Fug or Fab: Katy Perry


To those of you who think we pick the lone photo that illustrates our point, as if it were representative of ALL the photos, I must tell you: It took all my will power not to lead with the picture wherein Katy Perry looks drowsy.

Because the drowsyness just amplified the fact that her dress is falling off, in such a delirious, delicious way. However, that was just one shot, and she was smiling perfectly alertly in many others, so I resisted my baser urge. Besides, I think the strap itself makes enough of a point: That artfully deposed piece of string kicks this in a trashy direction — suddenly, the underslip looks like nudity, and the cleavage looks mishandled and muddled. And although her out-of-it facial expression didn’t stick all night, the strap DID linger there the entire time she was on the red carpet, with no evidence of her hiking it up and it slipping south again. Surely she felt it. Sometimes I feel it when it’s not even happening to me, like ghost of bra slips past. Why didn’t she fix it right then? She did take care of it once she got inside, but by then, she was standing in front of podiums or holding trophies and you couldn’t tell the effect it had on the whole dress:

I’m sure the whole thing looked better, but it feels like she kind of missed her boat, and was stuck paying a local to row her after it in a very tiny dory.

And for the record:


I mean, right? Totally underlined my point about HIKE UP YOUR STRAP LADYFRIEND. But I couldn’t let you think she walked around like Courtney Love all night. It wouldn’t have been proper. And frankly, Courtney Love would probably be offended that I would think she’d DARE waltz around with only ONE strap past the tipping point.

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Comments (46):

  1. Poppy

    Oh dear, this brings back all sorts of tarareiffic horrors.

    • Amber

      OMG, YES! My first thought was, “Tara Reid when she ‘accidentally’ flashed her post-op boob to the world”. That is NOT somewhere you want to be, Katy. Not even close.

      • kat

        I thought the same thing. Maybe she was hoping for a Tara Reid Moment!

      • yeahandalso

        I think it was an accident for Tara Reid, she was really drunk and just didn’t notice

  2. Sophie

    Hope you’re not planning on patenting it, because I’m adding Ghost of Bra Slips Past to my band name list.

  3. amys

    Is the ASCAP logo on the podium superimposed to hide a NSFW shot or was that part of the podium? This is probably one of the prettiest gowns I’ve seen her wear, and it’s not vinyl so I’d say it’s fab with the exception of the strappy business.

  4. Esmerelda

    This dress is committing multiple crimes against Katy’s boobs. When you have an ample bosom, as she does, you HAVE to pay more attention to fit and support. Clearly, a bra isn’t really an option with this gown and I think the overall effect is pretty trashy. There are some styles that simply work better with certain body types, throw this on an A cup and it would be lovely (especially if you made the dress in COLOR!!)

    • rizzle

      Never underestimate the amazing power of titty tape. I wear it to work to keep the girls in check–and covered.

    • Katharine

      I don’t know, MY first reaction to this shot was “how does she get her boobs to stay up like that, especially with the strap situation revealing a minimal– at best — bra?” It’s certainly sexier and less “artsy” than it would be on a flat-chested woman, but it really doesn’t look bad. (Not to mention, I have seen some A-cups — some on this very site — wearing slip dresses and STILL managing to look less well-supported than Katy here.)

      On the whole, I quite like this, both as a dress and on her, although I do wish she’d hiked up the strap.

      • slz

        How does she get her boobs to stay up like that? It’s easy, they’re fake.

      • sophie

        my thoughts exactly, its so silly that she still tries to convince everyone that those melons are real.

    • amelia

      But a bustier or shapewear supporter + strapless bra thing would have worked.

  5. rizzle

    Drunk girl at prom is the new hot look.

  6. Christian

    Purple hair > Blue hair

  7. Lucille Austero

    Beautiful fabric but the sloppy fit and drunk girl at prom (hahah) styling make this dress look like an expensive nightie.

  8. Kit

    I don’t like this dress because even IF she were wearing it properly it looks too nakedy/trashy. *meh*

  9. megs283

    I think if her hair was properly styled, and the straps were 2 inches wider, her look would be a lot more polished (and a lot less scandalous). Spaghetti straps just always seem trashy to me.

  10. Softwear

    IT’S JUST SO GROSS AND AWKWARD. I feel the need to shower.

  11. Kat

    I agree with many of the above. It’s a very pretty dress, but she’s not really pulling it off. Pearls on your wrist with blue hair and no bra with that dress? No. It’s like parts of her stayed with typical KP styling, and then they just tried to throw some ultra-classiness in there and failed miserably.

  12. Rowynn

    It’s a pretty dress, although terribly nightgown-adjacent. With the strap drooping like that, she just looks like she shuffled into the kitchen at 3am for a drink of water.

