Fug or Fab: Katie Holmes


Either Katie Holmes grew out this hair while she was plotting her escape from Cruiselandia and I just didn’t notice, or she’s added some extensions.

Either way, it looks nice and healthy, but I’m wondering if perhaps she’s not used to it all because every photo I found of her looked like this:

By the end of the night she is going to need a neck brace.

But what of the dress? The purple fingers groping her chest aren’t really giving her much shape. It’s ridiculous that we can see her navel — always a formal no-no, and indeed, often a casual no-no as well — and overall it might be trying too hard to make velvet hip. I don’t think that’s ever going to happen for anyone over eight years of age. Yet it FITS, it’s not Holmes & Yang (which may explain the aforementioned fit), and despite its velvety velvetness I am not as mad at it as I thought I would be. Who knew?

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  1. Kat

    I love her, I really do, but she needs to stop wearing things that are all about ankles. Her ankles are fine, but they aren’t teensy tiny, so she needs to stop wearing shoes that draw attention to them with a big neon sign.

  2. Mouse

    The bodice reminds me of old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles halloween costumes.

  3. Heather S.

    Somewhere between horrified and numb. The color is great and her hair is great, but the dress looks like couture oven mitts. No shape whatsoever.

  4. Helen

    Too much eyeliner + too much hair + flat-out ugly dress + ill-fitting, unflattering shoes = Fug.

    But I don’t think Holmes could ever have worn this while on the Cruise ship, so, even though I think everything about it is wrong for her, points for branching out into Something Different.

    Now let’s just make the different pretty next time, Katie!

  5. val.

    She looks…. different somehow, and it’s not just the hair.

    I really hate this dress, and I agree with the comment about the ankles. Ankle straps aren’t the best look for her.

  6. Heironyms.

    From a glance through the archive, it looks like she’s had long hair for the last couple of years, at least, so I don’t think that’s it. But there is something inexplicably different about her in the last couple of posts you’ve made on her.

  7. AMS

    I love the idea of the dress and do think it makes velvet more interesting, but I think this is a classic Tom and Lorenzo “Girl, That’s Not Your Dress.” Katie Holmes is a bit rectangular in the torso and this just boxes her in. Think about it on Zoe Saldana or Kristen Stewart or any of the other lovelies out there with teeny waists and a bit of edge, and suddenly it’s awesome.

    • Jasmine

      THIS. Yes. It looks kind of awkward on her particular shape. I like the idea of it, but it’s a miss. A near-miss, but a miss.

      Also: girl, get your hair out of your face! Stand up straight! Siiiiigh I feel like my mum, but she was right all along.

  8. Fifie

    Can this woman not stop slouching and smiling in a lopsided way??? The Tom Thumb years are over honey, stand up straight!! Plus I agree 100% on the ankles comment. She doesn’t have the greatest calves/ankles in the world so why does she insist on drawing attention to them?

    Love the ninja turtle comment!

  9. brooke

    the dress is fine, but yes those ankle strap shoes do not work on her. She has larger ankles and calves and quite frankly they make her look fat. there, I said it.

    • Kat

      Yeah, I didn’t want to say it, but the ankle straps make her look cankle-y.

  10. Bella

    I remember her doing hair product commercials long before she was Mrs. Cruise. Her hair was really lovely, so maybe she is growing and taking good care of it again. As for the dress/shoes, I’ve seen her look worse.

  11. Halo

    She’s always had poor posture–I remember being annoyed with her in the Dawson’s Creek years for this (although it was in character for a mopey teenager). Between the slouching and her seemingly terrible taste in clothes, I fear this gorgeous woman is always going to look a mess.

    • Helen

      I’d forgotten, that’s true. She was always slouchy.

      Fortunately, Suri does not seem inclined to imitate this. Apart from being unattractive, it isn’t good for the back either.

      But I do hold out hope of seeing Holmes in better outfits. At least she’s trying things.

  12. Sandra

    Added to all its other sins, I don’t like the length of this dress or its half-slip-esque hemline. I do like the color and the fact that Katie looks happy.

  13. Lynne

    This is a bad shot of the shoes. From other angles, they are kind of beautiful. The color of the dress is lovely. The bodice is flattening her out, unfortunately.

