Fug or Fab: Kristen Stewart


First of all, I’d like to note that these recent screenings of Snow White and the Huntsman have been distressingly Hemsworth-free. Yeah, yeah, he’s gone to a couple of them and blah blah blah he has a tiny little baby at home and yada yada yada this Sam Clafin person they’ve trotted out recently was probably all, “HELLO I AM IN THIS MOVIE TOO” but….I mean, you feel me. Release the Hems!

At least K Stew is making her dutiful appearances. She was just in Cannes, and this is from last night in Westwood, and that means: girlfriend is tired.

I don’t hate this. I think it’s kind of fun in a Hot for Teacher Sexy Buttoned Up Beginning of an 80s Hair Metal Video kind of way, where eventually she takes off the blazer to reveal that her mock turtleneck is SLEEVELESS and also BACKLESS and then she takes out her hair and then she crawls over a desk. She SHOULD, however, be wearing glasses for that vision to be complete. That being said, it is summer. This doesn’t feel very seasonable reasonable.

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  1. GigiNYC

    It’s a bit…severe for a movie premiere, no? She looks like she’s going to a board meeting. Also, isn’t it super hot in Cali right now? Btw, Jessica, your hypothetical backless, sleeveless mock turtleneck reminds me of Jennifer Beals’ backless, sleeveless tuxedo shirt (with individual cuffs!) in “Flashdance.” I remember loving that top when I was nine.

    • meggyoh

      Yeah, I really like it for…a job interview or something (although that would require the skirt to be tad longer, I guess? But then again, it depends on a job. I don’t know your life.). Not red carpet in summer, in California! I’m sweating even thinking about it.

  2. Stefanie

    Business casual what?

  3. Anna Svahn

    However, her eye makeup looks incredible.

  4. Leah

    Everyone is wearing these shoes lately and I’m really not into them.

    • ljm

      I have been seeing those shoes everywhere as well, but I actually love them! Does anyone know the designer?

      • Jael Paris

        I think they’re Stella McCartney.

        • ljm

          If they are Stella McCartney she’s keeping them a secret from everyone except celebrities. I can’t find them anywhere online listing her shoes.

    • anny

      Not crazy about the platforms – they look like those awful plastic pencil erasers that don’t erase properly.

  5. Linney

    I really hate the button up to the top button look (that she religiously adheres to) and find this unseasonable but she doesn’t look bad. If she undid a couple of buttons, I’d sad she looked kind of classy, which would be pretty unusual for her.

  6. Helen

    This looks fine to me. The jacket could use a little tailoring. I’d shorten the overall length as well as the sleeves (and the sleeves on the blouse). But it appears to be pretty lightweight, fine for the season.

    Nothing terribly interesting here, but nothing terribly wrong either. It’s okay.

    Love the shoes!

  7. Other Emily

    Hems the Greater has a new baby with his spicy wife, so I like to think that he’s home being a super hot attentive dad and husband.

  8. Mary

    I have sympathy for her- now that the heat of summer is here, the air conditioning is on at arctic levels. If you dress for the weather you are going to freeze in theaters and restaurants. But still, she does look like she wore one of those Travel Smith outfits that are theoretically uncrushable.

  9. Candy

    The jacket is okay… but not for summer. I have a mental block against pointy shoes. They make my feet hurt just looking at them. Also, it could be that I have big feet to begin with and can’t imagine wearing shoes that make them look even longer. On the plus side, I want the skirt for my own. And I think her make-up looks great.

  10. roser

    K-Stew just never gets it right, in my opinion. Such a pretty girl, but her “look” always spells awkward.

  11. TaraMisu

    Her eye make up is awesome! Those shoes make my feet cringe :(
    I like this look for KStew… I also think this is a Stella and I don’t hate it. Amazing.

  12. Mahastee

    It’s fine for a job interview. Not fine for anything involving red carpet.

  13. vandalfan

    Best I’ve ever seen her, but best for a daytime event. I hated the shoes at first glance, and am not surprised they came from McCartney. Imagine this with black and white wing tip flats.

  14. Tracey

    Do you ladies have a crush on KStew, because these last two outfits that you have deemed vote worthy are just not very nice. This one is more “meh” than awful. And it’s not the right place or time for this. Also, is that her attempt at a smile? Is that all she’s got? Just give me Hems – he’s much prettier.

  15. Emma

    Are we seriously into the Hemsworths? I don’t get it. They’re just kind of tall and beefy and dumb. Totally average Australian guys.

  16. Kat

    The blacks clash, and the blazer and the skirt are fighting each other for control of the silhouette.

    This is the kind of outfit I would reluctantly put together because it was the only event-appropriate (and laundered) combination I could come up with – but I would definitely not choose it deliberately.

  17. McLisa

    I like this look for her but the jacket needs some type of detailing to keep it from looking like she borrowed it from the limo driver. The sleeves need to be altered. The skirt is cute. Her legs look hot and I LIKE THE SHOES.

  18. Shiitake

    Detest the eraser platforms (McCartney, of course). The skirt has too many textures that don’t work with the worsted jacket.

  19. Otto

    She totally looks like a Heather from the movie Heathers. I love it!

  20. vgrly

    Some of you may not realize but it only recently started getting warm here. It still gets pretty cool at night/evenings here. I live in the OC where it maybe a bit cooler but the rule of thumb is to allways have a light jacket or cardigan all the time.

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