  13. ?MySanity

    In that second picture she looks a little like Mary Ingalls…Pa would not approve.

  14. Mahastee

    Oh god Katy Perry, PLEASE don’t turn into Tara!!!

  15. leah

    i find the dress to be really pretty, actually, but i do wish she had wrangled that strap better. however, what i REALLY want to comment on is that i vastly prefer that hair color on her compared to anything else she’s done recently. i hope it’s a signal that she’s going back to darker hair colors because they just look so great on her! her porcelain skin and bright eyes are just so striking when paired with dark hair.

  16. Lynne

    Yes, the purple hair is far better than the blue. Actually, I really like it. Katy. Did you borrow this dress? Surely you’ve got a decent tailor you could call on. Also, for those of us with a generous bra size, spaghetti straps just never work. Leave it at the store, hon. Get something you can wear the proper bra with.

  17. witjunkie

    Well. You have to admit, that rack is fantastic. For having no visible means of support, strap or no strap, that dress looks pretty great on her.

  18. CJ

    If she had some good support and kept her straps on, this would have improved a thousand-fold. I know, I know, it’s hard to find a bra to wear with a dress like this, but when you are at this level of notoriety and have the money, you can have dresses customized for you and the designer could certainly put in a built-in bra when making the dress. She is too well endowed to wear a dress like this without support, and having the strap hang off her shoulder is just flirting with danger (not to mention that it doesn’t look very flattering either).

    Also, I’m not fond of the fit in the middle region. It looks like it’s too big under her boobs (but that might be corrected with proper support and just hiking up that darn strap) and I’m not fond of how there is a horizontal seam (or is it a line of beadwork?) at her hip. It would have been much more flattering at her natural waist.

    The way she is wearing her barrettes reminds me of my 2nd grade ‘do. Oh, to be 7 and growing out your bangs. Though there is something a bit incongruous and bordering on weird about a very child-look use of barrettes when you are wearing sexy formal wear.

  19. Clarence Beeks

    I just want her to disappear. No talent hack.

  20. Shiitake

    Walk of Shame-esque.

  21. Helen

    Pretty dress IMO, even without support – better with, but Katy has amazing lift in normal gravity for such a busty girl – but, it’s just too big. All over. Roughly two sizes, I’d say. I’m with the poster above who asked if she borrowed it; I think she just might have!

    I also agree that the hairstyle is too schoolgirly, and doesn’t work with the dress either.

    Just a couple of tweaks, tailoring and a more polished hairstyle, and I’d love this.

  22. Sandra

    Hate the naked-look lining trend. Color: Learn It, Use It. The skinny straps do add an air of lingerie that I find inappropriate for anywhere outside one’s home or hotel room.

  23. Karina

    It looks like there is a leering teddy bear on her lady parts.

  24. vandalfan

    Gosh, I think it’s the best she’s looked in forever. Her knockers are either very well-behaved or the silicone is hardening. Her hair does not look too freakish, although those seem to be wee barrettes holding it back. Perhaps they’re diamond-studded.

  25. Aoife

    Girlfriend canNOT dress her boobies.

  26. gryt

    I can’t wait for her to permanently go away. It can’t come one second too soon.

  27. Wendy

    Facial expression + strap slip = some unholy hybrid of Tara Reid and Lindsay Lohan. Don’t go there, Katy!

  28. emily

    Is it just me, or does she not have feet in those pictures? Totally weird. Where are her shoes? What color are they? Is that some trick of the light, or the carpet? I don’t get it. Her feet disappeared.

    • Mooshki

      After examining it for like 5 minutes trying to figure that out, I think the sheer overlay of the dress is a good 6″ out in front of her even though it looks straight, and the underskirt is exactly floor length to hide her feet. .

  29. Moi

    Drugs r bad, ‘mkay?

  30. Verodemort

    I think I’d Fug everything about Katy, not just her horrible “fashion” sense.

  31. Sajorina

    I love the dress… It is GORGEOUS! If only she had done it justice! Ugh!

  32. mel

    I think Katy suffers from huge boobs/voluptuousness curse. Anything she wear, people think it’s trashy or fug. If it were on Nina Dobrev, for example, I’m sure people wouldn’t bat an eye. The dress is actually really pretty and I thought it looked nice, when the strap was fitted.

  33. Rubee

    The dress would look at its most beautiful without the “naked underneath” effect. The overall styling is very very poor: I used to wear my hair like that no longer than junior high, and the colorful hair is too much out there these days. Pros? Simple make up which lets us see her beautiful face. A fug for me, anyway.

  34. A

    Well, the Tara thing has already been said but I’ll throw my hat in that ring anywho. :)