’s done lately, she hasn’t gone toe-naked yet. Which is not necessarily important, except that I am somebody who for a really long time didn’t like wearing shoes that showed any of my feet, because feet are the worst. Maybe she’s shedding inhibitions, or maybe she is just really jazzed about her pedicure. I don’t know. It’s a step. As for the whole outfit, I like the leather dress comceptually, but think it’s a touch too snug — when your clothes give you topography you don’t have, it’s time to rethink the number on the tag. The main issue for me is the eye makeup. She looks like a Grace Jones junkie, and not in a fun way where she suddenly starts wearing things that you suspect might inflate.

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  1. Jasmine

    I would like it better if her eye makeup didn’t look SO much like the time Rachel broke a rib and Ross had to do her eye shadow for her.

  2. house mouse

    I think it works on her in a way that it wouldn’t on most starlets. It’s right in line with her style, anyway.

  3. Margo

    This is cool, but she also looks like a Replicant, ala Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner.

  4. Sajorina

    I LOVE IT! The dress is great… She may have gone up a size, but it’s fine as is, she has the body for it! Her hair looks good, her makeup is bold and dramatic, and her shoes are AWESOME! And, YES, we’ve seen her toes before and they’re nice: http://gofugyourself.com/freaky-fug-friday-kristen-stewart-03-2012

    GFY Heather, I’ve seen your feet and they are cute! Stop putting yourself down for something that’s only in your head! I ♥ you!

  5. pantsonfire

    Sadly, her makeup here is an improvement over what’s been going on lately, but that’s not saying much. I don’t know what she did to her makeup person, but methinks an apology gift basket is in order.

    Kristen Stewart can work this style like no other young starlet, in my opinion. The dress is indeed a touch too snug (should not be able to see belly button indentation…), but it doesn’t really ruin it for me. I LOVE the shoes. Love them. Love, love, love.

  6. Nanc in Ashland

    It’s hard to tell because of the lighting but it almost looks like she’s brushed her hair in the past 24 hours. If so, good job! Do it again!

  7. amys

    I’m concerned her eye makeup is Kesha adjacent.

  8. mujisan

    Yes we have seen her toes. How can one forget this: http://gofugyourself.com/freaky-fug-friday-kristen-stewart-03-2012

  9. lindsay

    Heather you hit the nail on the head with the eye makeup and fit issues. Fix those two things and this would be perfect!

  10. Christine

    It is definitely too snug but her face is just so incredibly pretty. And her hair is a smidge (seriously, just a smiiiiiidge) better than the usual greasy-looking flip. Makeup is ok. If she had given a full on smile, I think she would have sold this even more.

  11. maryse

    i think she looks great. the dress is a littel too tight but other than that i love it. and i really like the eye makeup. it’s not meant to look natural.

  12. maryse

    also i’m with you on feet. i try not to think about them too much.

  13. PegMN

    I hate that the dress is too small. I can’t believe how much it bothers me. I think it’s because she has a great figure. It’s FINE. No problems AT ALL. Why create problems with a dress that squishes you all up??!

  14. val.

    I hate the shoes. I hate the eye makeup. The dress is okay but I agree a little too snug. I think this look is close to being a well-played, but ultimately falls on the side of fug.

  15. Stefanie

    I like the dress but why is it so small? Dang.

    For years I didn’t show my toes because my second toes…crooked. Like really crooked. My second toes are so crooked my older sister and her friends started calling me Cheeto because they are bent like a cheeto puff. Sometimes, Ill see her friends around town and they still call me that. Can you tell this opening an entire bottle of worms for me? The feelings are all coming rushing back. (Needless to say my sister and I do not have the healthiest relationship.)

    • Kristin

      “Chee -toe” is pretty cruel, yet kind of brilliant, as a playground insult.

  16. Tassie

    Is she wearing a shirt under a strapless leather dress? It looks a little odd.

  17. Jessica

    I really appreciate that you, Liz Lemon, and I, all share the same foot disgust. They’re awful!

  18. Katie

    I hate my own feet. Looooathe them. But Kristen’s feet were definitely on display when she was on Jimmy Fallon earlier this week. She played a game of enormous quarters (completed with huge bucket Solo cup and foam disc) barefoot. She wore the standard black high heel on to the show.

  19. anny

    The eye makeup is certainly … different. (That’s Minnesotan for “WTF?”)

    Just looking at the shoes is making my ankles sweat.

  20. Helen

    This dress is maybe a little mature for her, but I think it could work if it fit. Sadly, it doesn’t.

