Fug or Fab: Keri Russell


I have a lot of questions about this outfit, and the number one question is: Has it suddenly gotten WAY warmer in New York than it was a week ago? Because if not, she’s getting hypothermia right now and this outfit is not good enough to risk frostbite:

Not the least because it looks like she stuck her head through a burrito and then pulled on a HEPA filter.

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[Photo: Splash]

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  1. Gypsy Danger

    This is pretty blah. Did she wear this on the show? Needs a coat, tights and maybe a belt. Face and hair are good though.

    She is showing the most skin out of everyone in this photo, so unless she has been bestowed with magical cold deflecting powers (if this is the case, I want in), I’m going to go with she’s getting hypothermia right now.

  2. The Rizz

    Well, I live in NY and it was nearly 40 yesterday and I was walking around with no coat yesterday, so take that as you will.

    I actually kind of like it, or maybe she’s just so pretty she could sell me the burrito-HEPA fikter dress.

    • Pamela

      Agreed! I opted to walk from midtown to the village instead of taking the 6 because it was SO much warmer than it has been. Does that mean it’s warm? No, but I get it!!! I was practically giddy to be outside and not want to immediately run inside!

    • sacchrainkiss

      I was out without a coat too, I live up the Hudson a bit. I felt so warm yesterday and then I realized it was only 40 degrees and I felt weird thinking that 40 was warm.

    • Breda

      I was joking about wearing shorts as soon as it got about freezing, and then it hit 45 and I almost involuntarily put on a short skirt with sheer tights, so it turns out that wasn’t a joke.

      I DID still wear sleeves, though, so this looks silly.

  3. sheila

    It *is* actually way warmer here in NYC than it was a week ago! Not, however, THAT warm . . .

    • Lisa

      Definitely not that warm. While I do not like this at all, she still looks good, go figure.

  4. nobody much

    why do people wear summer clothes in February? are their closets so small that they can’t fit winter clothes in them? Is it because they’re from SoCal, so they don’t even own a pair of tights? Did someone sneak into their house and cut the sleeves off all of their clothes?

  5.  Hannah

    Compared to 14 degree weather, a day in the late 40s feels positively balmy. I will excuse her impulse to dress accordingly this time.

  6. meggiemoo

    I have a soft spot for Keri, and I think she looks way better in this than she has a right to…

  7. Louise

    Is the Letterman Dumpster back?!

  8. Wildviolette

    That top looks like what you have to wear when you are nursing your kid and know you will be spending the day out in public. I did not enjoy wearing those tops.

  9.  jules

    Boring but she is working it. I noticed lately she has been doing the cat eye liner look, which I’m not into.

  10.  HelenBackAgain

    I needed an option for “Would be cute in July or August.”

  11. marylou bethune

    I miss her curls.

    • Helena

      As someone who has curly hair like she used to, and is now embracing it and just letting it do its frequently unmanageable thing (after 28 years of ponytails, plaits, buns and mind-numbing hours spent with GHDs – not to mention the first ten or so years when I didn’t understand that curly-haired people should back away from hair brushes and driers like they contain explosives, which resulted in a decade of bad hair days that I’m trying to expunge from my memory and family photo albums), I’m curious – did she have a chemical straightening treatment? Or does she just straighten it by hand all the time now?

      • Donna J

        I believe she straightens it all the time by hand, as per some interview I read with her recently. This information is taking up space in my brain that could be used to remember where I put one of my favorite gloves!

        • Heather

          My personal feeling is that if she’s saying she straightens it by hand herself, every day, then she is lying. Not because I have anything against her, but because that is a hard job.

          •  jules

            I thought she chemically straightened it. That would be a PITA to straighten her curly hair by hand.

  12. TonyG

    I’m in NYC, where it’s been gloomy but warmer and more humid this week.

    I still needed my jacket, but I’m a wimp when it comes to cooler weather. My legs can deal with cooler temperatures but my upper body still needs to be warmly wrapped. So, if she’s like me that way, I think it may have been okay for her legs, but her arms must have still been felt the chill.

    P.S.: I really love this on her.

  13. Donna J

    She’s probably only stepping briefly from the car to the studio, so it doesn’t seem that ridiculous to me in that sense, but apparently that studio is frickin’ freezing all the time, so she was probably cold for quite a while. I think she looks adorable and mod.

  14. Patti

    It’s 43 degrees in NYC, and it feels like Spring Break. We’ve had so many snowstorms & lingering bitter cold that the residual hard-packed snow piles are finally melting… albeit creating serious crazy Fog. You can’t see out of the skyscrapers’ windows.

    Keri Russell has been spotted as a Downtown NYC resident for many years. If girlfriend wants to pose without cape, shawl, pashmina … more to her. Can’t wait to see what she pulls off during a proper heat wave. ;)

  15. jenelope

    The only reason she’s pulling this off at all is that she is capital-G Gorgeous.

  16.  Natalie

    Is there going to be a Jimmy Fallon dumpster equivalent now?

  17. Claire1

    I think I’m just blinded by the fact she has gorgeous legs….
    I’m pretty sure I don’t like how flat the whole thing feels ( color and shape)

  18. understateddiva

    You had me at “stuck her head through a burrito.” rolling.

  19. Meertyness

    Is that even NYC? Sure, it’s warmed up quite a bit but where are all the giant piles of disgusting black snow?

  20. witjunkie

    You’d be amazed how fast the snow melts. We had 2 days of 40+ degree weather where I live and it’s gone, baby, gone.

  21. Lily1214

    The overall look is too baby.