Fug or Fab: Kelly Osbourne


Are we SERIOUSLY still doing this?

Lavender hair is not a life choice. You are not purple-haired the way someone is blonde or brunette or a redhead (bottle or otherwise) unless you live with the Whos down in the Whoville. I have no beef with Whimsical Hair, really, but BY ITS VERY NATURAL, one does not have Whimsical Hair for like EIGHT YEARS or however long this has been happening. Can’t Joan Rivers intervene?!

As for the dress: (a) I don’t hate it, (b) someone else has worn it but I have NO recollection who it was, and (c) it kind of looks like the wallpaper in the Polo Lounge came to life, but I love that wallpaper so I actually might be okay with it becoming sentient.

What do you think?

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  1. Sandra

    Wallpaper in the Polo Lounge? Oh, okay. I thought she was wearing a Transformer.

  2. Aria

    I’m okay with the dress – not sure what it is supposed to be but looks like someone tied a bunch of bows around the Empire State Building. I hate, Hate, HATE, her hair. She was on Today recently and I kept thinking how great she looked EXCEPT FOR THAT STUPID PURPLE HAIR. I would she would go to a rich brown or auburn — with her fair skin, that would be gorgeous.

    • cdd

      i definitely see the empire state building.

      the dress is sort of jumanji sartorialized for me… but it’s cute.

  3. ok

    I think she looks fabulous. I think the lavender hair is lovely on her–much better than the grey. I’m not sure what your problem is per see– where is your outrage for the Fanning sister/s hideous urine color hair? That shit isn’t natural either.

    • anonymoose

      Thank you @ok! SO MANY, TOOOOO MANY women have that nasty urine-color hair! Some show it off with dark roots — on purpose.

      There are some colors hair should NEVER BE. The lavender is boring, but not offensive. Piss-yellow hair is offensive.

      • Minda

        Yes! I agree with this. That flat-shineless-porn-star-blonde isn’t my favorite either. This at least has some depth and works on her. But then, I like that Jem cartoon when I was younger an secretly wished someone in real life would go lavender…

        • ok

          I loved Jem!

          And I like it when people show their individuality and don’t cow-tow to some ridiculous standard. Most blondes and gingers aren’t natural. Do the Fug Girls SERIOUSLY still complain that Emma Stone isn’t a redhead? Because she is NATURALLY a blonde!!

    • Aphy

      The person in the photo is Kelly Osborn. Why in the world do they need to bring up the Fanning sisters? This isn’t tit-for-tat time. If they brought up every person that had unnatural hair color to satisfy some fairness you think they might lack, we’d be here all day.

      • ok

        They were brought up as a counterpoint– they are people who have “unnatural” hair colors that seems to escape the judgement of “Are we SERIOUSLY still doing this?”

        I would much rather see Kelly Osbourne keeping it real and having the well-kept, shiny, well-coiffed hair she desires for herself, rather than the so-called “natural” colored hair that women seem to think they should have.

        Why shit on someone for “unnatural” hair when you give plenty of other people with “unnatural” hair a pass?

    • Esme

      Golly; amazing that two such placid, harmless little girls can inspire so much fury!

  4. lilywise

    I don’t mind the hair either — it’s Kelly Osborne. I kind of expect purple hair now. It’s the lipstick that drives me crazy.

    I like the dress on her.

  5. valueofaloonie

    This has just reinforced to me that I’m not a fan of the nude lip. It looks like she’s erased her mouth, and that kind of freaks me out.

    • jerkygirl

      I’ve always wondered what the point of the “nude lip” (bleah!!!) is too. It’s like they were putting on a thick layer of foundation and overshot, twice. I kinda like her purple hair though, so I can’t hate there, and the dress is whatever, but I have always, ALWAYS hated her foot tattoos. They just look like wicked bruises to me, instead of neat skull thingies or whatever.

    • Silly Mama

      Anyone remember Zinc Pink lipstick back in the late 80′s? I have a picture of me wearing that lipstick. I have brown hair and dark brown eyes. It looked AWFUL on me.

  6. pantsonfire

    I like the dress, except for some small quibbles. First, the good: I love how it appears that we’re peeping through jungle vegetation at an office building. So great. Moreover, the cut of the dress is perfect with the print. Now for the bad: There is something not quite right with the sleeves. I don’t know if they’re just too tight and small on Kelly, or if it’s a fundamental flaw with the cut of the shoulders/sleeves themselves. I suspect it’s a bit of column A and column B.