    She’s spackled with far too much foundation again, the eye makeup makes her look cross-eyed and like they’re far too close together, and her hair looks dirty again.

    Love the shoes. But it’s a Fug overall.

  21. anonymoose

    I can’t stop staring at the ugly shackles on her ankles!

    The dress is too snug and is made for someone with a longer torso.
    WTFug kind of eye makeup disaster is that? Wipe and start over.

    This look on her says “I’d rather be wearing jeans and a t-shirt., and be anywhere else but here.”

  22. Gill

    After a quick Google search it looks like Kirsten has light blue eyes; paler eyes paired with heavy, dramatic black eyeliner can be hit or miss–sometimes it works, but sometimes it comes off as a creepy Cesare effect. I think she looks better in the photos with softer eye makeup in shades of brown and gray.

    As for the outfit, I think it needs a) to be one material, b) lighter shoes without all the straps. But it’s a step forward for her.

  23. PB

    I don’t get people’s fascination with KStew. I get it, she’s a movie star. But she’s like the mildly attractive girl that you went to high school with, only with more money.

  24. buttercup

    I actually like the eye make-up. She has a long face, especially with her hair pulled up like that, and it balances her out a bit.

    But that dress. Oy. Why look like a sausage if you’re clearly not a sausage?

  25. heather

    Reeeeeeallly not feeling the makeup. It really washes her out. It looks like she forgot blush and lipstick and is wearing the remnants of last night’s eye makeup. It runs too close into the bridge of her nose. The dress is definitely a bit too tight, and the shoes are too heavy. All around, NO. Kesha-adjacent indeed.

  26. Vandalfan

    A year or so ago she would have worn this as a micro-mini, much shorter than her fingertips, so this is an improvement in my book. But her makeup must go.

  27. tigerstripes

    I blew the photo up and her makeup is exquisite. The black over the eye combined with nothing under the eye and the natural lipstick — I couldn’t stop staring into her eyes, which I think are green. The whole look has me hypnotized.

    And yeah, that dress is too small. I’m sure she’s like, 99 pounds soaking wet. I can only guess the stylists push these tiny sizes on the celebs. It’s so unnatural, that drive to wear a size zero. In my imagination, the stars show up for the pre-carpet dressing, and the stylists have these racks of nothing but size zero clothes. I wonder if that’s anything like reality?

    • Leah

      I agree! The eye makeup is really beautiful. And I like the dress a whole lot better in closeup.

  28. Diane

    Why yes, we have seen her toes before!!


    I won this contest, so her piggies hold a special place in my heart. Hmmm, now that just sounds really weird…AWKWARD. ;D

  29. Tracey

    I agree the dress is a touch too snug – adjust it and her outfit would be fine. However, the make-up – all I see are eyebrows on her lower eyelid. I still think you all are too easy on her these days, but having look at some of her past outfits, I think I see why. She is improving.

  30. CranAppleSnapple

    Are we trying to look like a cyclops? Is that a makeup thing now?

  31. jean

    I think she looks great. I think the dress just needs to be straightened (it’s her posture, not the dress causing the wrinkles at her waist). I love her lighter hair and that it looks washed. And her eye make-up is great. And good shoes. It’s all good for me. Badass but oddly comfortable looking. I think it’s the cloth sleeves. She can move her shoulders in a natural way. Good job Kristen!

  32. Ariadne

    You know whose toes we have NEVER seen? Paris Hilton. ALWAYS a closed-toe pump. Not that this needs to be seen, of course. ;-)

  33. Peachsiki

    I feel like the dress is fine and I could get behind the shoes but the makeup was a bad attempt at recreating her Vogue cover look from a while back.

  34. jlj

    All fine except the makeup is too costume-y. Like she’s about to board the ship back to Venus. And we should see more of her toes. She needs to loosen up her wardrobe to include shoes with open toes more often.

  35. esther

    hate the shoes, hate the make up. my first thought was “cyclops”.

    and sweet mercy, is she wearing a long sleeved shirt under a strapless dress?

  36. Lilibet

    She’s been stuck in this rut for too long. I’d like to see her grow up, leave the desperate punky girl stuff and go all out totally chic Balenciaga (since you’re getting them free anyway). Wear her hair up maybe.

    “Everyone looks good in couture” as Carson Kressley famously pronounced.

  37. VV

    I like the dress, but the eye makeup makes her look like a raccoon.

  38. Susan

    Ah Heather, i guess you are not a toe follower. Yes, we have seen her toes many times.

    I love the shoes, the dress is not my cup of tea, the makeup in closeup pictures is beautiful but gives me a problem from farther away.