  14. Lisa

    This is the hair I wish for our favourite Duchess.

  15. Bottle Ginger

    The dress takes all the shape out of her torso, it’s horribly unflattering. The rectangles on her chest make her appear to have no bust at all, and the horizontal lines across her waist make her appear to have no waist either. The dress makes her body appear to be completely tube-shaped.

    Why has the fashion industry forgotten that the most important function of clothing is to flatter the wearer?

  16. TonyG

    If I had not clicked on the magnified version, I would have loved this. Up close, it becomes clear that the velvet fingers and the see-through portions are a bad idea.

  17. Leah

    Iphone halloween costume

  18. Tar Heel Gal

    Oh my, that magnified #2 pic is sooo not good, is that underboob I see? Are those charms or tiny locks on those shoes? The color is amazing on her, I agree. That 2nd picture is exactly what Suri will look like in about 12 years, I believe, wow, the DNA don’t lie!

  19. meggiemoo

    This is not flattering to her girls at all…

  20. Megan

    I don’t know what it is, but she looks like Rachel Weisz in the face in pic 2. That is so not an insult, but it’s weird to see a celebrity kind of looking like another celebrity.

    I think her hair could be better. I wonder if she told her stylist “Give me the Kate Middleton!” and the stylist just sort of half-assed it.

  21. Franke

    Eww, no.

  22. Celeste

    I’ve gotta disagree on those lame-looking extensions–they look pretty ratty to me.

    • Helen

      Could it be a weave? I’m seeing what I think might be weave-like weirdness at the crown.

  23. Rayna

    Color is great on Katie, and I don’t hate on velvet as a rule.

    Easy unfug – imagine a “strapless” velvet dress with a SOLID torso and the sheer yoke and sleeves as is. Charming, and not so – uh, you know, porn adjacent.

  24. Cassy

    She looks so awkward and unhappy to be there… The dress is just meh on its own but combined with the posture and facial expressions :(

  25. Danita

    A few people mentioned the shoes already, but oh God, these shoes are ugly. Everyone needs to stop wearing them. They flatter no one.

  26. Gingerlocks

    With the hair and the head tilt she looks like she’s auditioning for a Lifetime biopic entitled “A Royal Bun in the Oven.”

  27. Jo

    The colour is lovely but the rest is hideous. Her hair is very luxuriant all of a sudden- must be extensions!

  28. Laceflower

    what is with all these pop-ups – stars and circles, I can’t even see the picture. I’m at the tipping point where you are just too much trouble to navigate the gakk.

    • Heather

      I know, we didn’t authorize those. They’re supposed to go away if you mouse off the picture. Sigh. Fortunately they aren’t blocking my vision of the shot, though.

      • amys

        Glad to know they are unauthorized stars and whatnots. They show for me even if I’m not mousing so I’m not sure what’s going on. Slouchy Katie has circled stars all over her lady parts.

  29. Vandalfan

    The sheer is so very very unnecessary. But I’d rather see her navel than Roger Daltry’s.

    And she is listing to starboard as if she has a problem with her ballast tanks.

  30. Liz985

    Katie Holmes is determined to play against type. She is a classic American girl next door. She need Calvin Klein, cashmere, turtlenecks, and trousers. Hipster post-modern just doesn’t work for her.

  31. filmcricket

    Tom Ford needs to put down the crack pipe. This is an *awful* dress, and I say that as someone who loves velvet unreservedly.

  32. Liane

    The dress is very 90210 The College Years to me. And the hair is definitely the half-assed Kate Middleton.

  33. Elaine

    Katie doesn’t know how to dress herself. The color’s great but the dress makes her appear flat-chested and matronly. Maybe she can borrow Mischa Barton’s stylist.

  34. Kara K

    I love her hair so much. Like I don’t care about the rest of the possible fugs, I’m just glad her hair looks great.

  35. Tamburlaine

    Oh, I really like this. The colour is fabulous on her, and the velvet adds a touch of glamour. Am I alone in also liking the shoes, too?

  36. RebekahMacd

    I LOVE the colour, think her hair looks really pretty (I might covet it a little bit), but hate the design of the dress. The love for the colour is more than the hate, though, so I ran with “Content”.

  37. Lily1214

    Sometimes she looks great in photos and sometimes not so.