    I agree that her hair is neat…for, like, three months. It is ridiculous and tired now. Her makeup here is atrocious.

    • pantsonfire

      After reading others’ comments, I rescind my statement that her hair is ridiculous. I’ve been won over to the idea of “Why not lilac hair?” You all make very good points. I am still kind of bored of seeing this particular hue on Ms. Osborne, though, and think a palate-cleansing shade would be just the thing for a while.

  7. anonymoose

    Begs the question: do people with tattoos get bored with them?

    My opinion is that these look a mess, more like blotchy bruises than art.

    Kels just doesn’t seem like she’s any fun, just high-maintenance catty. Not a good look for such a young one. Control freak?

    • LT1

      I’ve had my tattoos for over 20 years and, nope, not bored of any of them. I think I read somewhere that she wants to get rid of some of the more prevalent ones, but I could be wrong about that.

      I’m fine with the hair color, wish her lips had some color, like the dress and while I wish her lashes were less spiky, I think her eyes are really popping.

      • elliemae

        I’m an au contraire. I’ve had mine for 21 years (maybe that extra year is the magic one?) and said to my mom that I’m going to get them lasered off in the new year.

        The dress looks like a corset that is slowly undoing itself.

        The hair? Meh. Take it or leave it. I think the color flatters her face (oddly enough), and I’m going to say something I have never said in respect to Kelly Osborne: Her face looks really pretty here.

  8. Alison

    I don’t really mind the hair color, but I wish she’d do something different with her hair – either intensify the color, get a different cut or go for more volume. I feel like she’s been wearing her hair in a way that prematurely ages her.

    As for the dress, I like the pattern, but have to agree with the comment above- something is really off with those sleeves.

  9. Vandalfan

    The dress is interesting, although the suggestion of a big ol’ bow in back of her left shoulder might change my opinion. Her tats are like all tats, just getting sadder and sadder as they age. Likewise the lilac hair. Why be a freak show when she’d be strikingly lovely with brunette hair?

  10. Sierra

    Is it me, or is her left shoulder…growing? I’d love to see the back of this – or perhaps I wouldn’t.

    • pantsonfire

      Oh god. I hadn’t noticed the ruffles that appear to be erupting in a menacing manner behind her shoulders. I’m going to pretend they aren’t there.

      • Rachael

        The . . . ruffle? thing reminds me of a stegosaur’s spiny back, or a horned lizard or something. It’s making me giggle every time I look at it. Otherwise, I like the dress.

        Her gray-lavendar hair just ages her, I think. It doesn’t have any depth. It’s washed out, and boring. If she wants interesting, she could do a hell of a lot better than that.

  11. Stephanie

    The hair doesn’t bother me too much but I ADORE that dress. I think it has something to do with my love of geometric prints. Either way, I want a blanket and dress and pillow and poster of that print.

  12. Leah

    Why can’t someone just have lavender hair all the time?
    I agree that it’s no different from perpetually being a color that’s nor your own but might be natural on someone else.
    I’m not really into the print of the dress, but the cut and fabric are good and she looks polished.

    • hb

      Agree, I like it, I think it looks attractive, why not rock it for as long as she likes. I’m not tired of it.

      As mentioned above, people die their hair blonde for decades, and in lots of cases it looks much worse than Kelly’s

  13. Edith

    The dress is awesome, the lipstick makes her look like some nightmarish creature with no mouth with which to scream, and the hair actually suits her. If it were solid purple, it would be very old by now, but the variations in tone actually make it look weirdly sophisticated, which is in line with the rest of her look. It works, why change it all the time and destroy her hair entirely? And the tone of her hair looks great with her skin, as opposed to the Fanning sisters.

    (What, we can’t compare and contrast now? I’m so confused at the bitchy tone of some comments lately – either sideswiping other commenters or tearing down the celebrity. Where is this bile coming from, people? We’re talking about clothes and hair, it’s supposed to be fun….))

  14. Chris

    It gives me sad feels that the Fug Girls have such a hate on against fun-colored hair. Sure, it’s not natural or normal looking, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. It really does open up such great new opportunities — people come up to me and talk to me when I have purple or pink hair and they just don’t when I have my (very lovely) brunette shade going. Plus, I got my latest job (magazine editor) because I looked edgy.

    Again, love Fug Girls, but please consider opening those fashion minds to the joy that is not at all a freak show (ahem, @Vandalfan).

    • Annie S.

      I don’t think the problem is fun hair color, per say, but the fact that this wish-washy grey-lavender is BORING. It washes Kelly out, especially when she goes with that awful candy-nude lip. A bold purple would be a totally different story. This is the coiffure equivalent of those netting-and-granny-panties gowns: It’s faux-daring.

      • anonymoose

        @Annie S., bingo!
        Well said. :-)

        For some reason, I tend to expect Osborne to be irreverent and maybe edgy, with a PLAYFUL bent, which to me = fun. What I get disappointed with (not that she has to please me or any of us) is that she seems to be honing her inner fuddy-duddy-grande-dame rather than her inner Auntie Mame!

      • lilacsigil

        I agree! That particular shade really washes her out. I don’t care if someone wants to dye their hair their whole life (and why not go for a fun colour?) but I wish she’d pick a better colour. Even a darker purple.

  15. Bella

    Don’t like any of it – hair, lips, dress, tats.

  16. Alma

    I agree with ok and anonamoose…Kelly’s hair is just ehh while the Fannings in particular are blaringly ughh

  17. Art Eclectic

    I like the dress but that is a horrible hairstyle choice for her. Not even going to discuss the color.

  18. Hayley

    Awwww. I really like her hair. I think it’s different from the super-straightened bleached locks half of Hollywood sports and looks far better (and more flattering) than other people with crazily-dyed hair like Vivienne Westwood.

  19. Lucille Austero

    My first reaction was some green garbed superhero busting through a wall. But on second look, I guess the wall is busting through the superhero. Either way, it’s some wierd look.

  20. bex

    I love her hair and I’m glad she’s kept it around. It’s very fitting for her and I adore the color. Why you gotta hate on having fun, fuggirls? That makes me sad. I will say that the nude lip is atrocious and the styling of her hair is blah. Also, didn’t ScarJo wear a dress just like this recently or am I making that up?

    • Esme

      It stops being “fun” after a few nights out–and it’s not exactly versatile. If she wants to live with purple hair, she should go all the way and wear funkier stuff that suits a purple-haired person. Also, Kelly please stop trying to make yourself happen–honestly, what is your raison d’etre aside from daughter of hapless long-ago rocker?

  21. Kate

    I feel like the designer of this dress thought to him/herself, “What a GENIUS juxtaposition of nature and architecture!” and then patted him/herself on the back in such a self-complacent way that now I just don’t like it. Even though that whole narrative was made up in my head.

    I think I like her hair , though.

  22. mary lou bethune

    I am fond of the Osbournes since seeing their hilarious show but why are children of the famous pushed upon us relentlessly? Kelley is sweet but looks like a doll on a cheap birthday cake.

  23. Mongerel

    Gotta give this a failing grade, but not because of the dress (which is terrific) or the hair (which is fetching). It’s because of the paradox of “math genius” and “shriveled potato” images that she is projecting. Makeup, dress and hair are laser-precision attractive. I know I know I know we are not supposed to comment on peoples’ bodies here, but looking at her makes my teeth freeze because the torso looks surgically altered. She would look better carrying 30 more pounds, and this dress is cool enough to look good in a size 14.

  24. Esme

    Hate, HATE everything about this–lose the ridiculous hair, Kelly.

  25. Kayla

    I like her hair! It’s so much better than the stock standard extensions/waves/boring colour that people like the Kardashians have forced upon us all.
    What’s wrong with having fun, guys?!

  26. robabeau

    I think I’d like to see Miss Kelly O with dark hair again. it’s been a long while since that happened. I quite like the dress- it’s a nice fit, cool pattern, trendy colours, etc. I dont think the shoes are bad and her face looks good EXCEPT the lipstick. I’m tired of that weird Lana del Rey puffy-pale-pout look, it’s gettin’ real old. Kinda like the purple hair, I guess ;)

    • Katharine

      Years ago, when she was regularly being slagged off for being heavier, the dark bob and beautiful skin were something I always found attractive … understandably she wants to distance herself from that time with fake tan and outre hair.

      The dress is by Jean Charles de Castelbaljac.

  27. amys

    I think her particular brand of purple/gray/purple hair is tiresome. Does she still co-host a fashion show? If so, it makes sense she feels the need to maintain a “different” type identity, but for me, it falls flat and stale. I’m definitely not a hater; I’m sure she’s a lovely person.

  28. Birgin

    I like the dress but I think I’d like it even more if the background wasn’t competing with her for attention. Put her in front of a cream background and I’d think the dress was awesome.

  29. Rayna

    We love watching Kels on Fashion Police. She seems to be a sweet soul, but some of her, ahem, personal adornment choices leave me baffled. I understand wanting to be edgy, and I take hair color with a sense of humor, but Kels is really pretty and could look so much better.

  30. witjunkie

    I think she goes back and forth with the lavender hair. Personally, I enjoyed the Wig Years the most. I like the dress although I am suspicious of what is lurking behind her shoulders.

    She has grown on me and you know, it isn’t that remarkable that the daughter of a performer ended up in front of a camera. At least she’s working and collecting a paycheck of her own.

  31. Claire1

    I think that I like that you can, at least, tell that the hair is lavender… for a while it looked like old lady blue rinse. I feel it washes her out, though. I think if you’re going to go with a ‘fun’ color GO with it…. take it all the way…
    The dress…. eh…it looks like a cheap whimsical thing found in the midst of a sales rack. It’s fun…but I’d never pay full price for it.

  32. Louisa

    I say the girl has never looked better. I’m impressed. She’s working it well. All of it, actually.

    • TaraMisu

      Totally agree! She looks great and while *I’m* bored with her hair, she clearly is not :D

    • themis

      I like her look, as well, she can keep it for decades, as far as I’m concerned. I feel like the hair color is logically a good fit with her skin tone and eye color, it’s fine that not everyone has it. The dress is edgy and suits her. If I have to quibble, I feel as if more volume to her hairstyle might balance the proportions of the dress a little better. She’s long-waisted and the camera’s shootind down at her, drawing the eye all the way up helps.

  33. AMS

    I irrationally adore this dress and love that she’s pulling it off. The fit is terrific and she’s rocking the colors. As always with her, I wish her makeup weren’t so obvious, and I truly hate nude lipstick. My first thought when I saw the hair, honestly, was “Zzzzzzz.” I’m bored to death with Kelly Osbourne’s purple/grey/blue hair and think it’s become so self-conscious that it’s lost any edge it might have had. (That’s not to say that this color isn’t pretty on her and that she shouldn’t wear it.) It might be that with her hair and her makeup and her clothes always screaming simultaneously for attention, she looks a bit “try” to me, and, in keeping with that old maxim about jewelry, I want to send her back to her dressing room to take one thing off/tone one thing down.

  34. Emma

    Shoudl this article read “by it’s very nature?” I spent three minutes trying to work out what “by it’s very natural” means. But I endorse the sentiment. The purple hair must die. It’s not even a faux-punk affectation. It’s always combed into a sleek ladylike style with slim-fitting dresses and dainty heels. This is not a context in which purple hair is explicable.

  35. celia

    I love that dress, I love the shoes. Her…I don’t love. And I am totally freaked out by the very idea of foot tattoos. ouch.

  36. Bambi Anne Dear

    Here in Australia there is a tradition of purple (OK, we call it wisteria, actually wisteria rinse) hair for older women. I know it sounds funny and sort of looks funny but when you get used to a whole bunch of senior citizens with mauve hair it’s quite endearing. Maybe it’s an Oz thing…..and maybe it’s more 50s – 90s and is fading out…..

  37. nobody much

    wow, so many opinions. but I just saw a pic of her in a magazine ad and she had blond hair which looked really good on her. I find the lavender really aging.

  38. Sajorina

    Ummm, NO!

    1) Wallpaper belongs on walls!

    2) Lavender hair belongs on my 1980s Dolls:
    ~My Little Pony→ http://www.bloggerdad.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/purple-pony.jpg
    ~Hugga Bunch Impkins Doll→ http://img0.etsystatic.com/000/0/6692852/il_fullxfull.323475492.jpg
    ~Rapsberry Tart Doll→ http://www.strawberry-shortcake.net/CollectorsInfo/Vintage/RagDolls/RagdollRaspberry.JPG

  39. Rubee

    I really like the color on her complexion. (She has terrific skin btw) But I think the decolletee’s narroweness shapes her shoulders in a weird way and accentuates the fact that Kelly’s arms are considerable… er… thicker than the rest of her frame. I happen to have the same problem after a childhood battling obesity via gymnastics and sync swimming. Agree to the not-cool purple hair thing: whatever statement she’s trying to make is lost for me. She’s a very pretty blonde, specially when she goes easy on the make up.

  40. Helen

    Also tired of this hair on her, and the lipstick is terrible, but I love the dress and think she’s wearing it very well.

    Re: The tattoos, Kelly has said that she regrets them and would like to have them removed. But I haven’t heard a peep out of her on the subject since, and that must have been a couple of years ago. Maybe she isn’t a good candidate for it? Some may scar worse than others.

  41. MikeB

    We used that ugly lipcolour in the 80s…M.A.C. Echo Beach. I thought it had been discontinued. I wish those wierd mirrorprint dresses would be discontinued as well.

  42. Annie Mouse

    I like lavendar hair, actually, and I like that Kelly chooses hair that she feels fits her best, without caving to the pressure to be a more mainstream colour.

    Having said that, I’m not enthralled with THIS lavendar — it looks manky and in need of some help, as though it was a sloppy at-home job and not salon-managed (a non-natural colour should never be splotchy or appear verigated by happenstance). Though cheers to it looking relatively healthy – that sort of colour is incredibly difficult to maintain without end up straw-headed.

  43. Mo

    Hate the hair….have hated the hair from the beginning but now it is just silly and unattractive.
    Dress is fine….she can pull it off.

  44. IB

    Here hair, dress, shoes…who cares. It’s her calves that are showing some very disturbing tendencies, as in belonging to an eighty year old.

  45. Angela

    She seems lovely and the dress is interesting. Her hair looks faded though, I keep waiting to see an updated picture of her where it’s a little more intentional, not seemingly accidental.

  46. Linda

    It looks like she is a building that is slowly being covered by ivy. For whatever reason Spiderman comes to mind, no idea why.

  47. Caroline

    I take the point that the My Little Pony colored hair has been happening for a while. (The dress is not my cup but she looks great.)
    But I really can’t fault the hair. Isn’t that Kelly’s jam? If I could get away with walking around with purple hair, I would do it. Thus Kelly is doing it for me, and all the people stuck behind desks with traditionally-colored hair.

  48. Jenlwb

    I could live without the dress, but I fully aspire to having this hair colour- WHEN I’M 80. Honestly.

  49. regina

    Her hair looks just fine and looks better than, for example, the hair that Nicki Minaj has going right now. I don’t get the criticism, really.

    I think she has had a laser-removal session on her feet, which has made the tattoos look weird.

    The dress is a bit tight, but it is funky, fresh, and something I haven’t seen before. So points to you, Kelly!

    • Helen

      No kidding, Kelly IS starting laser removal? That’s great! I hope it goes well and they can restore her beautiful complexion all right.

  50. dawn

    I would rather that hair than the hideous dress.
    And seriously- there is something growing out of her left shoulder!

  51. Kathryn

    I like the colour hair i think it suits her and echo others comments on this post ;surely every woman these days dyes her hair?
    i prefer this to beach blonde straw…
    loving the dress too- great colours!

  52. 7Kellx

    Well she has shaved off half her head so maybe she’s working up to losing the purple hair completely?

    But really I love this dress!

  53. Nancy

    I like the dress! I just wish it were a smidge shorter.

    I don’t even notice her hair anymore.

  54. jlj

    I don’t mind crazy colored hair. I think the lavender washes her out a bit though. A darker purple would work, but would be harder to dye back later.

    That dress …. who else have I seen wearing that dress?!?

  55. Suzie

    @jlj– yes, i want to see a darker purple too (royal purple? plum? midnight purple? something darker). I really like the dress.

  56. Patrick

    Is she in school? Does she have a job? What does she do with her time? What does she intend to make of her life? What aspirations do her parents have for her?

  57. karanakau

    I hate how on Fashion Police, she’s acting so superior now every time a picture of fat Christina gets shown. Well all I can say is..at least during her heyday, Christina genuinely looked petite and slender. Whereas Kelly, even now..still manages to look awkwardly like she’s been stuffed into spanx with all the fat cells migrating to the periphery creating unflatteringly pudgy limbs.

  58. nmlhats

    Love the dress. The hair is ridiculous. Darker hair of some kind would be better with that dress–black, brown, auburn, and yes, i would even consider a purplish or raisin tone.

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